2019-01-06: Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon

2019-01-06: Current status.

2019-01-05: Old school. Very old school

2019-01-05: #Vector eyeing his overlord, the fan.

2019-01-01: Truth is, when my wife and I have a bottle...

2019-01-01: Well there it is. Day one 2019 is in the...

2019-01-01: I always cook something spicy on New Years. Last year...

2019-01-01: Happy New Year from the islands

2019-01-01: The midnight toast. First one with my love in a...

2018-12-31: It’s kickin at the Marriott

2018-12-31: The first picture I took this year was of the...

2018-12-31: 2018 »» 2019

2018-12-30: We augmented the Christmas decorations. I work tomorrow, but still...

2018-12-30: Really liking this Beaujolais

2018-12-26: As the holidays wind down. One final toast to the...

2018-12-24: I’m a restaurant manager. I work long hours (compared to...

2018-12-23: Aloha ahi ahi

2018-12-23: Ho ho ho. I work on Christmas Eve and day....

2018-12-23: Begin

2018-12-18: Signed condo docs. Closes in 6 days.

2018-12-16: I love the Holiday amber ales that come out this...

2018-12-16: Back at my old haunt for lunch and a a...

2018-12-15: We installed a large fan in our living room. To...

2018-12-15: Christmas in the islands.

2018-12-13: #sempli IPA glass

2018-12-13: Driving in County Wexford, wrong side of the road (for...

2018-12-11: Getting festive with #deschutesbrewery Jubelala winter ale.

2018-12-11: My drive home on Alii Drive after a late lunch...

2018-12-09: Black Whole bourbon barrel aged stout. @bigislandbrewhaus Hawaiian Sunday afternoon...

2018-12-06: Life often throws difficulties in our paths, but then other...

2018-12-04: I feel right at home.

2018-12-04: Walked out on the lanai and see Venus and a...

2018-12-03: Beer is a good thing

2018-12-03: An insane number of beers on tap.

2018-12-03: Old hotel, small room, great view.

2018-11-27: Some holiday cheer. #ballastpoint

2018-11-26: Holiday pupus with #jwilkes Pinot Noir #weshagen. Made a tomato...

2018-11-26: Roasting peppers, Roma tomatoes and red onion. Making a tomato...

2018-11-25: We had an amazing early anniversary dinner last evening at...

2018-11-25: …and so it begins.

2018-11-24: The home projects in the condo continue. We went with...

2018-11-22: Sugar pie honey bunch

2018-11-21: Nice

2018-11-21: Some mid day caffeine aloha to help get me through...

2018-11-20: Sitting around, getting drunk and listening the some classic Hawaiian...

2018-11-19: Pele, we love you and all, but feel free to...

2018-11-17: I had this pix made for Christmas cards when I...

2018-11-13: Our new sunset view, at least in the fall. Still...

2018-11-13: Vouvray Chenin Blanc in a whiskey glass, Because… why not?...

2018-11-08: I’m glad there’s a few football matches on today #thearsenal...

2018-11-06: Black Sand Porter #ftw

2018-11-06: History #airportextreme

2018-11-05: This guys must own the Lowe’s parking lot

2018-11-04: Pictures starting to go up. We’re settling in. #moving

2018-11-03: Looks like #vector found a friend.

2018-11-01: Hmm. 3rd Apple event in a row that I’m sitting...

2018-10-30: Hoping to replace all of these with the #neeo It’s...

2018-10-29: Well it’s done we’re just about all moved. Just s...

2018-10-27: Had the extreme pleasure of seeing Henry Kapono, Jerry Santos...

2018-10-25: Whew. Wiped out. But at least we’re moved. Only a...

2018-10-22: I guess this is Kona after all. Having breakfast at...

2018-10-21: Moonrise

2018-10-21: The #Dodgers will need to put that 1916 World Series...

2018-10-20: Checking the progress of the Sauvignon Blanc #unsplash #metrickwines

2018-10-19: Home

2018-10-19: Exit aisle. Lots of legs room, but no window. Well...

2018-10-19: Check out, airport shuttle, check in, drop bags, security, whew....

2018-10-19: Up and at em in LA. Travel day

2018-10-18: My first In-n-out with animal fries

2018-10-18: Then there’s this

2018-10-18: Kanaloa Seafood in Santa Barbara

2018-10-18: Fog rolling into Santa Barbara

2018-10-18: Made it to Santa Barbara

2018-10-18: This trip wasn’t only about wine. We had some really...

2018-10-18: Alex from Metrick Winery giving us a taste of some...

2018-10-17: We ended our day with some great J Wilkes wines....

2018-10-17: The famous Bien Nacido Vineyards on the bench above the...

2018-10-17: These Pinots at Foxen Winery were good, but the Chenin...

2018-10-17: Alex from Metrick Winery gave us look behind the curtain....

2018-10-17: Great tasting at Chamisal winery. Amazing Chardonnay and Pinot

2018-10-16: I thought the abundance of sea birds was cool

2018-10-16: Of course we had to stop and see the Elephant...

2018-10-16: Hearst Castle. We were going to head up to Monterey,...

2018-10-16: Holoholo day. Morro Bay

2018-10-16: We’re alive. Got in to Wes’ house at 3:30 am....

2018-10-15: Hawaiian Air flight departed 45 min late. Arrived in LAX...


2018-10-14: If you need a brace, put your phone down

2018-10-09: A little moisture in Kona

2018-10-09: Got Anki #Vector today. Quite the personality. Also keeps going...

2018-10-06: #nuiitalian at the Hilton. Amazing pizza and pasta. Not to...

2018-10-06: Condiments and beverages

2018-10-06: In that mood

2018-10-06: Popcorn is always good

2018-10-04: Save the last dance for me

2018-10-03: Interesting finds while going through boxes in a closet prior...

2018-10-03: Power

2018-10-02: What a start to the baseball playoffs. Hope the rest...

2018-10-02: Mac OS 10.5.6

2018-10-02: Still have a few of these.

2018-10-02: Found these old post cards while going through boxes prior...

2018-10-01: Smith Union - I’ve had beers there, many time through...

2018-09-29: Lots of lightning just north of Kona

2018-09-26: Way to go #ESPN #Arsenal on the left #parmacalcio1913 on...

2018-09-25: I love a good Beaujolais as the day winds down....

2018-09-19: What madame Pele takes, she soon returns. One of many...

2018-09-18: My drive home with a hard to make out early...

2018-09-17: This just happened

2018-09-15: A nice central coast Rose for the warm muggy Kona...

2018-09-15: my phone survivied another IOS Beta. Always say it will...

2018-09-14: Sticking with my iphone 7S, hopefully for another year. I...

2018-09-13: Came across this old pic my Dad took of Kaimu...

2018-09-13: Hawaii’s hurricane dance is winding down. till next time Mother...

2018-09-10: :-)

2018-09-10: I’m gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the...

2018-09-09: Mahalo #canoehouse for an amazing and romantic evening. From the...

2018-09-08: One last dinner at the Canoe House before the hotel...

2018-09-08: As Hurrinace #Olivia continues to drift more south and pick...

2018-09-08: Taste of Hawaii Island We (Sansei Seafood and Sushi) participated in the Taste of...

2018-09-07: Current status

2018-09-05: Hard time believing that I actually stood in line and...

2018-09-04: Tempercraft vs Hydroflask in a hot Hawaiian mid day sun...

2018-09-03: Keto Chili in the oven. 5 types of chilis, lot’s...

2018-09-02: The longer I have an Apple Watch, the less I...

2018-09-01: if #PARMA can play all season like the played today...

2018-08-31: RJ and Randy at the Luxury Cinema. @clay.randall

2018-08-31: Perfect #keto

2018-08-30: then there’s the Kohalas

2018-08-30: And to think, a week ago we were in the...

2018-08-30: A fixer upper, great neighborhood though (Ahualoa mauka)

2018-08-28: There’s no VOG and the hurricane has moved on so...

2018-08-28: Looking at my Social Security statement, it’s amazing how little...

2018-08-28: I have found that since eliminating carbs and sugar how...

2018-08-27: Couldn’t pull the trigger on a homepod, I’ve had Bose...

2018-08-27: IOS Betas are coming hot and fast. GM must be...

2018-08-26: Just deleted my Twitter history except the past 2 months....

2018-08-25: We’ve done it. Full estate planning; health directives, living trust,...

2018-08-24: It took a couple of days, but looks like we’re...

2018-08-22: Colorful pre hurricane sunset

2018-08-21: On a lighter note, my new Traveler Notebook showed up...

2018-08-21: I’m ready for #hurricanelane

2018-08-18: Venus over Mauna Lani bay

2018-08-18: Nice day at the pool

2018-08-18: Current status #relaxed

2018-08-17: And then there’s population density

2018-08-17: Numbers only a nerd could love. The annual Hawaii Data...

2018-08-14: Great evening. My wife and I just got drunk drinking...

2018-08-14: A young French Rose from Provenance and a 10yo California...

2018-08-08: Wine glasses

2018-08-04: It’s very clear even with all of the lava flows...

2018-07-31: Morning jumbo java

2018-07-28: Quite the crowd assembling at Twilight at Kalahuipua’a

2018-07-28: Date night. Early dinner at #Napua. Then Twilight at Kalahuipua’a...

2018-07-28: Towels

2018-07-24: Ode to Poho’iki. I really think she’ll be gone by...

2018-07-21: Koi

2018-07-16: I have a hard time with authority

2018-07-16: My travel over the last couple of years.

2018-07-12: We held the Poho’iki Challenge for many years. The race...

2018-07-12: The volcanic haze is so bad today, you can only...

2018-07-11: Old school. Local style

2018-07-11: Aloha shirts. It’s what I wear to work

2018-07-10: Hazy sunset. Thinking this volcanic haze will be around for...

2018-07-07: #sciencefriday at the Kahilu Theater in Waimea. #HPR

2018-07-04: In case you missed them, a short clip of the...

2018-07-04: Firecracker Roll and Cajun Opakapaka Tonight’s specials

2018-06-30: Birthday present from my baby

2018-06-30: Keokea. Paddled out of here many times

2018-06-30: the North Kohala Coast and the Alanuihaha channel

2018-06-23: South Kohala is stunning on this (vogless) day of gusty...

2018-06-23: with all of the volcanic haze in West Hawaii. Almost...

2018-06-17: Battling the thick volcanic haze. Small air purifier to an...

2018-06-17: My Dad passed last year. Richard Botti. High profile Hawaii...

2018-06-14: #Volcano. #Kapoho #momentlens

2018-06-13: dry aged

2018-06-12: everywhere the flow is used to be homes

2018-06-12: Had a chance to fly over the volcano areas this...

2018-06-12: wiped off the earth. This overlay shows what the lava...

2018-06-09: Patiently waiting for the World Cup

2018-06-05: Kapoho Bay. A few weeks ago, and today filled with...

2018-06-04: Vogs end. Nice clear to the north (left) thick vog...

2018-06-03: The top is Honolulu (very clear). The bottom is coming...

2018-06-03: Great story about Max in the Hawaiian Air Hana Hou...

2018-06-03: Sugar cane was once a pillar of Hawaii’s economy. Now...

2018-06-02: Perfect late night combination

2018-06-02: Five Guys Burgers. #ftw

2018-05-30: Let the dry aging begin

2018-05-28: The road to nowhere. youtu.be/LQiOA7eua…

2018-05-28: Contrary to popular belief outside of Hawaii, only a very...

2018-05-27: Ok. This sets the bar rather low

2018-05-27: Brought the family bowling in this volcanic hazy day

2018-05-23: Thank you media for creating this perception.

2018-05-22: Family sized and single serve

2018-05-19: Sunset fishing

2018-05-17: Closed for the night. Tomorrow is Aloha Friday. Late night...

2018-05-17: We may not have Lava or ash in West Hawaii,...

2018-05-15: Large sections of the highway widening are ready to go...

2018-05-14: Pele is upset about something volcanoes.usgs.gov/vsc/movie…

2018-05-13: This is an amazing shot from late yesterday that shows...

2018-05-10: Feel like micro.blog is a fresh start

2018-05-08: The Strawberry Mules were top notch

2018-05-08: The tools at the ready for afternoon strawberry mules.

2018-05-08: Was wondering what all of the commotion was outside. A...

2018-05-06: My favorite knife

2018-05-03: #lanikaibrewingcompany Pillbox Porter in my favorite #Annabelle’s glass from my...

2018-05-03: #lanikaibrewingcompany Pillbox Porter in my favorite #Annabelle’s glass from my...

2018-05-02: Pint and a shot #guinness #tullamoredew

2018-05-01: Pint and a shot #guinness #tullamoredew

2018-04-30: Spirits

2018-04-30: Spirits

2018-04-27: A pick me up before the dinner rush

2018-04-27: A pick me up before the dinner rush

2018-04-24: White Mountain porter

2018-04-24: White Mountain porter



2018-04-20: 🍀

2018-04-20: 🍀

2018-04-16: The waiting

2018-04-16: The waiting

2018-04-15: Wireless I like #Airpods for simplicity and small size, #Bose...

2018-04-15: Wireless I like #Airpods for simplicity and small size, #Bose...

2018-04-14: Leaning trees

2018-04-14: Irish Irie Stout #bigislandbrewhaus

2018-04-14: Leaning trees

2018-04-14: Irish Irie Stout #bigislandbrewhaus

2018-04-12: Currently in my whisky cabinet.

2018-04-11: This is my last day managing at the beautiful Hapuna...

2018-04-06: Tools

2018-04-06: Sunset with a rain squall sneaking in behind it.


2018-04-02: The friends

2018-04-01: Fisherman

2018-04-01: Put a lovin in your heart.

2018-04-01: New job (in two weeks) requires new shirts.

2018-03-31: Post sunset

2018-03-31: Yum.

2018-03-30: A couple of more weeks of these sunsets before I...

2018-03-27: I love a good steel sauté pan. #versatility



2018-03-25: Sunset at home vs sunset at work (at least for...

2018-03-24: Wet spring day. Not everyone can see the sunshine when...

2018-03-21: Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…

2018-03-20: Hawaiian Beer

2018-03-19: Homeward bound. Much St Patrick’s weekend Inebriation.

2018-03-19: Nothing says Hawaii like artificial grass at a shopping center...

2018-03-18: Pleasant day in Honolulu

2018-03-15: Weather

2018-03-14: C:\DOS

2018-03-09: Current status


2018-03-06: Another one bites the dust #tullamoredewirishwhiskey

2018-03-05: I’ve never noticed all of that text on the back...

2018-02-24: My knives

2018-02-23: His and hers. Porter and Cabernet


2018-02-17: My wife @anniebodyhere is quite the barista.

2018-02-14: Little birdie on my window ledge.

2018-02-13: Tonight’s libations. Because. Why not

2018-02-11: That brush fire is throwing up a lot of smoke...

2018-02-10: Brush fire north of Pu’uanahulu #hawaiinewsnow


2018-02-07: Have a seat

2018-02-07: Don’t like the weather, wait an hour

2018-02-07: No need to remember to charge

2018-02-06: Always liked this album. Sound track for the islands. #Sashamom...

2018-02-06: Kona Ola brewery Pale Ale

2018-02-06: I love my #Sempli beer glasses. Works of art

2018-02-06: Baked French toast how I love thee

2018-02-02: Damn good coffee…and hot. #twinpeaks

2018-02-01: Red red wine

2018-01-31: Vent stack. That’s a lot of gas.

2018-01-31: One for the road

2018-01-30: Goodnight moon

2018-01-29: We don’t have much of a view from our home...

2018-01-29: The baton has been passed

2018-01-26: Three guys work, three guys watch. Thought they were county...

2018-01-26: Poor old sod

2018-01-25: We may be under renovation, but we still have this...

2018-01-25: When you have a big enough cup, it all fits...

2018-01-24: New snow on Mauna Kea today

2018-01-22: Day off

2018-01-22: Yay. We’re going to Italy in May. Milan - Piacenza...

2018-01-21: Playoff football. My team is long gone, but’s quite the...

2018-01-21: Cona vacuum coffee brewer

2018-01-19: Pipes

2018-01-17: Lining up the juicers. All fresh drinks baby

2018-01-15: Late morning cup of decapitated coffee ☕️

2018-01-15: I have found the Beats OE headphones to be not...


2018-01-14: Looks more like dessert than body lotion

2018-01-14: Do what you will #Arsenal #Dodgers return soon enough.

2018-01-14: We bought a dining set at Costco and unpacked it...

2018-01-14: Visitors in the ‘hood

2018-01-14: 14 weeks. Kind of like when you have a baby....



2018-01-12: We’re back

2018-01-10: Now this is cool. A portable crane. Operated by remote...

2018-01-08: Today I will be playing with food. The pork loin...

2018-01-08: My office view

2018-01-06: Someone gave me these for Christmas. Not quite sure what...

2018-01-04: His and hers Christmas gifts. Mine is the Whiskey (in...

2018-01-04: Kickstarter rarely delivers on time. But when it does deliver....

2018-01-04: First day off in 17 days. Glad the holiday season...

2018-01-02: My goal in 2018 is to not go to the...

2018-01-02: Mochi Happy New Years

2018-01-01: Well, there we go, 2018 is off to a great...

2017-12-31: We open soon. 3 day count down. #NaupakaBeachGrille

2017-12-28: We’re back

2017-12-26: Starting a new list

2017-12-26: Murders row of coffee equipment

2017-12-26: Hazy, but not a cloud in the sky

2017-12-25: The First Christmas in my life without my Dad. I...

2017-12-25: Santa was good to me. One helps me feel better,...

2017-12-24: We’ll have snow on Mauna Kea for Christmas

2017-12-23: Here’s the stuff

2017-12-23: Got this at work today

2017-12-21: Lots of snow on Mauna Kea today

2017-12-19: Valves

2017-12-19: Waiting on queue in this moist West Hawaii morning

2017-12-18: Cafe Au Lait. At home #FTW

2017-12-14: Dawn is breaking

2017-12-13: A sea of rental cars

2017-12-12: Sunrise over the shoulder of Mauna Kea

2017-12-11: Sunrise on a hazy, voggy morning.

2017-12-09: Then there’s this. #LongboardLager

2017-12-09: Espresso Doppio. Need to be awake to pick up my...

2017-12-08: Settle in

2017-12-08: A strip of pre sunrise sunlight on Mauna Kea

2017-12-07: What’s this world coming too, Who would stab a poor...

2017-12-06: High clouds


2017-12-04: Day has broken. Sun rises over the shoulder of Hualalai...

2017-12-03: Reuben’s Mexican #tasty

2017-12-03: Still snow on Mauna Loa

2017-12-03: Moon set


2017-12-02: We have weather.

2017-12-01: Who remembers these

2017-12-01: No more rain but very windy

2017-12-01: Morning blend

2017-11-29: Ten weeks post-op. Outside healing well. Inside still a ways...

2017-11-27: Wai Aqua water 💦

2017-11-27: That must be one tasty burger…

2017-11-27: First snow of the season on Mauna Kea

2017-11-27: The land of no Aloha

2017-11-27: Very cool overcast day off in Kona #uncommon #hawaiinewsnowphoto

2017-11-26: Put an SSD in this old beast to give it...

2017-11-25: This real, unedited

2017-11-24: Working at a desk in the main kitchen. At least...

2017-11-23: Looks like a rather moist Thanksgiving in Waimea

2017-11-21: The moon chasing the sun into the ocean

2017-11-21: Framing

2017-11-20: Afternoon delight

2017-11-19: Power adapters

2017-11-19: Gift cards

2017-11-19: The motley crew

2017-11-19: That was a fun trip. Hit the limit in Salmon...

2017-11-17: Big empty room

2017-11-17: There’s a lot of construction going on, then there’s this...

2017-11-16: There is beauty all over the world, but my parents...



2017-11-13: This past weekend. #hdr @yourtake

2017-11-13: I picked up the iPhone one I had in a...

2017-11-13: I’m almost due for a new Mac

2017-11-11: Data cables

2017-11-10: Giving the French press a break today. #aeropress #konacoffee

2017-11-09: Bye bye Thursday

2017-11-08: Pipes

2017-11-07: Where are these stairs supposed to go?

2017-11-06: Life was good, but it just got a little better...

2017-11-05: The iPhone is an amazing camera.

2017-11-03: Aloha Friday

2017-11-02: Heaven. for celebrating rehab milestones.

2017-11-02: 100% Kona. Estate grown. Yum!

2017-11-01: Today I got up, went to physical therapy, came to...

2017-10-31: Don’t usually see this in the morning.

2017-10-29: Aloha weekend

2017-10-29: 39 days post opp. Back at work. My knee still...

2017-10-28: Shut in. Sports Saturday

2017-10-27: After many years of knee pain, I accumulated quite collection...

2017-10-27: 37 days post total knee replacement. My Dr was very...

2017-10-22: Mis en place

2017-10-20: Dropped some coin for this collection of boxes.

2017-10-20: Start back to work in 9 days. Very nervous. My...

2017-10-19: Bougainvillea

2017-10-19: Really bummed out. Finally unpacked the last box from our...



2017-10-15: Stairs to nowhere

2017-10-15: Having major surgery like a knee replacement (or any other...


2017-10-14: Here comes the sun

2017-10-14: Blinds

2017-10-14: There she is

2017-10-14: Sunset / Sunrise

2017-10-13: Honu

2017-10-12: Irish

2017-10-11: iPod evolution

2017-10-10: 100% Kona

2017-10-09: 18 days post knee replacement. Walking around the with no...

2017-10-08: After of political BS, Mother Nature steps up.

2017-10-07: Scrum

2017-10-06: Bye Friday


2017-10-06: Goodnight moon

2017-10-04: 2 weeks post opp. Been pushing my knee hard the...

2017-10-01: … this was my quiver earlier this week after I...

2017-10-01: Another era

2017-09-30: Be careful with those orthopedic surgeons @searambo I went to...

2017-09-25: A blast from the past. Found while going through some...

2017-09-23: Cryo therapy

2017-09-18: My old club and coach on #hawaiinewsnowsunrise #kaiehitu

2017-09-18: Our VP and GM on #hawaiinewsnowsunrise

2017-09-17: Current status

2017-09-16: Ahhhh

2017-09-12: For all of the Cat lovers

2017-09-09: Kinamona Stout

2017-09-08: My post surgical treat

2017-09-08: Damn good coffee, and hot #visittwinpeaks

2017-09-08: Current status

2017-09-05: Looks like a painting.

2017-09-05: Flowers in a lava field

2017-09-01: A true work of art. Arrived in Hawaii in perfect...

2017-09-01: West Hawai‘i traffic. #miniHonolulu

2017-08-29: What will Beta 8 kill on this phone?

2017-08-26: Hawai‘i is really really small when you look at it...

2017-08-26: A true masterpiece of music

2017-08-26: A masterpiece

2017-08-20: Today it does this, tomorrow it gets eclipsed by the...

2017-08-20: This was my idea

2017-08-20: A final few minutes of chill before the weekend getaway...

2017-08-19: Current status

2017-08-18: Weekend staycation

2017-08-18: Oops. Let it run down a bit too much

2017-08-16: Pink Plumeria

2017-08-15: Current status

2017-08-15: Current status

2017-08-12: Sunset from the new place. No ocean view, but at...

2017-08-12: Nothing says 1980s like Sade

2017-08-11: Ok

2017-08-11: Moonrise over Mauna Kea

2017-08-10: Current view

2017-07-28: Home

2017-07-27: Misty rainy day up in Waimea

2017-07-23: Home sweet home

2017-07-23: Hotel managing expectations

2017-07-23: Yum

2017-07-23: Shadows

2017-07-22: Tourists can do it, why can’t locals? Chillin on the...

2017-07-22: Dozens of surfers at Waikiki



2017-07-21: Sugar cane being used as an ornamental plant. Strange.

2017-07-21: Holo holo weekend



2017-07-20: The sun is the same in a relative way, but...

2017-07-20: South Kohala awakens

2017-07-18: Sunset pau. Ready for some dinner

2017-07-16: This is happening right now

2017-07-15: Ok. One more

2017-07-15: A stop on the way home from Hilo. Fun day...

2017-07-15: Beautiful day at the Panaewa Zoo

2017-07-12: A dinner shift worth of food checks

2017-07-10: Homeward bound

2017-07-03: Large equipment on the road. Try 35 mph

2017-07-01: #chillaxin

2017-06-30: Yum. Worth the wait

2017-06-26: The moon chasing the sun into the sea

2017-06-25: It’s my Monday, but it’s the end of s great...

2017-06-24: South Kohala how I love thee

2017-06-24: Wide open road

2017-06-19: Yum

2017-06-12: Fill ‘er up. Can you also check the washer fluid?...

2017-06-05: My office view

2017-06-01: Proliferation of devices

2017-05-30: Top was last Thursday. Bottom is today. Just a little...

2017-05-29: Aloha weekend

2017-05-29: Day off

2017-05-29: 60k + and I still love this Hyundai Accent car...

2017-05-28: It’s was a nice day

2017-05-27: King tide

2017-05-27: Bacon

2017-05-26: There’s no 13th floor… but

2017-05-21: South Kohala, you are looking absolute delicious this morning

2017-05-20: 🤠

2017-05-17: One tree trying to kick start Spring in its own...

2017-05-17: Pu’uanahulu

2017-05-17: Just sitting in traffic on Mamalahoa Hwy due to a...

2017-05-15: Thrill thrill.

2017-05-14: Weekend pau. Hana hou for most

2017-05-14: Oops

2017-05-12: The home office

2017-05-12: Nuff said

2017-05-10: Clouds

2017-05-03: Mauna Kea looking very majestic after days of stormy weather....

2017-05-01: (-:

2017-04-30: A little moist


2017-04-24: Atmospheric moisture

2017-04-22: Orange

2017-04-20: Stuck in the middle of the Waiakea forest reserve

2017-04-20: Until you break it

2017-04-20: Hello Hilo

2017-04-20: Sunrise on saddle road

2017-04-17: Equipment needed for Easter Brunch at a hotel

2017-04-15: A hazy Mauna Kea in the distance

2017-04-14: Sitting in Kona Brew Pub having a fresh IPA with...

2017-04-14: Black Sand Porter

2017-04-13: Crema

2017-04-10: Home

2017-04-10: Finally back in voggy after a long day of travel....

2017-04-10: Sunrise over the east bay as we wait to fly...

2017-04-09: Dog friendly shopping center

2017-04-09: After days of rain. Beautiful Sunday afternoon in Palo Alto...

2017-04-09: In the eye of the Apple


2017-04-06: Java

2017-04-06: Sausage

2017-04-05: Up up and away

2017-04-05: Off we go

2017-04-04: Did you just hear the hissing sound when the sun...

2017-03-30: Oh. Then there’s this

2017-03-30: The first CD I’ve purchased in many years. #nahenahe

2017-03-28: Cup o Joe

2017-03-28: School’s back in session.

2017-03-23: Finally got my light phone today. Can’t wait to use...

2017-03-23: 11am. WTF

2017-03-22: What a difference a couple of days makes

2017-03-18: Still a little snow up there

2017-03-18: Couldn’t resist stopping on the way home after work. I’ve...

2017-03-17: Erin go Bragh

2017-03-13: Venus setting just above the left edge of the Keawe...

2017-03-13: Complimentary

2017-03-09: This is nuts.

2017-03-09: Complete white out in South Kohala

2017-03-07: We need change

2017-03-06: Getting off early isn’t always a benefit.


2017-03-03: A little muggy, a beautiful day in Kona otherwise

2017-03-02: Hualalai is amazingly clear today

2017-03-01: Lots of new snow on Mauna Kea

2017-02-25: White out… and not the snow kind

2017-02-24: My reward. Vanilla Thrilla Imperial stout

2017-02-24: One reasons I like working nights is that it doesn’t...

2017-02-23: Though I was home from Honolulu

2017-02-23: Holoholo

2017-02-23: I love sunsets. Each day is a new opportunity. Sunset...

2017-02-22: …and she was yellow

2017-02-19: Cold ones

2017-02-18: Sunset with my baby

2017-02-15: Current status

2017-02-13: Early Valentines. I work tomorrow night.

2017-02-12: Great weather after yesterday’s storm

2017-02-11: Rain squall up mauka earlier today

2017-02-08: Moonrise

2017-02-08: any questions?

2017-02-08: Epic day at Kailua bay

2017-02-07: Something fishy

2017-02-05: 40th Anniversary of Rumours. I had the 8-track, cassette, CD...

2017-02-04: We’re on a road to nowhere Come on inside Taking...


2017-01-31: Grove



2017-01-30: Choices

2017-01-29: It’s a postcard day

2017-01-29: The long and winding road

2017-01-25: Clarity

2017-01-24: Rat’s nest

2017-01-23: Hapuna sunset


2017-01-20: My kind of protester.

2017-01-20: At least there’s football on

2017-01-20: Pipes


2017-01-14: The sweeps are lining up at Hapuna.

2017-01-13: Bacon wrapped Rib Eye

2017-01-12: Same place. 3 days apart. The volcanic haze is brutal...

2017-01-10: Mauna Kea snow through the vog


2017-01-05: It’s comic’

2017-01-04: Wavy wall

2017-01-01: First sunset of the year. Let’s get on with it...

2016-12-29: How I feel today vs how I need to act...

2016-12-28: Rainy Waimea

2016-12-23: Playing around.

2016-12-23: I know there’s taco Tuesday. What about enchilada Friday?

2016-12-20: High clouds

2016-12-19: This is much better

2016-12-19: Walking in a winter wonderland

2016-12-19: If you have to ask why I love here.


2016-12-18: So much for going up the coast for a cruise....

2016-12-16: Well I’m ready for the brisk match day weather, unfortunately...

2016-12-15: And construction is delayed a year while thousands of people...

2016-12-14: Mauna Kea. #momentlens

2016-12-14: Fresh ramen noodles and the soup wasn’t added in advance...

2016-12-12: There’s an app for that

2016-12-11: Dawn is breaking… and no rain


2016-12-08: Things you see in the tunnels of a hotel

2016-12-08: Wet morning up the Kohala Coast #hawaiinewsnow

2016-12-06: Home

2016-12-06: My wife uses office supplies to seal up food containers....

2016-12-05: The weather is here, wish you were beautiful - Jimmy...

2016-12-05: Kohala Mountains. Amazing clarity after two days of rain

2016-12-05: Lawae in the rain

2016-12-03: There’s tons of snow on Mauna Kea … behind these...

2016-12-02: Fried Tempura Ice Cream Yum

2016-12-01: Tis the season

2016-11-30: Pipeline Sequence

2016-11-29: 5 mph

2016-11-29: Hualalai


2016-11-25: Then this happened

2016-11-25: “I’m gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the...

2016-11-22: Think you’re having a bad day? This wedding party is...

2016-11-22: Let’s do this

2016-11-17: Day off music #pinkfloyd

2016-11-15: Now what were you saying about Hawaii’s cost of living?...

2016-11-14: Stuff you see in the back hallways of a hotel...

2016-11-12: Voggy sunset

2016-11-11: A slice of heaven

2016-11-10: Soon to be Ginger houses.

2016-11-05: Hapuna

2016-10-31: As a matter of fact, this IS my wall

2016-10-30: Current status

2016-10-28: The race track is out

2016-10-26: Blue

2016-10-26: The Kohalas and blue skies

2016-10-26: Resort

2016-10-25: Mauna Kea

2016-10-24: Lots of scratches around lightning port on my phone. Trying...


2016-10-18: #BigIslandLife. Utility pole down in Honalo, so we sit on...

2016-10-15: I went out side for some fresh air and a...

2016-10-15: A red Lotus in Kona

2016-10-12: Overcast and voggy in Kona.

2016-10-09: My current home office desk. Reclaimed lumber desk top. ‘Ohia...

2016-10-08: Quite the spectacle. The leaders of the Ironman.

2016-10-08: Ironman day. I’m home watching football

2016-10-06: Spent many days here

2016-10-06: Wassup Hilo. Long time no see. What da scoops li...

2016-10-05: Sometimes too many choices is a really good thing.

2016-10-04: No flood warning here.

2016-10-04: #national🌮taco🌮day

2016-10-02: Fresh onshore winds at Hapuna. Beats staying at home any...

2016-09-28: Fall is here.

2016-09-27: Cleaning out a closet and came across this blast from...

2016-09-26: Mauna Kea very clear today

2016-09-22: Clear day, and the moon is still out

2016-09-20: Grand Funk Railroad

2016-09-20: Life’s choices

2016-09-18: Paniau.

2016-09-17: First time just sitting by the ocean in a long...

2016-09-09: This happened yesterday. Love the colors nature can display. #fshualalai...

2016-09-06: The Doctor is explaining what’s wrong with my knee

2016-09-06: This isn’t an Italian restaurant

2016-09-06: Shadows

2016-09-06: Chairs

2016-09-05: Mahalo to whoever returned the Kohala Mountains

2016-09-04: Missing: The Kohala Mountains. They were last seen (top photo)...

2016-09-03: Rainbow. Usually means rain

2016-09-02: Once Lester moves on, it’s clear sailing for the near...

2016-08-31: Kona people are all smitten. Just wait.

2016-08-30: The night before hurricane day. Be safe

2016-08-27: Peek a boo

2016-08-26: Just secured the last bottle on the island. #greenspotwhiskey

2016-08-26: The wall above the desk in my home office

2016-08-26: Finished off the growler of Pedaler’s Pilsner #konabrewery

2016-08-25: Don’t catch many sunsets at home these days

2016-08-24: The beef is here #fshualalai

2016-08-21: Palms

2016-08-20: Plumeria

2016-08-19: The Kohalas

2016-08-19: USA Men’s Volleyball rolling

2016-08-18: How could you not fall in love with a product...

2016-08-18: The last beer in the fridge. “We will leave no...

2016-08-18: A tall beer needs a tall glass #deschutes #Sempli

2016-08-14: Orange. I guess the sky listened

2016-08-14: Threatening skies. I went out and waved my fist at...

2016-08-13: Get the Led out

2016-08-11: Shadows

2016-08-07: Palms

2016-08-06: Summer Bash 20. Celebrating 20 years at Hualalai #fshualalai

2016-08-04: My monthly trip to West Side Wines

2016-08-04: I’ve been wondering

2016-08-02: True

2016-08-01: Reflection

2016-07-31: Silhouettes on the shade

2016-07-31: Ann brought me to Costco on a Sunday. Is that...

2016-07-30: Guests sitting in a restaurant through a thermal camera #seekthermal...

2016-07-29: Current status

2016-07-27: Found this in a box in the closet. Still works....

2016-07-26: No storm today #fshualalai

2016-07-24: The key

2016-07-24: A sunny day before Darby

2016-07-22: Beautiful Friday afternoon, but then there’s this storm on the...

2016-07-19: Current status #fshualalai

2016-07-19: It’s a hot one today.

2016-07-18: Saw the cranes everywhere in Honolulu. I’m sure there’s no...

2016-07-17: My first glimpse of The Oahu Rail boondoggle in the...

2016-07-17: Checking out our sister property#fskoolina

2016-07-17: A great way to taste a lot of great wines...

2016-07-16: At my old stomping ground, remembering Liberty House, JC Penny,...


2016-07-15: Quite the view. Typical Honolulu afternoon.

2016-07-15: Don’t see that in Kona

2016-07-15: A’ole Holoholo #honolulutraffic

2016-07-15: Holoholo

2016-07-14: Sunset and a steak at Hualalai Grille #fshualalai

2016-07-11: Monday afternoon

2016-07-10: Saw this beauty parked in the Porte Corte last week....

2016-07-10: Slight Miscalculation I guess

2016-07-09: The moon is chasing the sunset

2016-07-06: Overcast morning. Welcome break from the heat

2016-07-05: Chateaubriand at #hualalaigrille #fshualalai The beef is here

2016-07-02: Summer Sunset Cocktails #fshualalai

2016-07-01: A gem

2016-07-01: Be nice

2016-07-01: I want one of these

2016-06-29: Island Garden #fshualalai

2016-06-24: Back at work. #fshualalai

2016-06-22: Sunset at Resident’s Beach House. #fshualalai

2016-06-22: Aloha Kalahiaka Maui

2016-06-19: Ready for another great evening at Hualalai Grille #fshualalai

2016-06-18: Flora Springs wine dinner #LaBourgnone

2016-06-18: Kalapana. My Dad painted this 40 years ago

2016-06-17: The set for last evening’s #Roederer Champagne dinner. It was...

2016-06-13: Flutes

2016-06-12: Last evening and today. Supposed to be rain coming our...

2016-06-11: Mis en place

2016-06-10: Good night Maui

2016-06-10: Good bye my dear friend, we’ve been on some amazing...

2016-06-09: That’s one big loaf of Sourdough

2016-06-06: Sunset amongst the rain squalls

2016-06-05: Orchid

2016-06-05: Looks like Barbie had a rough night

2016-06-04: Hibiscus

2016-06-03: Earned this one this morning. Hapa Brown Ale

2016-06-03: Glassware

2016-06-01: Rain squall

2016-05-31: Where I live… There are Rainbows

2016-05-31: Green

2016-05-29: Ahhhhhh

2016-05-29: Hi Maui. Across the channel As the sun sets

2016-05-28: Ball of fire

2016-05-26: Orange

2016-05-25: Proud

2016-05-25: Rained hard this morning. Dry all afternoon, but there’s a...

2016-05-25: Umikoa

2016-05-23: Canoes on their way back to Kailua as the sun...

2016-05-21: There’s a big moon out tonight

2016-05-20: Hi Maui

2016-05-17: It’s a thing of beauty. Black sand Porter. @konabrewingco #lust...

2016-05-17: Patch kits

2016-05-14: Where I work

2016-05-13: Threatening

2016-05-11: Sunset redux Playing with #Polarr and the #unsplash filters.

2016-05-11: Desert. Pipeline Porter.

2016-05-09: Big shoes to fill

2016-05-09: Wet morning in Kona

2016-05-08: There was a sunset somewhere behind those clouds

2016-05-07: The sky is threatening, but it doesn’t scare me

2016-05-07: Wall

2016-05-07: Overcast in Kona

2016-05-07: A long day of work. Greenore 8 Irish

2016-05-06: Reflection

2016-05-05: Glow

2016-05-04: Morning traffic in paradise

2016-05-02: Looking south and north.

2016-05-01: You had to know this was coming

2016-05-01: The Kohala Mountains

2016-04-30: Paradise AKA. Home

2016-04-29: Even though it’s my Monday. It’s Aloha Friday for most...

2016-04-28: I have a boo boo

2016-04-25: Aloha Monday

2016-04-24: Last evening

2016-04-23: Almost

2016-04-20: My aloha Friday

2016-04-20: Good morning Maui

2016-04-19: Stripes

2016-04-18: Ready

2016-04-17: Mise en place for dinner

2016-04-17: Aloha Sunday

2016-04-16: Lawae

2016-04-16: Glimmer

2016-04-16: Condiments

2016-04-16: Into the black

2016-04-15: Palm

2016-04-15: Road to nowhere

2016-04-14: After zen

2016-04-13: Yep

2016-04-13: Cloudy

2016-04-10: Can barely see the sunset for the trees

2016-04-09: Carp

2016-04-07: A cup o joe before the night gets rolling

2016-04-04: Mochi. From the source

2016-04-03: Weekend end

2016-03-30: Siren

2016-03-30: Old truck

2016-03-29: Nice

2016-03-26: A few new water hazards after last night’s heavy rain....

2016-03-24: Decisions, decisions, decisions.

2016-03-19: It was just raining 20 min ago

2016-03-16: Not too early

2016-03-16: Bar fruit

2016-03-15: House of the sun

2016-03-13: Another one

2016-03-12: Ready, set ….

2016-03-12: I guess we’re not watching Basketball

2016-03-11: Right now

2016-03-09: Small surf @ Kona #hnnsunrise

2016-03-09: La’aloa

2016-03-09: Day off

2016-03-08: Palms

2016-03-07: Memory

2016-03-06: 71 GTO

2016-03-04: Peeking through

2016-02-29: Checking out soon. Been an amazing experience at one of...

2016-02-29: Living in a postcard for a weekend

2016-02-29: Breakfast on the beach at Ka’upulehu

2016-02-28: Ok. I’m over #TheArsenal stupid loss.

2016-02-27: Here’s the wide view

2016-02-27: These two Mynah birds strutting around the beach like they...

2016-02-22: This just happened

2016-02-21: Sunset, Moonrise

2016-02-19: Low mileage, Needs a little work

2016-02-16: Post sunset


2016-01-27: Colors

2016-01-18: Sunset

2016-01-12: Lots of haze in the air. Good for nice sunsets...

2016-01-06: Residents’ Beach House

2016-01-06: Finally got around to looking at my NY pics. This...

2015-12-31: Big boy toys

2015-12-28: Sunset family portraits are common here

2015-12-28: Glowing tree at Sunset

2015-12-25: I win

2015-12-24: True

2015-12-21: Residents’ Beach House

2015-12-20: Maui looking good across the channel

2015-12-14: Looking towards the lagoon and ocean at the #hiltonwaikoloaresort

2015-12-13: #hiltonwaikoloaresort pools with 1 pool closed and the slide waterfall...

2015-12-12: Old working place New working place Any questions? 😎

2015-12-12: Hilton Waikoloa

2015-12-10: Not bad for a quick stairs job. Now they just...

2015-12-09: Two more days

2015-12-09: Stair replacement today. Glad we live downstairs.

2015-12-09: The bending of light

2015-12-08: Three days to go

2015-12-07: Aloha Monday

2015-12-05: Bad parking 101

2015-12-02: Evolution

2015-11-29: Sunrise and dusk

2015-11-28: Sunset through the trees

2015-11-28: Kohala Mountain Rain

2015-11-24: Here comes the sun

2015-11-23: From the pool at #hiltonwaikoloaresort #staycation

2015-11-22: Woman on bench with Cellular phone. Common sight

2015-11-22: Current status

2015-11-22: Sunrise #hiltonwaikoloavillage #staycation

2015-11-18: Wait…give me a break… I’m thinking.

2015-11-18: I’ve divested of most of my printed books. Only a...

2015-11-11: Cruel and unusual punishment

2015-11-07: Digital natives.

2015-11-06: Good week coming to a close

2015-11-05: i i i i

2015-11-05: No words

2015-11-04: Pro tip guys. Get a candle subscription for your woman....

2015-11-02: Not a cloud in the sky

2015-10-30: I work next door to a Starbucks. But get my...

2015-10-29: Lots of volcano haze

2015-10-29: The drive home Even in paradise we have traffic and...

2015-10-28: Torch Ginger

2015-10-27: Wash me

2015-10-25: Driving into the Abyss (Hilo)

2015-10-25: Stopped to let the grandsons run around.

2015-10-25: The Kohala Mountains, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa peeking over...

2015-10-24: Looking east and west.

2015-10-24: Current status

2015-10-22: Some rain squalls out there

2015-10-21: I got out late and missed sunset. But then there’s...

2015-10-19: Love those colors

2015-10-18: I love the Kohala Mountains. My favorite of the 5...

2015-10-18: Waikoloa sunset

2015-10-17: This just happened

2015-10-15: Me trying to get through the week

2015-10-14: This one really is sailing off into the sunset

2015-10-14: Kona Brew had to hire a crane to haul away...

2015-10-11: I guess I was the last one on the plane...

2015-10-11: 😏

2015-10-11: Stinger Rays. The calm before the storm. In a couple...

2015-10-10: Aloha Friday The big race is tomorrow

2015-10-08: This was interesting in the way to work. So basically,...

2015-10-07: The cruise ship just starting to sail off into the...

2015-10-06: Ironman expo and a very windy, but clear day

2015-10-05: My sign

2015-10-04: Not son enough

2015-10-03: Sunset at the park.

2015-10-02: Never tire of this, though my better half is not...

2015-09-30: Love those shades of Blue.

2015-09-29: The cruise ship in Kailua Bay is bigger than most...

2015-09-28: Winter coming. Still in the store as the sun sets...

2015-09-28: Hawaii was on the wrong side of the world for...

2015-09-26: Saturday afternoon in Kailua town

2015-09-24: It rained overnight, but another nice sunset

2015-09-23: It rained overnight, but another nice sunset

2015-09-22: Cruise ship sailing off Into the sunset

2015-09-22: I didn’t get a chance to ask it

2015-09-17: Nice sunset coming on this rainy day

2015-09-17: Liquid sunshine

2015-09-16: Nice clouds

2015-08-30: A picture of a picture of a picture of a...

2015-08-30: The iPhone 6 takes much better moon pix. The bottom...

2015-08-29: Hello Maui across the channel

2015-08-28: Well. Look towards the mountain (mauka) and it looks stormy,...

2015-08-24: There’s usually a sunset in this shot. Not today. Lots...

2015-08-20: Implements of health

2015-08-20: 7:15 am. Gonna be a hot one

2015-08-19: Massive public works project right out our front door


2015-08-18: My view for 40 miles

2015-08-14: Finally some rain in Kona. Lots of storm warning but...

2015-08-14: Not much of a storm here. Humidity doesn’t show up...

2015-08-12: Homebound

2015-08-12: Pave paradise and put up a new condo

2015-08-12: No baggage

2015-08-12: Hele on to O’ahu

2015-08-11: 1990 Macintosh vs 2015 MacBook

2015-08-11: Wall

2015-08-11: Storm coming, winds die, volcanic haze returns

2015-08-10: I repurposed a Moment lens mount from an iPhone 6...

2015-08-09: Hilo is beautiful today

2015-08-06: No tropical storm, but there rain coming

2015-08-05: No tropical storm here

2015-08-03: Sunset on the way home from Hilo

2015-08-01: Games

2015-08-01: A single crew can paddle a canoe, but it takes...

2015-08-01: Older Canoes on a wet State Championship Race day in...

2015-08-01: Hawaii State Canoe paddling championships in Hilo

2015-07-31: At about the same time. The sun rising over Hualalai...

2015-07-30: This was last evening. Preparing to fly off into the...

2015-07-27: Ok it’s Monday. Here we go

2015-07-25: Hi tech task manager

2015-07-24: High clouds, no wind, high humidity. That’ll be our weekend....

2015-07-21: Work day over

2015-07-18: Just

2015-07-01: The Palace Tower. Amazing weekend. #sharemyhiltonpic

2015-07-01: High tide and low tide. Same spot different angle #sharemyhiltonpic...

2015-06-28: Low tide high tide. Same spot. Different angle.

2015-06-28: Sunset and Sunrise


2015-06-01: Apple History

2015-05-31: Ka’upulehu

2015-05-16: It’s downhill from here.

2015-05-16: Weathered ‘Ohia tree

2015-05-16: Aloha Friday

2015-05-11: Coconut grove


2015-05-05: That a bucket of …

2015-05-02: iMacs

2015-04-27: All cracked up


2015-04-25: Yellow bird. This little guy graced our back lanai this...

2015-04-24: Aloha Friday

2015-04-19: Lave rock. Big one

2015-04-19: Rustic bench in Keauhou

2015-04-17: Implements.

2015-04-15: Kona gets a cleaning

2015-04-11: Morning noon and night.

2015-04-11: North Dakota sunset.

2015-04-11: Salt Lake

2015-04-11: Sunset over the Pacific

2015-04-11: Sunrise over Minnesota

2015-04-11: My brother in law’s spread.

2015-04-11: The prairie

2015-04-11: Our first morning in Mandan

2015-04-11: Raising Arizona

2015-04-11: Our early morning arrival in LA

2015-04-05: Water

2015-04-01: Cruisers

2015-03-29: 3 different day. Love this island

2015-03-11: Rainy Kona Morning @hawaiinewsnow

2015-03-08: Smithwick’s brought some color to a rainy Sunday afternoon.

2015-03-08: Saturday at the park. Painted in #Waterlogue

2015-03-07: The park on a Saturday afternoon.

2015-03-01: Painted in #Waterlogue

2015-03-01: It was a lazy Sunday

2015-02-27: #FTW

2015-02-27: Torch Ginger pre dawn

2015-02-23: Waikoloa makai

2015-02-21: Pohoiki Challenge 2004. Memories.

2015-02-20: The tree

2015-02-20: Beautiful clear day

2015-02-20: Venus

2015-02-05: Rainy morning in Kona

2012-04-05: The iPad, MLBtv and Hover bar allow me to enjoy...

2012-04-04: Afternoon tea in my honu cup

2012-03-14: Threatening clouds

2012-03-08: Have not seen the sun all day in Kona. Very...

2012-02-22: Pretty nice outside my home office window

2012-02-17: Another hazy sunset in Kona

2012-02-16: We can usually sit on those rocks out there, but...

2012-02-12: Sunday afternoon snack. Yum

2012-02-11: Waiting for the paddlers to come in, the view sucks...

2012-02-11: Race reg is in full swing

2012-02-10: Oh now he’s really settled in

2012-02-10: The little guy is making himself at home

2012-02-08: Was kind of an overcast drizzly morning, but it’s lookin...

2012-02-02: Grilled pork loin tacos for dinner. Yum

2012-01-28: Current status (and for the next couple of hours)

2012-01-22: Look what I found while cleaning, a stack of 45s...

2011-12-31: Fresh apple tart, just out of the oven

2011-12-30: Current status. #ncaacfb

2011-12-24: My baby is a very good shopper. It’s a very...

2011-12-24: No tree this year, the presents are under the Christmas...

2011-12-24: Our hosts tonight

2011-12-24: I played on that field … In 1976 #hawaiibowl

2011-12-16: The start of a great Hawaiian weekend

2011-12-16: Everyone’s here

2011-12-16: I’m not late

2011-12-14: Beautiful day for a chamber after hours mixer

2011-12-11: Ready for kick off #Cowboys

2011-12-03: I got a cache of #build goodies in the mail...

2011-12-03: Current status. #LSU #UGA

2011-12-01: The joys of mornings in Kona

2011-11-25: Current status: friday night #pac12 football

2011-11-25: Thanksgiving dinner is ready… Hawaiian time

2011-11-24: The turkey is sliced and ready

2011-11-21: Current status: beef

2011-11-20: Fourth Quarter longboard Ale at Lulu’s

2011-11-19: Current status. The truck will arrive shortly

2011-11-17: This is last time this will look like this for...

2011-11-16: Home. To be

2011-11-16: Current status. Moving day 1

2011-11-13: Current status. Choosing paint for condo

2011-11-12: Current status: pox down, holes patched, painting will commence momentarily...

2011-11-11: Current status

2011-11-06: Samples are ready

2011-11-06: Awards are being given at the Kona Coffee recipe contest...

2011-11-06: The Chefs are setting up for the Kona coffee recipe...

2011-11-06: Keauhou Bay is always beautiful.

2011-11-05: Current status. Poke and beer.

2011-11-03: Starbucks Henry st is busy this Thurs evening

2011-11-03: A beer and a shot in memory of Beanie

2011-11-03: Hualalai Academy Gala kick off breakfast

2011-10-30: The Viking nation at Lulu’s. The Cowboys play later

2011-10-29: Rugby match at Hapuna on a beautiful, but windy (on...

2011-10-26: Hazy sunrise over Mauna Kea

2011-10-25: This feast made out of clay greeted me at the...

2011-10-24: Fresh homemade Calzone for lunch

2011-10-23: Feel like I’m at a bar football, pizza, wings and...

2011-10-22: Sam Choy’s Keauhou. Yum

2011-10-21: Currently doing …

2011-10-18: Dinner. Yum

2011-10-18: My desk setup at Hualalai Academy

2011-01-12: Lots of weather and lots of surf

2011-01-11: My office set up