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a hui hou

The view from Keck observatory on top of Mauna Kea. The last there was an eruption in this area was 1974. We’ll have to wait for drones.

When I was working, I would typically put in 10-12k steps a night in the kitchen. Since I’ve been out with a shoulder injury, I’ve been trying to get in 7-8k step just walking. Today I came across a shoreline access that I hadn’t noticed before. It’s Hawaii state law for properties to provide access. Long trail, old lava rock steps and voila.

Out for a mid day walk Lyman’s bay and surf spot



My wife’s argument to move away from Hawaii just got bolstered. Our condo association just announced a 25% (now $645/mo) increase to our CAM and a special assessment of $1006 all to cover a massive increase of insurance premiums. That’s a dent in monthly finances

My wife must be having a rough day at work. Burning sage.

The nerd in me thinks space travel is very cool. The reuse and quick turn around, the boosters returning to earth. But I think it’s gone too far, and it’s just billionaire’s folly. The cool factor is fading. We have more important problems to deal with. Unless someone can send Trump into space.


We will end up with Trump due to Biden’s blind support for Israel’s war machine. Many will simply not vote.

C’Mon MLB. Trolley Dodgers playing the Metropolitans in NY and it’s blacked out in Hawaii.

Coconut tree trimming day. Lookout below

My grandson was talking about how bad Windows 11 is. He uses windows for gaming and school. I shared with him how utterly useless Windows V 1.0 was. I recall that going back to the C Prompt which was more useful and user friendly than Windows V 1.0

Down a very deep Santana wormhole. Using the good headphones. Noise canceling so I can keep volume lower & not hear the TV and everything. Forgot how good Abraxas was. It’s hard to sit still with Soul Sacrifice from 1st album


Maybe the Rainout day off will help the Dodgers turn it around

MB doesn’t have the choice of Hawaiian language in language. Just an observation.

I’m not fluent, but use it quite a bit

Very much enjoyed Franklin, going back and watching the HBO miniseries from 2008 on John Adams.

Watched the Indy 500 for the first time in years. The 4 hour weather delay helped. It’s usually on at 6 am. What a barn burner of a race. Manic pace. 8 stoppages. Last lap pass for the winner

Rarely use Google anymore. Us the Orion browser with Kagi or the Arc Search on IOS

Saw an iPhone 15 Pro in the store, got to hold it. I have a 13 Pro. No desire to upgrade. The 13 Pro does everything I need right now

This was an eye opening interview with Victor Davis Hanson about his book “The End of Everything: How Wars Descend into Annihilation”.

Americans are over confident and think we’re invulnerable forever.


Full family room

Ladies’ choice

Love when company says “Free Download”, but doesn’t say it $39.99 to actually use the app.

My wife, for the first time in a few years, has brought up the idea of moving to N. Dakota, where she is from. She say mostly cost of living & access to healthcare (which really is in bad shape here). I can make list why I don’t want to live there, not the least of which is their politics.