I never you could catch squid slices in the wild. Learn new things even at my age

Back into the top half of the table. 3 wins on the bounce. #Arsenal whew. Onward

4 years ago this week I had a total knee replacement. I believe in science. I frequently do 15k steps a day. Prior surgery I had a hard time walking across the room.

I have an older external drive with Thunderbolt. To use it with my new M1 Mac Mini, i bought the apple adapter. Whenever the drive is plugged in using the adapter the Mac goes into a restart loop. When the drive is plugged in using USB, no issues, just slower transfer.

I signed up for the Craft apps a few weeks ago and got an invite today, after looking around, it looks cool, but it’s way too complicated for my needs. I just need a list and a calendar and contacts.

Streaming without a cable account is good most of the time, but most news organizations require a cable login.

Watching the Apple+ series on 1971 and the connection of Music to the war protests. I was 12 years old and vaguely recall the news of the era, but very much know the music. Parallels to now … and not. Think we’re dying of death by a thousand cuts and not one big thing.

Didn’t order any of the new Apple gear, but did pre-order the Kindle Signature edition.

This experiment of democracy in the US is not looking good.

A Government of the people, by the people, for the people. A flight from Tyranny.

Not sure it’s going as planned. The three branches of government are supposed to be a check and balance, but not so far apart that nothing gets done or they can’t be checked (SCOTUS).

I moved my mail to a year ago, not a single issue and they have so many features that I haven’t scratched the surface of

Think I’m going to get this for my M1 Mac Mini - add a 1TB SSD (not included) and ports, for less than Apple wanted for 1T

My inbox filled with emails from App Devs touting the new features on IOS 15, albeit mostly iPad features. I’m ostensibly not an iPad user, had to dig through the email to find iPhone features.

Guess I’m the rare bird on here that doesn’t use an iPad. I have one.

The Wire. IBM Selectric. My Dad had one at home I could use for my homework now and then.

If this debt ceiling thing isn’t fixed, can we just shut down Washington? They’re not doing anything anyway. At this point, they’re just getting in the way.

This what happens on the west side of Hawaii Island. The wind has to go around 2 big mountains and 1 smaller one and it hot right where we are. Mauna Kea the talked mountain in the world, if measured from its base at the bottom of the ocean Mauna Loa. The largest mountain based on volume. Hualalai just a smaller one, over looking Kona

My wife and I had an interesting talk last evening. We’ve always been bullish about the future, but after watching a little CNN last night and thinking about the past few years, we’ve both given pause. We’re in our 60s, very positive, pragmatic people, and have seen the world bounce back from some nasty shit in our short lifetimes. The current trifecta of the environment (global warming), COVID (and what may come next) and the political environment in many countries including the erosion of democracy are big worries

Could be our parents had similar concerns about Viet Nam or the cold war? We pulled through those ok, but not feeling good about our current challenges.

We feel lucky being Hawaii, we will definitely have weather concerns (storms and rising seas), we’ve shown we can manage a pandemic, though the state lost their way recently by reopening travel too soon. Hawaii is more liberal politically and geographically protected.

Maybe, just maybe COVID will start to peter out and science will prevail, and maybe a slightly more progressive populace will rise up and restore some balance to politics and maybe then we can pull back from the precipice on the environment. Lots of maybes there.

Guess we can continue to think globally and act locally and stay positive. It’s not looking too good for our kids though.

Losing weight is great for so many reason, but some of my favorite clothes look like clown clothes on me now. Having to give a lot of them away.

After a year and a half, I’m really missing that 3rd place in my life. The Starbucks or other coffee shop that I used to regularly stop at on my way to or from work as a transition between the two.

I read a book slow and deliberate. I don’t have lots of reading time, but do carve out a couple of “quiet” hours a week to read longform.

Getting in to Literal app. It imported my GoodReads library. A few books I started and didn’t finish. I used to read a lot business book, management books, sports and sports personalities books. Now I’m really only interested in classic literature.

Thinking about it. I use my IPhone XS for more things, more often and for more average hours per day than any other device, including the TV. I love this phone and will keep it for a while. After all, next year’s iPhone will be “the best phone they’ve ever built”

I’ve been a fan of 1More wired in-ear headphones. My 3rd pair. I wear them out. Wear them daily

Just came across this looking for something else. My Dad in the middle with his brother, my Grandfather and Great Grand Parents that came over from Parma Italy (to Boston)

how does the Epic court decision affect the average Joe (or Mary) consumer? not through the eyes of an app dev, but through the eyes of someone who never heard of Epic.

I work a lot of nights, therefore I often sleep in the daytime, tolerating all sorts of societal noise pollution in the development we live.

I would just once like to power up a leaf blower or power tool at 1am. Oops, sorry

Recalling David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech It’s a good reminder, especially during these times. This was 16 years ago and sounds like it was written yesterday.

Been watching a lot of shows in the DC world, need to get back to Marvel for a while.

Interesting. I may have used this feature a few years ago, but I’ve changed and much prefer quiet when I need to concentrate or even nap or sleep at night. I have really good ear plugs.

Hands-on: Here’s how Background Sounds work in iOS 15

Managing a restaurant during this period is brutal. Short staffed, but as busy as we can handle. We were on a waiting list from 11:30am (we open at 11) til 8pm. It’s like this almost every day. We seat as many tables as we feel comfortable giving a good experience to. I had another 18k+ steps day. Whew.

Came across this tree that had fallen over a long time ago. Kind of looks like driftwood.

Got out of the house on a rare day off. With the extended COVID spike we’re experiencing, we went down to Ke’alakekua Bay. This shoreline trail heads north towards the Captain Cook monument

Surfing the internet in one window, scrolling social media in another and the Mac app store say no internet connection. I think it’s confused

Two + years ago we were definitely looking at moving to Italy when we retire (I was working on my Passport), maybe in 8-10 years. But everything that’s happened in the past 2 years has changed our view Not only COVID, but how politics have gone and split around the world, the world economy has been and the entire environment mess. I’d really like to just stay here, right on this island the rest of my life. Maybe move up more out in the country.

The simple joy of crossing something off of my Teux Deux list as complete.

Got my new Spoke Design pen. Love it, though the first thing I did was change the ink cartridge to a Fisher Space pen refill. Now it’s complete

Had to pull the trigger and get a Thunderbolt 2-3 adapter ($50). The speed of my new M1 Mac Mini is irrelevant when my drive is plugged into a USB port

Set up a custom domain email address in iCloud w/seldom used domain. It worked almost instantly. Might revive use of the domain name. Remember the days when we would all create a website for the most mundane of things. Don’t really have the inclination to do that.

I’m worried in the face of these numbers, it’s not possible to stay safe. Record cases recorded today.

With no travel and minimal dining out, we’ve paid off the every debt we have excluding the home loan. We have already stated chipping away at the principal on that too.

New Mac Mini up and running, but my 2 big external drives are Thunderbolt 2 and the new Mac is Thunderbolt 4, need to get at least 1 $50 adapter. Also could no Migrate my MBP as it’s on the beta. Need to wait until I can put the public beta on the new Mac

With COVID cases and hospitalizations skyrocketing in Hawaii there is talk of another lockdown and also vaccine passports. I would be reticent to enforce a passport in the restaurant that I manage as it would put my staff on the front lines of enforcement, and anti-vaxers are very vocal and sometime violent. But if a lockdown is the alternative, then ok ✅

With this big push to get vaccinated, I got my flu vaccine today. I got my COVID vaccine in April.

I think my 2014 Mac Mini got wind of the new Mac Mini’s arrival tomorrow and decided to quit working. It’s done this before, stuck in a start up loop. Just wants attention. The old one is time machine backed up and to another Arq drive, though it has an old 1T Fusion drive, the new one is a 256 SSD, so can’t move the data anyway.

I read this book many years ago, he’s right in that the Supreme Courts purpose is to uphold the constitution, not make political decisions. They also need to keep the public’s trust.

“Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View” by Stephen Breyer

Mahalo everyone. Guess I went through a few days of my entire feed being about writing tools and cameras. I’ve spent some time tweaking it. I’ve been a life long nerd, but kind of thinking the COVID experience and age has made me more analog. Rediscovered reading too.

Feels odd here. I don’t write, don’t have a camera, don’t have a farm. I do talk to people a lot and get out and about on this stunning Hawaii island and I do listen to a lot of music.

So many writers here talking about their workflows. I’m more of a doer. Managing a restaurant and all. My team, customers, menus, repair and maintenance, vendors and product. I use the TeuxDeux app for to dos, notes app to save stuff calendar app and paper (order guides, etc)

Ordered a Refurb M1 Mac Mini. This will be my computer going forward. My 2015 MacBook is hanging on, but I don’t really depend on it. The things that I need to do on a computer are becoming less and less.

I’m a definitely a napper. I love a good mid day nap. It has to do with working a lot of nights through the years.

This hasn’t seemed to throttle the number of visitors. We’re #2

in other news, I bought a Milanese Loop watch band with my first Apple watch, and 2 watches later it still looks and feels great. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I bought it and it’s nice to have something that still fits nicely.

Went back to the Apple Mail app on MacOS a couple of months ago. Can’t do it. Back to Spark.

Twitter has taught me a couple things. First, there are some incredibly brilliant people in the world. Second, they are vastly outnumbered.

The best quote I’ve heard in a long time, from an Irish fisherman on Irish TV. “If I get a problem, I just troll it behind me and just move on with life”

Btw. I like the Fisher refill as it work consistently in a restaurant setting. Especially writing in the freezer and refrigerator and well on paper stained with all sorts of stuff

I prefer pens that support the Fisher Space pen refill. Looking for a good slim pen with a clip.

Found this photo of my Dad in the late 70s with his Heathkit CP/M based computer named “Charlie” on the table behind him. He used it for mailing lists. I could tell stories.

Productive (rare) day off. Gotta take them when I can. Watched 2 episodes of Punisher, 2 Episodes of Titan, ran some overdue errands, took a nap, worked on a puzzle and topped it off with a Root Beer float.

Pretty much decided that I won’t replace my dying iPad. Will upgrade my iPhone 10XS likely this fall and my 2015 MBP whenever it decides to die.

COVID Delta cases continue to blow up in Hawaii. Gov says no lock down in the plans, but I’m not so sure.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

Recalling back in the day when you could edit your iPhone apps and screens in iTunes. If I recall Xcode can do this, but don’t want to put that behemoth of an app on my aging Mac

The first rule of holes is, if you’re in one, stop digging. Not sure wether to apply this to where we were in Afghanistan or where Biden is now.

I don’t want to be mad about anything today. Turning off the TV

Lose. File a lawsuit.

Blue Origin sues US government over NASA’s decision to award SpaceX lunar lander contract

I don’t take near as many photos as I did when I managed as resort hotel. Lots of scenery at a beach resort… not as much in a sushi restaurant.

Taking a hiatus from trying to watch live sports. It too frustrating trying to find a place to watch a match or game I want in the non-cable world.

I’ve lost so much weight that I’m cold all the time, my wife is at an age where she has her own global warming thing going on. In any given room either she comfortable and I’m wearing a sweatshirt or I’m comfortable and she’s on fire.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ―Albert Einstein

This doesn’t look good. Cases are blowing up in Hawai’i. This could be really bad.

For the past 40 years, when I am upset or annoyed, I often put on this album, very loud. Usually snaps me out of it. Saw Van Halen live in 1981 **

Since the environment, politics, the pandemic and news in general has gone worse, I just bury myself at work, where I have at least a certain amount of control and mostly ingore the rest of it for 10-12 hours a day.

We had a scare at the restaurant, an employee’s Mom was exposed to a housekeeper who tested COVID positive. This employee had lunch with her Mom and came into work and hung out with 4 other employees behind the restaurant with no mask and sharing cups. The Mom came pack positive on, but all of our staff came back negative. It’s been a rough 3 days waiting for everyone’s results. We’re also in the midst of a rather large spike of cases on the island. I’ve worked every shift since Wednesday. Running on fumes.

Dodged a bullet. Kind of woke everyone up - I hope.

I just want to fly on Delta and enjoy a Corona and not have to worry about being around people.

I like Scarlett’s character, but Marvel can make another star

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over streaming of Black Widow

Used to be when a new business was coming to the community and adding xx number of jobs, it was good news. Now it’s “good luck with that”

As I continue prune my Twitter follows, my feed is almost all Football (soccer) and tech. I will continue to unfollow any anyone with political posts.

I’ve unsubscribed from so many email newsletter and lists that my inbox is becoming a quiet place. If the NSA still wants to read the email of Americans, mine is very boring.

I’m working to make it so I get news in a more intentioned manner. I’m over the non stop feed of way more than I need to know. Deleting news apps.

The old ways was you either picked up a newspaper (or spotted a headline walking by a news rack) or turned on a news program.

Just rewatched the season ending episode of Loki. What started as such a simple premise in the first preview, sure blew up into a myriad of variants.

This is getting critical. Losing some staff due to normal attrition (moving career change, etc) but new applications and hires aren’t keeping up.

I have an iPhone 10XS. It’s still in perfect shape, not a scratch. I’m on my 2nd #Nomad case (wore one out). Many drops. In addition to its in intended purpose, I often use my phone as a coaster for my drink or my coffee.

The Panic PlayDate looks very cool, but I am on the list for a Steam Deck. Still thinking

I’m not planning on watching any of the olympics. Between COVID and the entire thing going against the will of the Japanese people. Plus disqualifications over marijuana as a performance enhancer.

They were quite the spectacle when we were younger. ABC announcers Chris Schenkel, Howard Cosell, Jim McKay, Curt Gowdy, Dick Button,

  • COVID / Delta
  • Environmental issues
  • Voter suppression
  • Business staffing issues
  • Too many shows to watch
  • Not enough good pizza
  • Arsenal FC
  • Dodger injuries.

Other then that, Life if good. (These are all external) Entire family’s health is good

The 80s is the decade of my 20s. I was married to my first wife in the 80s and my only daughter was born in the 80s. I remember every one of these

Can’t gallop polls or some other group do a big survey about why people aren’t apply for jobs, it’s everywhere.

Honolulu County made a deal that restaurants could open full capacity if they checked COVID tests and vaccination cards. A couple of places tried it, but none stuck with.
I knew as soon I heard it, that’s a situation no restaurant wants to be in the middle of.

These Billionaires flying in space, trying to make it look easy. I clearly remember the Space Shuttle Challenger. Complacency or simple human error will cause one of these ships will have an accident. It’s only when and who is on it.

Now that Apple has created every genre Spatial music playlist possible, how about a Spatial Music “Just for you” with music I actually listen to.

Not getting vaccinated is part of a larger issue of so many people who are choosing to not take responsibility for their own health. They eat poorly, aren’t active, don’t do any preventative healthcare, get sick and expect the healthcare system to fix them.
My wife works in healthcare management. We’ve had this discussion many times. Even with Medicaid that costs nothing and gets them a ride to the doctor, doctors struggle to get patients to go in for the most basic healthcare. They don’t go to the Dr till they’re really sick, won’t pick up their perceptions and then get mad because the Dr didn’t fix them.
How can we expect them to get a vaccination when they won’t even take care of their most basic health. My wife hears this rant from Doctors all the time. That’s all for now.

Reserved my Steam Deck. It’s the first gaming device I will have purchased for myself in many years.

When we remodeled our condo 2 years ago, we had a conversation about warmer summers possibly more hurricanes in the Pacific. Didn’t think it would happen this fast. We did invest in more robust A/C and larger, more efficient ceiling fans. It sure makes a difference now.

I haven’t had HBO for years. Now with HBO+ I can watch all of those critically acclaimed shows from years past that I missed. Finished True Detective last well. Just started the Wire.

Just finished a 14 hour shift. No one is apply for jobs. I have talked to so many other managers and business people in all kinds of businesses and everyone says the same thing. It’s not just a hospitality thing, it’s a no one is applying thing.

I don’t have an issue with breaking up all big tech into smaller companies.

Global warming has been a political football for over 40 years. I’m really starting to feel it’s too late stop it. It’s more like how can we live with it.

Deadly Heat, Fires, Deadly virus still around, voting rights on the chopping block, along with Democracy, inept Senate Democrats. Thinking I want to hunker down on this rock in the middle of the ocean, but a maybe further mauka (further up the mountain) and off the grid.

This quote:

For all the fuss about supporters singing “Football’s coming home”, English football fans generate atmosphere by reacting to events more than by creating a constant wall of sound, as you might find in other parts of Europe

Cox: England’s attacking at 1-0 was desperately poor. They failed when they were winning, not in the shootout

What I really liked about the Euros was it was football with the handbrake off, save for all but the first 2 min of England’s performance yesterday.

I miss going to the Borders Books & Records Cafe. You could grab book from the store and read a preview over coffee or take the coffee over and preview a CD. Nothing close that on Hawaii Island. Plenty of coffee shops, but none with books. That loss is one of the reasons I feel reading got away from me all those years ago.

Lot of Brits showing their okole after the match. Would have likely done the same if they won.

I’m about 30% through East of Eden. Only read the Cliff Notes version back in college, long over due. Thoroughly enjoying the read. This feels like the impetus to getting me back into long-form reading after a number of false start the past few years.

I’m a huge sports fan, but really have no interest in these ill timed, made for TV Olympics. Feel bad for the athletes.

Amazon provides a QR code to return to a UPS store rather than a label. The one UPS store in Kona has a line out the door every time I go, the limited opportunities, I have to go by there. There is apparently no way to just get a label.

“Man It’s a hot one, like 7 inches from the mid day sun” Just popped up in the playlist I’m listening to. That lyric seems so appropriate for what’s going on now.

Our VP of operations and CEO will be in my store on Monday. Going to have a conversation on the possible paths forward on staffing. Current path not tenable

well, I have my MB export, not quite sure how to get it into DayOne yet.

We don’t have any wild fires and the volcano isn’t active, but we still have nice sunsets.

I often miss the analog days of the 80s. Had a pager, not a phone. Used pay phones. Read the paper, had magazine subscriptions. Looked through the TV guide to see when shows were on. Life was more measured and time off was really time off.

We had our fireworks a day late due to technical difficulties. Nice show

Going to work on a day off for the 2nd time in 3 days. It’s fun being boss.

Someday, we’ll have enough staff that I can have a full day off now and then.

ESPN+ turns out to be a joke, can’t watch anything of substance without a cable subscription.

They both work. If only for nostalgia sake. I tried last year, can’t get a SIM card for the iPhone 1. The kids at ATT thought I was joking and just laughed. The real problem is the network won’t support it.

Have very much enjoyed the international competition more than the EPL season by a long shot. Much more diverse and creative matches. Euro and the Americas

Well, earlier in my life we left Viet Nam and it fell, and here we are further down the road of my life and we’re leaving Afghanistan and it too will fall.

I guess the lesson we haven’t learned is don’t get into a fight you can’t win.

Found this in the closet. It starts up. The battery fine. Now how to get music on it.

Companies won’t ship batteries outside the continental US anymore. That means no more do it yourself battery changes to my devices.

Very exciting Tour stage today. The tour has been blown up by Pogacar. Great stage win by Dylan Teuns. Loved his interview

Most of my Twitter feed is Brits. They are insufferable with England up 3-nil.

ESPN sells the alternate feed as a benefit. No replays, doesn’t follow the action, follows 2 player and 2 static cameras

I really hate the #Espn only gives me this feed because I don’t have a cable subscription, even thiugh I’m an #ESPN+ subscriber

Got an Apple Watch for my birthday. I haven’t gotten a new personal Apple device for a couple of years, save for an Apple TV last year. The set up took minutes. After only a day, nice having battery life again.

Was not a fan of everything Donald Rumsfeld did (he passed today), but loved this statement and have used it often.

Closed my BBVA account. The final chapter of the Simple Bank story is closed. The big banks won this one

Tried the new Outlook for Mac for a day, it’s really dumbed down, went back to the old version. Hope they don’t force a change.

Great to have someone speaking for us. There’s a hundred reasons that restaurants don’t have national representation.

Not near as hot as PNW, but then we have 68% humidity.

My new Apple Watch has gone from China > Anchorage > Louisville so far, now it has to come 4,368 miles back west to Hawaii

Friday 9am HST - BELGIUM v ITALY. Whew! Calendar block. Froza Italy

Apps and services that purport to offer “Lifetime” plans or access are a marketing ploy. Whose lifetime is it, the lifetime of the EULA? Don’t believe it. Companies are bought, sold, get sherlocked or just plain shut down, and often take your data with them.

I’m not really a Bezos fan and in Hawaii, fast Amazon Prime shipping isn’t really a thing, but purely as a streaming service, Amazon Video is right in there with the other streaming services at $119 a year, then throw in the MGM acquisition and Amazon music.

I’ve been listening to this Chez Baldwin play list. This list was made from vinyl records left behind in his France house when he passed in 1987. It was on Spotify, I turned it to an Apple playlist.

Back to Apple mail on my Mac. The least buggy of the bunch. Since I use for my email, using OX Mail on IOS.

Lots of chat about Twitter. Through the years I have curated my Twitter feed to match what interests me. Football (Soccer), tech, news that I trust, movies as well as some specific people that I have followed since Twitter’s early days. I have the bar set very low for unfollows.

The greatest technological innovation of my lifetime is seedless watermelon.

I’ve only bitten on 1 Prime day deal, an iHealth scale based on an email from iHealth. Since I’ve been using their products for years, I knew it was a deal ($24.99). Ordered an Apple Watch from Apple as I had a trade in. My V4 is still in good shape, except for the battery life.

My Apple Watch V4 is getting a little long in the tooth. The battery time is going downhill fast. Ordered a new V6. No cellular this time. Don’t use it anymore. Used to use cellular when I managed at a large resort.

I was shopping for and bought only one thing on Amazon Prime day. A new iHealth digital scale. My old one is on its last legs. $24.99 is great deal for basically the same thing.

My Father’s days have become much different now with all of my Grandfathers (I actually had 4 due to divorces and remarriages), my Father and Step-Father and even my Uncles all passing in the past few years. I just have a simple glass of Whisky in memory of them all.

Went on a date night to a new restaurant/ bar in Kailua Village. A-Bays island grill. They’ve had one in Waikoloa for a few years. Kailua town was so busy, a mix of visitors and locals, every bar and restaurant and the streets were packed.

There are so many tourist in town, the floodgates have been opened.

Gone back to the open spaces Home Screen. Everything on the Home Screen including what’s in those folders is used often

A long list that I created in the #TeuxDeux app last night during a meeting disappeared after an app update today. I’m very upset that that app right now. Recreating the list to the best of my memory in #Things and on paper.

We have unplugged and boxed up our Amazon echos. Too many times, something we talk about shows up on my Amazon page or my Wife’s Facebook page. (I don’t use Facebook) too many times for it to be a coincidence.

This isn’t fair, but it’s the nature of technology. This 2013 MacBook Pro with an old spinning drive still works, has some issues, but still works. This 2015 MacBook Air with an SSD is dead

I’m as much a nerd as the next guy and I love a rocket launch, but all of the space folly with no goal other than to just go there seems wasteful. I really like the idea of going up there to look back here and see what’s going on and what damage we’s causing.

It’s been said may times that when a couple has a baby it multiplies everything in the relationship, good or bad. It can also be said the pandemic shined the same light on society. It amplified the good and the bad in society

Numbers from this past Monday show more people flew into Hawaii Island than a Monday in June 2019. - 1. What pandemic. - 2. Everyone wants to go somewhere other than home.

My Dev account expired last week, but my Mac had an update and downloaded Monterey. Oh well.

I have no desire to travel anywhere. I feel very safe and content here on Hawaii island. Also almost as far away from Washington DC as I can get, unless I go to Guam.

The employee crunch is starting to show up in restaurants with cut back menu offerings, more self service, take out only. The ones that are saying to just pay them more, don’t run a restaurant or under restaurant economics. We can pay more, and just make do with less people.

The Democrats lack creativity and guts. Wimpier versions of the GOP. We’re destined to the 1% getting it all and mediocrity for the rest with a failing infrastructure so a bunch of old white guys on the hill can stay in power and rich.

Current rant is over..

It’s interesting that 30 years ago people always said you didn’t go to Kona Community Hospital to get better, you went there to die. The facility was really bad. It was old, crumbling and dirty. It was built to serve the plantation community.

I must say, they have really got their act together in the past decade. They have a top notch emergency room (I’ve been there too many times) and Oncology unit and have remodeled rooms and their surgery center. But old perceptions die hard.

People still say they’ll fly to Honolulu for surgery or anything non-emergency related or even drive to North Hawaii Medical Center 30 miles away.

Feel like Italy has a real chance in the Euros. More so than in recent years

Living in Hawaii so many things happen before we even get out of bed. Today’s internet outage, most of the stock market trading day, football matches in the UK, and even the 9-11 attacks. That’s why I check my phone first thing when I wake up to see what I’ve missed.

I am reticent to turn spatial audio (Dolby Atmos) always on. It might mess up a sound I’m used to on certain songs.

Well, Apple made no mention of getting Hawaiian Street names correct in Maps directions.

Kind of annoyed that those who didn’t get vaccinated and said how bad it is will get swag for finally making us all safe.

Reward bad behavior

Siri: flush the toilet - oh doesn’t do that yet?

Still excited about what Apple has coming, but my days of being involved in making the sausage are over. My job is analog. People, food, equipment.

Let my Dev membership lapse. Watching WWDC from the outside. No betas for me this time.

★ “The clearest signal that a novel risk is emerging is anomalies—things that just don’t make sense. This sounds obvious, but most anomalies are difficult for people to recognize.” HBR

Easy to see in retrospect.

My wife bought an HP Chromebook at Costco. She admitted she was sad about losing her MB Air, but we agreed that when the inevitable happens to my 2015 13” MBP, we will get one of the M1 MacBooks and set it up as a 2 user machine. I’m at work 10 hours a day and many nights, so that will work.

After losing so much weight, I actually get cold at night. Not typically a thing in Hawaii, especially down close to the ocean. I just bought long pants pajamas for the first time in my life.

Hawaii Island had higher visitors numbers than this time in 2019 and they’ve stoped airport COVID testing. The streets in Kailua Kona are packed with people and traffic is very sticky.

I guess we’re cured and this is over.

My wife’s 2015 Mac Air finally die, just like that. Worked Tuesday night, dead on Wednesday. Now she won’t pay for Mac, she just wants a cheap lap computer. oh well.

Grilled cheese sand before I head off to work.

This steam (Kolekole) down by the ocean is fed by this waterfall (Akaka Falls) 3 miles up the valley


Listening to loud music trying to get in the mood to go work. My supervisor called out. Said it a family emergency. I call BS without more info. So the boss goes in on his off day.…

I miss the days when sports were only about the game/match. Now it’s more about the noise that happens between the games/matches. Takes the joy out it.

Finally took the time to clean up bookmarks. It’s been too long. Had a folder of COVID links that I don’t really need anymore. I remember checking these pages of charts and graph and case counts daily a year ago.

I signed up for AARP last year when we were shopping for car insurance. I get almost weekly snail mail from them. I guess they assume those north of 60 don’t do digital. We were the digital first adapters.

Seeing what’s going on in these GOP strongholds in regards to voter rights seems to foreshadow a real rigged election, not a lie.

The Kolekole Gulch state park is basically under this old railroad bridge. The bridge was abandoned after the 1946 tidal wave and rebuilt for autos in the 1950s. It now supports Hawaii Belt road over this gulch. Very peaceful place to stop.

I love how views of the Pacific Ocean peak out between buildings in Honoka’a town.

We got out of town today, which means going over to the east side of the island. First stop was Wifey’s Waffles in Honoka’a town for some amazing waffle cone creations. Then Kolekole state part. Used to camp here as a kid. Finally Akaka falls state park before having a late lunch in Hilo. Fun was has by all

scal·a·wag /ˈskaləˌwaɡ,ˈskalēˌwaɡ/ noun. INFORMAL noun: scallywag a person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; a rascal.

I really wish … … oh never mind.

Back to reality

An old quote that still rings true “I have a reasonably and responsible attitude towards my major competitors, I’d like to see them all dead”

I now use my iPhone as my primary computer device for large swaths of the day. I also use it more for communication than is recent years primarily with my supervisors, staff and corporate office. Slack, email messages, ProService, phone. Quite the change from 18 mos ago

The Hawaii GOP just picked a new wingnut to be their party chair. She (looks to be north of 70 yo) just did an interview on morning news. Paraphrasing; Election was stolen, this vaccine is bad and young people are joining our party in droves.

How I spent my day off.

Trying to revive the old Mac Mini. Disk Utility found a couple of errors. Reinstalling OS now. Then we’ll see.

Yep, old Mac Mini has bad SSD. I’ve changed them before and not sure I want to do that. Don’t “need” as new one, but may justify it in the end.

Looks like my 2016 Mac Mini is failing. It’s backed up and only used as a home server. No data lost, just a beloved machine.

This Gaza strip mess is going to blow up, ISIS will come back in spades. They just need an excuse and Israel and the US are giving it to them.

Watching 1980s music videos on YouTube. It’s was MTV’s golden era

I saw them in LA in ‘82. It was an amazing show back then too

Favorite Concerts Ever: Los Lobos Live at the Whisky

My Apple Dev account us up for renewal, can’t even remember how many years it’s been, but not renewing. I’m becoming just a simple end user. Also backing off from app betas once the ones I’m currently on expire. Just don’t have the time or brain power, just want stuff to work.

Over the years, I had automated many of the lights in our house. Living room, kitchen, lanai. Voice or app activated But periodically the devices lose their way; connection drops or typically resets its connection on an app update. I’m finally over the dog and pony show of crawling behind the entertainment center or on top of a cabinet to reset the wireless switch.

Going back to manual analog switches for the time being. I need to find a place to put the switches that make them more accessible. That’s a project for an empty day off.

It’s so easy when it works, but so aggravating when it doesn’t

I look at blood work labs as a report card on my health. 4 years ago in my state of health back then, I dreaded opening that report card. Since then, I’ve lost 75# and have kept it off for a year. Got blood work results today. Perfect numbers.

The conversion from Simple bank to BBVA bank began today. Not going well. It said my activation failed 3 times, now I’m locked out. I all but emptied my Simple account as a wait and see about #BBVA. So I wait longer

Bummed that Parma Calcio FC couldn’t pull it together this year and will relegated to Serie B. It’s been a good run since their bankruptcy in 2015, reformation of the club in Serie D and their sprint back up to Serie A.

I’m glad I live in a place where COVID, Vaccine and global warming denial are believed by a smaller minority than many places in the mainland states

Watched Mortal Kombat on HBO+ today. Not sure I would have gone to the theater to see ir, but I found it entertaining.

HBO+ will be boring next year when new films aren’t premiered there on the same day as theaters

Just rewatched Tenet. I think much like Matrix and Inception, it will take a couple of viewings to totally understand the depth of the stories.

Doing a mass unfollow and cleanup on Twitter today. The feed has gotten a little out of hand.

Quite the kerfuffle at Basecamp. I took a long solid look at Hey, but didn’t bite. Happy with

Unintended consequences. The government has given out additional unemployment $$ and addl. weeks of eligibility plus child credits and payments, but rather than seeing that as extra money to get a leg up, an entire swath of the population sees it as a chance to not have to work.

I’d get a 3rd COVID vaccine if it would make me invincible to COVID. Would still wear a mask, haven’t contracted a cold or other roving virus since I’ve gone back to work..wearing a mask, among 30 employees, with kids and large families.

I’m in the middle of sorting out what’s in Jane’s head on Doom Patrol. I don’t have the brain power to apply to this Matrix theory right now. A 2nd Matrix by the Oracle. Whew

‘Matrix 4’ plot theory solves a huge problem: How is Trinity alive?

Baseball is like church. Many attend few understand. -Leo Durocher

With new guidelines suggesting those who have been vaccinated don’t need a mask outdoors, but how do we know who’s been vaccinated and who not? The honor system is questionable with all of the anti-masker / anti-vaccine people about

I’m keeping my distance.

Last year during the lockdown I had a few bored moments.

IMHO the Hawaii Dept of Labor needs to shift back to enforcement on Unemployment abuse. There are 100s of open jobs on Hawaii Island and people no-show for interviews and don’t return calls for offers of work. The restaurant that I mange is closing sections of the dining room.

As Simple Bank goes away and becomes BBVA bank in a few days, I downloaded all 107 statement. I was lucky to get into the Simple Bank beta in 2012 as a virtual bank, It was my primary institution for quite a while. Sad to see them go.

We went to get some gelato in Kailua town this evening. Other than masks, it almost felt normal. Lots of tourists and locals out. Nice.

Listening to a pre COVID playlist from back when I had a 30 mile commute each way to work. Now it’s 3 miles.

“The floor is a hard, unforgiving taskmaster. But the floor never hits you – you hit the floor.”

I just bought a new Apple TV last year, hopefully the new remote will be available on its own.

I’ve been using the Fluid app for years to make web apps in the Mac apps. Love it and it still works great.

I really do like the sarcastic and cynical tone of the DC Doom Patrol series on HBO

Looks like the only problem I encountered with my 2nd vaccine shot has been a bout of slight lethargy. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Possibly extra coffee will be in order.

Apple is pretty good at creating the Made for You playlist in the music app, but the weekly email that they send has nothing I’m remotely interested in. just released new a pricing structure. Game changer.

I’ll move my primary mail account there. Though I just renewed my Hover email for a year, I’ll make the move gradually.

Going through the master drive where I’ve dumped data from the past, oh about 20 years. Scans, photos from old devices, exports from apps I stopped using and services that shut down. Looking back, I’ve forgotten how many different note apps I’ve used through the years.

What’s next “I meant to take out my pen and write a ticket, but I mistakenly took out my gun and shot”??

Nine months since I got my weight under 200# (from a high of 268 in early 2019). Feels good to hold the weight loss. Have failed many many times before.

I now bounce between about 190-196# depending on what I’m doing and eating.

Even after hundreds of eye drops post retina surgery and the subsequent procedures, I still don’t like putting in eye drops.

First these big corporations start documenting and writing you up for little, seemingly benign incidents that eventually force you into a PIP (perform improvement plan), then they got you. These plans can be so subjective and company leaning that you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Amazon will clean house after this vote. Companies know how to get around retaliation claims and manage someone out the door. It happened to me at Marriott.

During last year’s lockdown and stay at home orders, I realized I don’t really miss being around crowds and lots of people. I work in Hospitality and am around enough people and get my socializing at work, but when I’m off, a secluded spot seems best for me.

Been consistently unsubscribing to listservs and marketing emails over the past couple of months. My morning email, when most of them hit, is down considerably.

Over years of using different email clients;, Outlook, Airmail, Spark, there are a bunch of extra folders in the IMAP structure created by the different apps. Took time today to clean up this mess.

One of the few things I’ve had for more than 40 years. Still works as is it when new.

A continuing annoyance is blogs and e-lists that post links to articles behind paywalls without mentioning that fact. I’m pretty much tapped out as far subscriptions go. If I add one, then one needs to go.

Looks like I’m going all in with Have 1 there now that I’ve been playing with.

I’ll leave the others in Hover where the domains live, but will forward the mail to Mailbox as they come up.

I’m going to want to ride Amtrak when we next go back to the continent. It is going to get better.

Start a new job on Monday. Feels good. Had a zoom call with the corporate team last Monday. They offered an attractive compensation & benefit package.

The current manager is leaving “organically” (do to a life changes). I will get a 1 week crossover with him.

The Paramount app is a drama queen

Fatal error? I’m not sure anything actually died

Did something good for my mind and attitude. Sharpened all of my knives. Takes me a couple of hours.

Renewed my ServeSafe training. Got 1 wrong (50 questions). I can live with that. Good for another 3 years. They added use of hand sanitizers to the training (it doesn’t replace hand washing).

The GOP wants an ID to vote, but not to buy a gun. WTF

I took this photo 1 year and 1 weeks ago on Alii Drive in Kona when we first locked down. It was heartbreaking then and still is. A number of small businesses didn’t ever reopen.

That stuck ship is huge. The ones that we get on Hawaii Island are stacked only 2 containers high.

Just rewatched Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. Havn’t watched it for at least 10 years. I have much more appreciation for the quality of the film.

What I like about (and before it) as well as Mastadon is my feed is not controlled by an algorithm. It’s organic.

Just that.

Pain points in streaming

We cancelled cable a month ago, and it’s mostly OK. A flaw in streaming is you can’t bookmark or save specific feeds or channels within or outside of apps. On cable you just go to the channel number or to your favorites.

For morning news. we need to go into an app, then either search for or scroll to the channel. To change to a different news network, its change app and repeat.

The AppleTV app tries to consolidate “Up Next” or “What to Watch”, but thats for Movies, TV and Sports. I hope they add “frequently watched” or “continue” Maybe it will in time. I guess it assumes TV is event based and not for casual watching. This would require cooperation by the individual apps who want to keep you inside the app.

I’m guessing over time, the apps will add features and muscle memory will kick in. After-all, most of the apps (Paramount & Peacock) have only been around a few months.

Side notes: - Fox Sports (owned by a cable company) and Disney owned ABC still requires cable account sign in. That will change, they’ll want to cash in. Would be nice to have ABC inside the Disney app. - The CNN app also requires a cable login to watch the live feed, though it’s available in the Pluto app. - The Pluto app is more like cable, tons of silly channels, set favorites and it’s free. - The Paramount app has the local CBS feed in their app, Peacock does not have the local NBC feed. - Hulu has FOX and ABC, but not live local feeds without Hulu+ ($72+/mo), but does have the shows.

Now, where was that movie I wanted to watch?

Finished all 3 seasons of #Legion I know, late to the game. Would love to see all of the main characters in #MCU at some point.

I must be the oddball here. I don’t use Ulysses or Drafts. I tried them both, more than once. If I want to write something, I just go to the app I want to write in and write. I didn’t feel the need for an app in the middle.

As we come to the end of the 1 year sign up deals for many of the streaming services, some decisions will be made. Can’t really afford to keep them all.

The only reaction that I had from the vaccine was a craving for glazed donuts and I wanted to listen to ‘80 music. I’m curious what the 2nd shot will bring.

Just finished watching “The Head” on HBOMax. Wasn’t sure at the start, but it turned out to be a very good mystery. Quite the twist at the end.

It says season 1, Not sure what a season 2 would look like.

Had my shot in my bad left shoulder (3 detached tendons), so I can’t tell whether the pain my regular shoulder pain or if it’s from the shot.

I’m not sure if I’m interested in seeing Justice League in black and white, it’s already a rather dark movie. Though after seeing an interview with Zack Snider about his affinity for movie history, I understand why he’s doing it.

Watched in section today, but finished Zack Snyder’s Justice League. What a BIG movie. Really enjoyed it. I don’t get into this actor or that actor would’ve been better, I just enjoy the film.

Watched the first ½ on TV in 4:3 ratio, then 2nd half on my iPad in full screen.

Was laid off due to COVID lockdown 1 year ago tomorrow. My career (hospitality)has not recovered yet.

I’ve tried a couple of other things with no success. The places that are reopening are doing so with smaller crews. Had one interview yesterday and one on Friday.

There are some days I just need to listen to REALLY LOUD Rock-n-roll. Right now is one of those times


Would like to see Dr. Manhattan & Vision sit down for a cup of coffee and talk about the end of the world.

Nice to see a shopping center developer using Lawae Fern in their landscaping

Going back to rewatch the Watchman series from last year on HBOMax. I’m seeing things that I missed the first time already.

Closed a few accounts Linkedin ✓ Facebook ✓ Instagram ✓ Mothballed my website ✓ ✓

so far, more to come

“The floor is a hard, unforgiving taskmaster. But the floor never hits you – you hit the floor

Quarterly sync done. I have a password protected 4T drive that I keep at my step-son’s house. Once a quarter I bring it home and sync any data added to the home server master drive. We are in a Tsunami evacuation zone, so can’t be too careful.

I’m pretty much equal parts Irish and Italian - roughly 40-45 odd % each. As I’ve gotten older, I pretty much identify equally with each. I love Irish music, whisky and beer and Italian food and wine. I feel that I could live in either county and feel at home.

“Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint–and another one!”

Happy St Patrick’s Day Sláinte

Erin go Braugh

Made fresh Spaghetti Carbonara after seeing it on Stanley Tuci’s CNN show.

Can only watch so much food on TV before I need to make it. Side benefit of being a former chef, it’s not a reach for me to make almost anything (that’s not baking).

cutting the cable, as they say…

One dynamic of canceling cable is for 40+ years the behavior has been to turn on the TV, power up the cable box, then scroll the cable guide for something to watch. Sometimes watch a specific show intently, most times scroll till something remotely interesting pops up, then watch it or just have it on while I do something else. Not having cable requires a more intentioned action. Have to choose a streaming app, then do a more focused scroll. If something has been saved in a watch list, which app? The Apple TV app tries to be a hub, but not everything is there. It’ll take a few weeks to sort out.

I only had a Facebook account to stay in touch with a relation overseas, I used my Grandfather’s last name rather than my own, don’t want to engage on that platform. I was recently harshly criticized by a family member for not using my real last name on Facebook. F%&k Facebook. Deactivated the account.

What kind of sucks about the new Stimulus is that we changed banks 3 months ago and there was no way to update the bank info on the IRS website. Now they are sending money to accounts with still no way to update the info, so the money will bounce back from a closed account and we’ll have to wait months for a paper check.

an Irish Pub in Kona

Been thinking a lot about opening a small Irish / British style Pub here in Kona. Small meaning 20-25 seats (1 person operation, much larger will need 2 people). Focus on service and atmosphere over sports and gimmicks. More like the pubs of 50 years ago. A place to meet someone after work for a pint or a small celebration or date. Ran some numbers, keeping it small and simple keeps overhead low so it wouldn’t need a lot of revenue to keep it going. Location just needs street frontage and some parking. Lots of options in Kona if one is creative.

Guinness Draft and a few other beers. Irish whiskies and few other spirits a couple of wines Grilled sandwiches with chips and baked beans. Bar snacks. Could also make beef pies. Small TV for soccer and rugby.

Named McBroom’s, After my grandfather.

Now that I’ve seen WandaVision all the way through, I’ll go back and binge watch it all over again.

One channel / app we’ll lose is CNN live. But with Trump out of office, even that is less important

It’s official, we’re cutting the cord and canceling cable. The recent price increase was the last straw. We’ll lose a couple of apps that don’t have a subscription and are tied to the cable account. I’ve had a cable account for over 40 years.

No flood map for Hawaii. We’re not really part of the nation, besides, why would island flood?

Is your house going to flood because of climate change? These maps will tell you

Republican president and COVID mess Republican state leaders in Texas and the current weather crisis

Not thinking it’s a coincidence.

The news looks like the movies The Day After Tomorrow and Contagion combined.

Brought the grandsons and their friends to the pool. Rather chase master, their playing Corona virus. Keep away from the one with the virus

Just turned off most notifications on my iPhone so I’m not distracted when I’m reading in the Books app or Kindle on my phone.

This book, which I read a few years ago, really shows how fragile and how much of an experiment our Democracy is from the beginning. There is not really a blueprint, it’s a work in progress and no two are alike.

“The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution (Simon & Schuster America Collection)” by David O. Stewart

Will not be renewing my Apple Dev account, will just sign up for public betas. My tinkering days are winding down. Will also only sign up for App betas sparingly. Pulling back from tech.

Managing a small restaurant it’s almost all about people in person.

I haven’t posted anything since Jan 2. Here’s the big things that happened in January from my view

January 2021 - [ ] Extremists stormed the US Capital - [ ] Trump’s 2nd impeachment - [ ] I started a new job, back in F&B. The job I’ve wanted for the last 10 years. - [ ] My Mom passed away from COVID in a care home in California - [ ] Biden took office. - [ ] Started. Social media diet. Seems no one noticed, but I feel better. - [ ] Much less time online. More movies and at least an hour a day reading books. - [ ] Restarted my website business. Built 3 sites already. I guess there’s demand. - [ ] My wife got vaccinated (through work) - [ ] Arsenal FC got back to winning ways On to February

It dawned on me tonight, after my Mother’s recent passing (COVID), I am now the oldest in our immediate and extend family. No Parents, Grand Parents, Uncles or Aunts are left. I have younger siblings, cousins and a daughter. It really is my turn. #responsibility

I just watched the first episode of Restaurant Hustle on Food Network about Chefs, Restaurants and COVID. This show made me sad, happy and proud of the industry that I have spent most of my life working in.

New Years at Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-bay). Everyone suitably spaced. Brisk breeze, but nice. I used to manage at the Marriott resort behind us. Mixed memories. Been coming to this beach for over 30 years. Great family beach

My 2 Tilley hats. I’ve had these for decades. A quick wash and air dry and they bounce back. Comfortable all day out in the sun.

Not optimal, but it helps none the less, our stimulus showed up in the bank this morning.

Starting out 2021 with a cloudy and hazy sunrise. TBH, kind of like the outlook for 2021. Want to be positive, but so much is hazy right now.

At least I know I’ll have a new job in 3 weeks

Trump’s vaccine plan is like the USPS just leaving the mail at the airport and letting the states sort it out.

The loss that hit me the hardest was Chadwick Boseman. So much talent taken early. Cancer sucks

I lost 51# this year, mostly in the first 9 months and have kept it off the last 3 months. Focusing on making it stick this time.

2020 wasn’t the worst, at least to me

Truth is, this was not the worst year in my life. It’s was very different, but I had some unique experiences, some great memories and also did some things I never would have done otherwise. Of course this is not taking into account challenges in other parts of the world. This is only speaking for me, also everyone in my family has avoided COVID so far.

My worst year was 2017 (medical challenges - almost died). Came back stronger

Lots of posts about new phones and Macs. I need to live vicariously through you all. We’re in the mode of playing out the string and using our tech until it dies while fastidiously backing up all data until that fateful day.

I need a calendar / date based note app. I’m testing Agenda and Note Plan. I need to add, notes, names, phone numbers, tasks.

Note Plan seems to have. the edge for ease of entry and retrieval.

I just inhaled a perfect Rib Eye steak right off the Grill with caramelized onions and glass of Woodford Reserve, If I die right now, I will die happy.

I’ve never been one to look back other than as a lesson.

In 2021 I expect better finances, less stuff, renewed relationships, progress in the job front and move forward in learning Italian language.

The little tree on top of the air purifier. Now running 24/7 with volcanic emissions being what they are.

This was amazing. The only problem is season 3 is far far away

I thought you might like “Disney Gallery / Star Wars: The Mandalorian” on Disney+.

I bought NotePlan 2, now I need to spend some time working it into a workflow

It’s working, our air quality inside is down to good numbers. It was 75 before we locked down.

The VOG (Volcanic Haze) is bad today, we have all of the windows and doors closed and have the A/C on and the air purifier cranked up.

We asked our kids to get us alcohol rather than Starbucks cards this year, being that 2020 is what it is.


I’m old enough to remember Viet Nam, African famine, oppressive dictatorships, regional genocides, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, ebola, AIDS, wildfires, chemical spills, industrial disaster, environmental disasters, dam breaks etc, etc.

These were all mostly regional. Flashes on the evening newscast (or now on social media), then you move on with your life.

The difference with COVID is that it’s worldwide, and everyone, everywhere has had a similar experience. These other events are still happening, they are just layered on top of the common experience of a pandemic.

Before Trump and BLM I generally didn’t make consumer choices based politics. That has changed, there are companies I go to lengths to avoid.

Shades of 2018 during the of lava flows. Air purifiers running 24/7 in the house.

Christmas gift opening with 2 Grandsons here and Granddaughter via Zoom

On tonight’s cocktail menu Hot Buttered Rum Cranberry Old Fashioned Hot Apple Cider (with Irish Whisky)

With the Volcano back in flow mode and volcanic haze dominating the sky line, I went back to a photo from last years Holiday period.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you

The VOG (Volcanic haze) is definitely back after the volcano only being active for 2 days. Guess she was feeling that COVID was getting all of the attention.

Starting to see the first vestiges of volcanic haze that hangs over West Hawaii when the volcano is active. We’ve had a 2 year respite. The VOG was prevalent for the previous 20 years.

This will come to a big surprise tothose people who bought property sight unseen and moved here during COVID.

The stars were behind clouds, so we’ll look at pictures instead.

Happening now: a new eruption of Kīlauea inside Halemaʻumaʻu

It’s beautiful, but can be devastating. If we see a return to volcanic haze hanging over the island, it means respiratory issues fo everyone

See live webcams inside Halemaʻumaʻu, courtesy of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory:

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas - December snow on Mauna Kea

My wife has always over cooked cookies and I have given up trying to fix it, I just dip them in milk.

nothing is constant but change

After a couple of interviews, Rethinking going back into food & beverage. Expectations to hit pre-COVID revenue & profit numbers are unrealistic. Though I did get a surprise call from the GM of another car dealer, a 30 year friend. They sell Hyundai and Subaru rather than Toyota’s I sell now Less brand status, but way better work environment. Besides, I’ve owned a Hyundai for 8 years. Talking again after New Years.

With Fargo and Mandalorian over till next year, I guess I’ll go back to reading

Just watched Tenet. It had premise and promise, the story line was kind of thin.

You’re part of the problem, part of the solution or just part of the landscape.

Glassware. I basically have the proper glass for most types of wine, beer and cocktails.

Look what I found. This is a rare find in Hawaii. It wasn’t cheap. The last Shiner Bock I had was in Texas about 10 years ago. Yum!

“Serve cold…and often”

On balance, most of 2020 really sucked, and still does, BUT, The Lakers, Dodgers, Biden / Harris, my wife and living in Hawaii made it slightly less so.

The Georgia run-off “could” start 2021 off on the right foot.

Seeing a lot of posts on camera. I sold my last proper camera early this year. Had used only occasionally for the past few years. No patience to tinker with setting. Now I can Moment lenses for my iPhone, though the phone alone is good enough for me

Planning our next Mac purchases. My wife’s 11” air is getting a little long in the tooth and my 2015 13” MBP is not far behind. She’ll need a laptop, I’m considering a new Mac Mini.

Can’t wait for this election cycle to end. I work with a group of far right conspiracy theorists. I’ve had to listen to every single conspiracy regurgitated over and over. Now they’re saying all of their guns will be confiscated and they’ll have to fight with sticks and stones. I so want ask who they will be fighting. Oh and how anarchy will prevail after Jan 20

The unfortunate chain of events; I had a mocha mid afternoon yesterday, led to waking up at 12:30 AM - wide awake, which led to taking ½ an ambien which has caused a thick morning fog which I’m sure will lead to extra coffee this morning.

Seeing a lot commercial for movies “only in theaters” Not for us. We’ve come this far with no COVID, we can wait.

From yesterday. Mise en Place for cranberry scones. They came out great. I’m still annoyed that I can’t make clotted cream. I can’t get the correct whipping cream (not ultra pasteurized)

Watched Mank last night on Netflix. I enjoyed it, but then I like subtlety and interesting dialog.

My wife hated it, she wants entertainment where she doesn’t have to think.

Can’t believe this album is 25 years old. I can clearly remember getting the CD when is came out and driving along the south coast of Maui on business in rental car listening very loud

Soon is a relative term during COVID. This has been like this since January

Out cruising at the Waikoloa resort. The activity calendar has not updated since…pre COVID

Rewatching Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy with Gary Oldman before it disappears from Netflix. A great old fashioned spy movie, the kind I grew up watching with my Dad.

I don’t like the culture of car sales, I do love my customers. I’ve been told by customers that I’m a refreshing change and not like any other car salesman (I’m not ruthless, I’m respectful of the customer as a person). That all being said, I still sold 7 cars this week.

If the SCOTUS does anything to mess with the election, there will be civil war. The Black Lives Matter protests will seem tame compared to what will come and the Trumpites will be emboldened. It would be ugly.

I don’t agree with hyper analyzing every Biden pick, maybe the big cabinet positions.

Let’s judge the body of work. He needs to put in people that he trusts to go in the right direction without micromanaging them.

I grew up at the old Honolulu Stadium watching the Hawaii Islanders Triple A team. Minor league baseball has a place in my heart

The new minor-league affiliates of all 30 MLB teams, explained

New annoying behavior by my Beats Flex headphones since the iPhone update. They disconnect when the phone is locked as I get the reconnect window when I unlock.

I’m not a coder, never have been, I speak english (and Hawaiian and a little Italian - still learning) I just watch all of those posts about coding and the app used for such go by like a foreign language.

I think we can file the vaccines under sometimes “perfect is the enemy of good enough”

This caught my eye in this video. Son of Mauna Kea

For those who don’t know, Mauna Kea is here on Hawaii Island and is the tallest mountain on earth from base to peak at more than 33,500 feet [10,210 meters].

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Going out for anniversary dinner tonight. Outdoor dining

Baked scones for the first time, used a basic recipe from King Arthur flour. They came out pretty good.

I’ve been hesitant to make scones, as I had so many bad ones through the years. The best scone I’ve ever had was in Enniscorthy, Ireland, at Cotton Tree Cafe

The best streaming service is one that you will watch. There are so many, We started keeping track of what service the shows or sports that we watch are on to help make educated decisions on what to keep.

One step closer to getting out of car sales and back into hospitality. Meeting with the owner of a pair of restaurants (working on a third) here on the island this week. It would be back to my wheelhouse and comfort zone.

We left the beach earlier that we wanted. It was beautiful day, It was starting to get crowded and not a mask in sight. Lots of larger groups starting to congregate. We were just feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Usage observations. The Beats Flex has a way better, consistent and persistent connection with my phone that the AirPod pro. Sound is better on the AirPod pro if it’s actually connected

Just sayin’

December F%k’N FIRST 2020.

Don’t know if I feel “what the hell happened to this year” or “ let’s get the damn thing over with”

COVID will be with us well into 2021, but stay safe and whatever at this point.

My vehicles 1985 Isuzu Pup. 250,000 miles 1995 Nissan Frontier 103,000 miles 2004 Nissan Fromtier 101,500 miles 2013 Hyundai Accent 103,500 so far

This may not be much on a continent, but I have driven over 550,000 combined miles (4 different cars) over 30 year on Hawaii island. Only 2 speeding tickets and 1 fender bender.

It’s Cyber “I’m going to work and not spending any money” Monday

Macy’s is so devoid of inventory it sure seems like they’re closing.

Democrats best not fall into infighting, complacency & trying to grab power for their slice of the party. We could be sitting here 4 years from now with a Republican president elect wondering what the f%&k happened.

The Republicans are already at work to win it back

Got my AARP card today, time to embrace being old(er). You only get old once, hopefully it lasts a long time.

I am very close to exiting the car business. My 5 month experiment is closing. The dark side of car sales is too much for me. I could deal with it if we were in a better economy and I was doing better financially.

Stormy night last night, not a cloud in the sky today. Gonna be a hot one.

Deleted the mother lode of black Friday emails, don’t need anything and the the family has been prepared for a different type of Christmas.

Had our Thanksgiving Japanese Dinner at #IzakayaShiono in Kona, They opened a few weeks ago. (opening was delayed by COVID lockdown). The service and food was great. They were very respectful of COVID, tables spaced, etc.

Great to support a local small business.

How soon is now.

“When you say it’s gonna happen now, well when exactly do you mean, See, I’ve already waited too long. And all my hope is gone…

We went for a Thanksgiving walk down at the Four Season Hualalai oceanside walking path. It’s nice to see the resort slowly awaken from its COVID forced months long slumber. We saw a number of staff doing preparation work

My wife went all in holidays today. Even the fireplace app on AppleTV

My wife and I are not having anyone over, we’re going out for dinner. Japanese bistro food. Untraditional

This pair of roosters live between 2 parking lots. In the afternoon at Ace Hardware next door and in the morning they’re on our side

The holiday season, where I can count on getting an email from any company I’ve purchased from in the internet era.
It’s easier to deal with than a mailbox full of catalogs

Late to the game (literally). But just blew through Monument Valley. Really enjoyed it. Downloaded MV II. We’ll see how long that takes.

Dug out my trusted cast iron skillet to make Cajun blackened chicken. Due to smoke alarms, I put the pan on the grill outside and got it nice and hot. Came our perfect.

I really like the Airmail app on IOS, but the Mac version is so so

Couldn’t resist, had all of the ingredients, had to make another batch.

As a life long nerd and also old enough to recall Mercury and Apollo, landing a rocket on a dime, back on earth continues to amaze me.

I am a sports fan for escape and moments off joy. The Lakers and Dodgers were solid. So far #Arsenal and #Inter not so much

Made roasted corn and jalapeño corn bread on my day off yesterday. It was a great addition to breakfast this morning.

Enjoyed the Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix.

We had our own share of War protests in Hawaii. Honolulu was a stop for kids going to and from Viet Nam. The protesters had a constant presence in Waikiki in the late ‘60s - early 70s

I have signed up for too many lifetime subscriptions that went out of business. No thanks.

Store and protect your digital life with this lifetime subscription

All this happened in my adult life.

I used DOS for the first few years on a PC clone (a Gateway if I recall) Had a Mac at work in ‘86. The first version of Windows was very bad

Just watched “I am Greta” on Hulu. Shame on us, we have been nothing but complacent.

The climate needs everyone.

My Apple Watch battery time is massively degraded since the last update. Sucky

This was a very memorable chilly afternoon at the historic Volcano House. We stayed there after the recent volcanic eruption ended to support the people who worked there and see the volcano.

My final fireplace of the day. This was a holiday portrait my Wife and I took at our former home in Waimea as newlyweds. This fireplace was propane and truth be told, didn’t throw much heat. We had a space heater in the great room.

One of my favorite Fireplaces here on Hawaii Island is at Kilauea Lodge in Volcano village. Have had dinner there often and enjoy an after-dinner port by the Fireplace. This place has history. Fond memories.

It’s been cloudy and raining all afternoon, the sun finally peaked under the clouds just before dropping for the night.

Quite a few people I work with are gun owners. What I hear from them often is; what would you do if someone broke into your house, you need protection. I’m 61 years old and lived in big cities and the country. I’ve always felt fine with a baseball bat behind my bedroom door.

They must be new to Kona. That tree will a dried up timber in 3 weeks

This was in a car that came in for service. Don’t want to be on the road when this guy is.

The county is replacing a small but important bridge near our home. It’s on a very busy street. It’s right next to the ocean so high tide floods the stream. They’ve put in a coffer dam to facilitate building the base.

I had completely forgotten to upgrade my home server. It just sits there quietly and does its job. Had to jump through 2 updates to get to Big Sur giving me 3 relocated items folders.

Snow on Mauna Kea this morning. Thought it was a little nippy last night.

We’ve gone back to Apple native apps. Canceled Spotify, Adobe suite and MIcrosoft Office. Next up, moving back to the Apple podcast app.

Oh and also broke an expensive Starbucks habit and just do pour over coffee. Starbucks is just an occasional treat now.


just heard the announcer use the word “trickeration” on a college football game.

had to look it up to see if it was real.

trick·er·a·tion | ˌtrikəˈrāSHən |.
noun US informal.
(chiefly in African American usage) trickery or deception: they felt the need to resort to cheap trickeration to achieve success.
ORIGIN. 1930s: from trickery + -ation; earliest use found in the title of a song performed by jazz singer Cab Calloway.

When Trump says the vaccine is great and we all should get it, I would tend to run the other way. I don’t even know which so called ‘scientists” to believe.

He needs to just shut up already.

The Airpod Pro spatial sound is an amazing way to listen to shows on Disney+

This will be my last beta cycle. This one was more or less stable on all devices and it was a big one, but I won’t be renewing my Dev account.

Seeing everyone get their new phones is fun to watch.

We’re taking a different tack, We will only buy a device when one dies. We’re just playing out the string on our 3 Macs (11” Air, 13: rMBP and Mac Mini), 2 iPads and 2 phones. They do what they need to do now.

This remote learning, school at home is really wearing on our 9 yo Grandson. He’s tends towards hyperactive / ADHD. He needs to be in a classroom. We fight with him every day to sit still, pay attention and stop turning your camera off.

Guessing Google hasn’t figured out how to monetize photos in the app

50.8% is not a total repudiation of Trump but it’s a start and I’ll take it.

Lots of press on the vaccine. My wife works in healthcare. Keeping the vaccine at -70° F is a big deal and officials are minimizing it. How long can it be out of cold storage during administration. Can it just be set on the counter between doses?

It’s not like dry ice is available on every corner.

Here we go. He’ll start burning for down the house from one corner

Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Reviewing the IMDB 100 movie bucket list, I’ve seen ¾ of them, albeit many of them 1 time years ago. Many of the old ones that I’ve tried to rewatch aren’t on any of the streaming channels that we subscribe to (Netflix, HBO-Max< Amazon, TV+, Peacock, Hulu, Fox, Disney+

Our imitation In-n-Out burgers were amazing Ground Chuck Secret Sauce Fresh baked buns (local bakery) Fresh lettuce and onion Cheddar rather than American

We don’t have In-n-Out burger in Hawaii so I’m making a copycat version for lunch today. Just need an appropriate bun. Made the sauce already.

My wife and I decided to go out to our favorite restaurant #IslandLavaJava to celebrate #BidenIn #TrumpOut

We haven’t been out for dinner since my birthday in June. 80% of the young people had no masks. Many other people were just carrying their mask (maybe it works that way)

It just dawned on me the amazing First Lady we will have. This is going to be amazing, blazing light after 4 years of darkness.

My wife and I have had a bottle of good champagne in the refrigerator for a couple of years, waiting for the right occasion.

This is it


It’s so annoying when you have to threaten to cancel for a company to offer a better deal. I find when just calling to ask for the deal, there is none. We just shopped our auto and home insurance and called our current companies first to give them a chance. Not until we called to cancel was a much better offer presented.

My Wife and I are both looking forward to the day, hopefully sooner, when the adults move back into the Executive branch.

They don’t need to be perfect, just make adult, mature decisions based on the best information available.

You know you’re getting old when you recognize more and more of the medications advertised on TV.

This election was better, but we need more

Hawaii had a 67% turnout, much better than last time, but what about the other 30+%.

Let’s start now for the mid-term. The Senate and McConnell will still be a major impediment.

Is it too early to talk about a Harris / _______ ticket?

I just calling them Electrical votes, either will be shock to certain people.

“What you learn from a life in science is the vastness of our ignorance.” – David Eagleman

Really hoping Biden trounces Trump, then we just need to worry about fixing all of the damage he does between now and Jan 20.

IMHO, they should stop posting polls already. I think it really does influence the election.

A customer of mine is the granddaughter of Stan “the Man” Musial. She found out how much of a baseball fan I am and gave me this today.

Can’t wrap my head around what we do if SCOTUS usurps the constitution to support Trump.

Do we just ignore it? We’ve seen what Trump will do if we protest. This why leaving the country seems so logical.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. I understand that you’d like to know if you will be credited or will the payment be adjust for your Apple TV and Arcade once you subscribe to Apple One. I’m happy to help.

No. If you sign up to Apple One after redeeming an offer like free year of Apple TV+, the redeemed offer will run at the same time as the available subscription in Apple One but will not impact the cost of Apple One. If Apple One is canceled, any remaining time on the redemption time continues.

Got my answer from Apple. They will not credit back existing subscriptions when you sign up for Apple One. I will just wait until they expire and look at Apple One again.

I’ll have to wait to update my phone at home tonight. WiFi is dis functional at work. Says 11 hours.

What the Apple bundles haven’t answered is how to deal with existing annual or free subscriptions. Disney did a great job with this when setting up their bundles. I’ll give it a few days and try calling apple

Ok. I’m officially fed up with this. C’mon Apple. Fix it.

We walk by places like this on our weekend outings and can never see beyond the fence line. Opulence not paying their share of local taxes I must say.

Kua Bay House)

Watching game 4 of the 1984 NBA finals. I remember it clearly. The Lakers won it in 6. Was living in LA in ‘84

I got the new Beats Flex. I can leave them hanging around my neck and stick one in my ear when my phone rings. I love how it answers the phone as soon as I put it in my ear. We use RingCentral at work, so I can answer any incoming call to the dealership on my mobile from anywhere

The nice thing tonight is my Twitter feed had WAY more baseball than politics.

I’m a life long #Dodger fan. They’ve now won 6 championships in my lifetime, including the year I was born. in the 80’s when I lived in LA, I went to over 50 home games for 3 years in a row. I’m so happy tonight.

It’s probably too much to ask for the Rams to win the SuperBowl.

I’m avoiding the news for the next week. There is already too mud and lies being slung around.

My college football coach used to say “don’t leave it till the 4 quarter” score enough to leave no doubt. This election is about that. We need enough votes to give the GOP no room to wiggle.

Not renewing my Microsoft Office software subscription. Going back to using Pages and Numbers. Dumped Adobe a couple of months ago.

Can’t justify the expense for non-essential software. File this under using the good enough model.

Kona is much more interested pleasant when there are these high clouds all day long

In my estimate, there’s not just one Donald Trump, there are over 60 million of them. If you back what he stands for and does, you’re just like him.

4Runnner TRD Off Road Pro. Lunar Rock Color. Hard to come by. We got one for one of my customers.

At this point, we might as well recycle the paper the constitution was written on. The GOP is making it a useless document.

Saw Jambalaya on TV last night which of course meant I have to make some. Conveniently we had all but one ingredient in the house (bell pepper), including andouille, and i can make it without thinking. Made enough to take for lunch at least a couple of days #FTW.

Needless to say, after the issues coming up with the Indegogo project #SecondScreen and other crowd funded project failures that I’ve backed,

I’m done. The jury is still out on #SecondScreen, they may still deliver, but I’ve lost enough $$$

This week’s day out in the world was to Anaeho’omalu Bay at Waikoloa. The fish pond in the pix is the Ku’uali’i Fishpond. The hotel seen is the not yet open Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort, where I used to manage. Much fun was had by all

Starting to get the feeling I’ll never see the Indegogo project I backed #SecondScreen - more than the $350, I really wanted what they are making. Their updates are less frequent and bleaker

Still an outside chance I guess.

Wear the damn mask.

I had saved this text from an article a couple of months ago quoting Venki Ramakrishnan from the Royal society science journal.

“It used to be quite normal to have quite a few drinks and drive home, and it also used to be normal to drive without seatbelts,”

“Today both of those would be considered antisocial, and not wearing face coverings in public should be regarded in the same way”

My Apple Watch battery is confused, or maybe it’s some of the apps.

I do the same thing every day. I put it on the charger in the evening after I eat and put it back on at bedtime. in the morning sometimes the battery is at 92%, sometimes 72% or something in between.

Not watching the debate, though my wife is totally into it in the other room. Getting my entertainment watching Twitter.

Way to show up “New York is NOT a ghost town” people

Not making a global judgement, we see very few Tesla in Kona, but so far the drivers of the ones we’ve seen are jerks.

Babe Ruth and Mookie Betts are

Passan: How Mookie Betts just made the super-sabermetric World Series super-fun

I have no compelling reason to get the new phone. We won’t have 5G for the foreseeable future and the camera on my XS Max with (or without) Moment lenses is more than adequate. I can live the current form factor. Also won’t need to buy new case or charge cables.

Bought Reeder 5 for IOS, don’t really want to pay for Reeder 5 for Mac. Still thinking on it

The industry that I know and love is still dead (hospitality).

I’m doing something I don’t really like and feel like a fish out of water.

We need to resuscitate this economy one way or another

World Series

Well here we go, I’m a life long Dodger fan. This will be fun and great diversion from the pre-election shyt show.

  • As a kid I used to go into the restroom at school to listen to playoff games on my pocket transistor radio.
  • Rocked my newborn daughter to sleep in her nursery with Vin Scully calling the games.
  • I had tickets to game 7 of the 1988 World Series that was closed out in 5 games.
  • I have always watched the World Series no matter who is playing, but having the Dodgers in the Series in this strange, experimental season will make it more memorable.

Our grandsons (9 & 12) are getting more and more anti-social. Haven’t gone to in-person school since March. We get them out as much as we can, though it’s not among people.

At their Dad’s they’re on the X-Box for hours and hours. Can’t do anything about that.

My view at work now vs one year ago

Now. Used cars, power sub station, utility poles, warehouses, cellular towers and finally Mount Hualalai

Then Anaeho’omalu Bay at Waikoloa

At least I’m working, the resort is still closed.

Someday this will end, Trump will fade way and we’ll focus on repairing the damage and finding perceived normalcy.

The Dem party has a lot of young guns coming up that can carry the torch for years. All of the GOP leaders are old, who is their “next”?

At home I often take the Nomad leather case off of my iPhone 10 XS, which thanks to the case is in pristine shape, to enjoy the amazing design and feel in my hands. I won’t dare use it out in the wild without the case.

my how things have changes, an Apple phone event and Amazon Prime day went by and did order or buy a single thing.

On another note, that Apple watch update that was supposed to address battery drain, didn’t.

We are so lucky to live in a State that Trump ostensibly ignores. We got our ballots on Saturday, filled. them out and I dropped them off at the county building today. No lines, no issues.

Wishing the best to those in the states under attack.

I’m on the fence about Twitter. I’ve curated my feed to mostly soccer and tech and little noise that I’ll clean up and see.

No new phones or other stuff this round. Our Sonos speakers work great, no need invest in something new (Apple)

I remember the early promise of 5G is that it would replace home internet. Don’t see that happening for a long time.

An unintended consequence of losing a lot of weight is alway being cold. My metabolism went down and then the obvious. I easily get a chill. At work everyone else is running into the Air Conditioning, I’m content outside.

I think we were only supposed to post one, but oh well

Sunset on #adayinthelife in Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Since I posted a depressing COVID pic earlier, I went up the coast to get this one at Puako looking up the N Kohala coast. Hawaii Island


Kailua Village during COVID-19 Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Normally bustling with activity both visitors and local. Kailua Village has been a ghost town since April. At least 50% of the small businesses had shuttered for good.


Eliminated a couple of more rogue subscriptions while setting up the #Bobby app. Had to go through credit card bills to find some hidden charges.

She can say whatever she wants now, once she’s on the court, we can’t recall. She can out and out lie to us.

Each individual has his or her own perception of reality. The implication is that because each of us perceives the world through our own eyes, reality itself changes from person to person. While it’s true that everyone perceives reality differently, reality could care less about our perceptions.


My career started in farming. We lost our farm to a freeway on Oahu. I wish I had a farm to go to now. Simple lifestyle and always in demand - people need to eat.

I remember the last time Hawaii island’s unemployment was this high and the economy had tanked was when the sugar mills closed in the mid 90s. It took 10 years to fully recover. Many of those people shifted to hospitality jobs. Now that industry is decimated. What now?

The old iPods in our house have about a 10 minute battery life

Done. Will drop off at the county building Dropbox next week.

Going back to reread this book. One question it asks is why we abide by Supreme Court rulings. The court has no way to enforce their own ruling.

“Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View” by Stephen Breyer

Life is what happens while your waiting for something to happen.

Society as a whole would benefit if Twitter just shut down.

deleted and reinstalled the app and it works again.

Picked up a Costco hot dog to pair with the Chili my wife made yesterday - Instant classic


One of my favorite albums of the last few years. I keep going back to it more often these days.


My fishing trip to Craig Alaska in 2006. A one-off trip, I don’t fish.

It was sponsored by Coors Light, they were one of my clients at a radio group. They had an extra spot after a contest and I got to go. It was a blast. #ThrowbackThursday

My wife and I had strategy session last night. We definitely want to retire to Italy in a few years.

But if Trump wins the election, we will accelerate the timeline and likely move before the end of 2021 and plan on working in Italy for a few years, then retire.

since my 100 day “safer at home” period earlier this year I’ve become very comfortable baking. I’ve maintained a successful sourdough starter, have a feel for when the dough is proper and my results are more predicable. I bake every Sunday now

Due to COVID, since they’re closed anyway, a number of Hawaii resorts have either moved up scheduled renovations or added work that was in long term plans. This is the 2nd and even the 3rd renovation in my lifetime for some of these resorts

Naupaka. The legend is the half flower is separated lovers. This plant is Naupaka o Ke kai, it’s prevalent along the shoreline. The companion is a vining version that grows up mauka or at higher elevation that has the other half the flower. The separated lovers

Watch a movie on my iPhone with the AirPod Pro. What amazing sound.

Needless to say, I will miss Saturday’s matches. I will need to be at work at 8am.

The monthly Hawaii emergency alert siren test. Warning for tsunami, air raids or other emergency. In grade school, we had to duck under the desks, though this was during the Vietnam era.

Love the Sticky Widgets app, and stacking multiple notes is a game changer.

I guess Hawaii is last. My Mac had a update, but not my phone. Probably in the morning

Watched Long way Round last week and am into Long way down. Love the adventures.

on Hawaii Island, we had the Onomea arch, it fell in during an earthquake many years ago. There’s a Hawaiian legend about it, of course.


Found a recipe to make pasta using Sourdough starter. I know what I’m doing today.

The wind patterns around the Pacific are complex. But the window of trade winds from the west coast to Hawaii persists.

At my new job I don’t have a computer terminal of my own. 5 terminals, 6 sales people. I can jump on one as needed. I was using my MacBook for a while, but have discovered that I can do almost everything on my phone. The only exception is printing on the network printer.

A year ago this week, we had an amazing staycation at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. We won’t be doing they for quite a while.

Ha. I’m not the only one

After six months and $1.8 billion, Quibi wants a new owner. That will be a hard sell.

Deleted Quibi. If they do have an algorithm, it doesn’t work, I have to scroll endlessly to find something remotely interesting, then watch a commercial out of the chute.

Tried it since launch, but it’s an annoying experience.

Flashing back to a time when you could open up a Mac and fix it yourself.

I have news fatigue.

I’m avoiding watching news. My Twitter feed is almost entirely sports and tech. Unsubscribed from news RSS feeds.

I figure if something really big happens, the news will find its way to me.

This week’s Time out of house with our grandsons was to Honaunau in S Kona. Home of the Pu’u Honua o Honaunau or the City of Refuge and Keoua Canoe Club. Lots of memories here. 25 years of canoe races out of this bay, also where I proposed to my wife.

With Apple’s supposed movement to not put power adapters in the box with new tech, better to keep these in a safe place.

Found my “tech go bag” in the closet. We used to travel inter island and do staycations every few weeks. I have a bag with cables, charge bricks, mag safe, mini WiFi router, charge bricks, etc. we won’t be traveling for quite a while, will probably clear out the bag.

Rewatched All the President’s Men after many years. First thought was how good the newspapers were, second was how Trump has squirmed away.

I’ve walked 30 miles at work this week. Doing laps around a car lot.

If the GOP pushes through a SCOTUS nominee and approval before the inauguration, they will need to be hit with a retaliatory force that they never could have imagined on Election Day.

Came to the conclusion after 3 mos that car sales is not for me. It’s not the action of selling cars, I can do that, it’s the culture of the sales community. Cut throat, favoritism, inequitable. I spent years in hospitality where teamwork is the rule. But that industry is decimated, so I need to bide my time.

When I started my weight loss program and the Doc says the goal is 1# / week, my first though was WTF, is there something faster? But 18 months later, I’ve stuck with it and damn, it worked - 70# and still going.


I’m typically positive, but I’ve talked to a number of people in the past week who were very interested and wanted to be notified when we get trucks. I’ve kept in touch, now they say, we’re gonna wait till later in the year or in 2021. Can’t do it now. Can’t afford a loan payment

IMHO. In the past 6 weeks the divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” has gotten deeper. There is so much uncertainty in the world, people who were gung ho 6-8 weeks ago to buy cars who have now become gun shy. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer.

Just found an update on my ethnicity.
Combined estimates from 3 DNA different results and ancestry tracing.

As they get better at the data, it gets closer to the genealogy data we have. We knew we had generations of Irish, but parts of the family came from Scotland and England before that, the DNA now shows that too.

  • 41% Italian
  • 21% Scottish
  • 20% Irish
  • 13% English and Welsh
  • 5% Greece, Albania and Africa ??

My 2015 12” MacBook that I use for work started getting the dreaded “Battery need service” warning. Everything we do at work is cloud based. I do access iCloud and OneDrive docs, but that can be done online. Don’t even need ↑ computing power.

Looking at getting a Chromebook.

We finished season 1 of Away, but season 2 has no date yet and maybe over a year away. We’ll have to watch it again to remember what it was.

One consequence of losing a lot of weight is I get chilled easily. We wife is at the other end of the spectrum. She’ll have the Air conditioning running and I’ll have on a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt.

This week’s “out of house experience” with our Grandsons was down Napo’opo’o road to Kealakekua Bay. Lots of history and beauty here. That’s the Capt. Cook monument across the bay. That’s roughly where he died.

Picked up a pork loin. 1/3 will be BBQ. 1/3 herbed and 1/3 garlic and pepper. They will go in the sous vide shortly, then on the grill later.

I was so lucky to not have any student loans. I went into culinary science and travel industry management and got student industry grants and scholarships. TGI Friday’s paid for executive business school.

My love of baseball grew out of going to Hawaii Islander AAA game at the old Honolulu stadium growing up. Up close and personal.

I just watched Inception in its entirety for the first time in years. What a ride.

My wife picked up some nice roast turkey, so I felt compelled to play. Made a chili aioli from dried habaneros and some caramelized onions for roast turkey sandwiches for lunch.

My office in 2008. Now I have no office, Just a MacBook Pro at the coffee table or on the lanai

So much for making clotted cream. The is no non-ultra pasteurized heavy whipping cream to be found in Kailua Kona. I’ll try calling the dairy.

Found the pix from this fishing trip to Alaska in 2005. It was so much fun.

The famous Beach Tree chef’s table at the Four Seasons Hualalai will return someday #COVID

COVID has exposed so many public officials.

The Peter principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “level of incompetence”, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another.

At my workplace, our small sales team has a far right conspiracy theorist (massive Trump supporter), a liberal former hippie, a devoted Libertarian (gun owner), I’m a left leaning centrist and 2 who don’t know where they are (20 somethings). We all get along well enough.

As I get older, I share my opinion less and less. Life has taught me that it really carries no weight in the world and no one really wants to hear (or read it)

The old quote “If I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it! Don’t you know opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and most of them stink.

I do believe everyone should vote.

“Black Panther” Director Ryan Coogler on Chadwick Boseman: “After his family released their statement, I realized that he was living with his illness the entire time I knew him”

I love this stuff.

A new quantum paradox throws the foundations of observed reality into question

Re watched Black Panther today. Love the picture. It one that I will re-watch frequently

An era drifts away. Used to listen to Vin Scully calling the #Dodgers on a transistor radio under my pillow as a kid.

Catching up with Vin Scully: On America today, Jackie Robinson, MLB in 2020 and daily life in retirement

A Toyota Tundra completely covered in Rhino Lining. Still don’t know how I feel about. No need to wax. Just wash and rinse.

Making British beef pies today.

Reading about @PieburyCorner in London closing made me do it.

in old westerns, the guy running away is always riding at full tilt and the guys chasing with the Indian guide are just moseying along, but they still always catch their man.

Must be an answer in physics somewhere.

My Wife is Facebook’s model user. She spend most of her online time on the site. Facebook and CNN are her windows to the world. I’ve tried to sway her away from Facebook, but no use. No blood, no foul.

Finally back home. 5 hours at the Hapuna State Beach. Epic day. We can’t do that every weekend, but when we can it’s amazing.

Approaching noon and the beach is still rather empty. It’s a beautiful day. Light breeze, Passing clouds.

Loaded up for a beach day. Chairs Tent Boogie boards Towels Food. Lots Drinks Sun screen Music.


Low and behold. I figured out why the delete button on my 12” MacBook wasn’t working. The function button was sticking. All good now

I’ve been all Apple products for years, but Apple is changing. I am having a harder time giving blind support.

I’m going to order a Chomebook to use for work, everything we use is web based.

My said “you don’t have to shut up, just stop talking”. Er…ok

The first Presidential election that I voted in was 1980, for Reagan. I was a conservative leaning centrist up until 2008 when started leaning left and have voted Democrat since. I’ve always considered voting a privilege not to be squandered.

This album was released over 50 years ago and still stands up. It was a game changer for island music

When I started on my road to losing weight and taking back control of my health 2 years ago, I was a 38 waist. Finally to a point to shop for new slacks, I comfortably fit a 34. I have not been a 34 waste since I was 15 years old.

As COVID drags on, more and more public officials who were reasonably competent before COVID have reached a level of total incompetence. #PeterPrincipal

Thinking back on the good ole days when news site were more about page views that paywalls.

I’m not surprised at the quality of the CBS Champions League coverage. They’ve been doing sports for a very long time, it was adopting to the needs of soccer fans.

I’m sure the best constitutional legal minds are pouring over the laws and precedents on how to push back on Trump’s crushing of the post office. Is it too late to contract UPS or FedEx to handle ballots? They’re everywhere, everyday in our community.

I love my Airpod Pros, I watch a lot of movies on my iPhone and use wired headphones. My Airpods have the bad habit of disconnecting when I pause the movie for more than a few minutes, it’ sannoying. I’ve tried the unpair and the reset routines to no avial. I just use wired.

Hawaii was good about containing COVID until the lockdown ended. The biggest error Hawaii made was requiring one to be a medical professional to be a contact tracer, we have a dire shortage of both

Watching Interstellar for the first time in a while. Paying extra attention to the soundtrack. What a master track it is. Building then releasing tension over and over. the ticking of the clock was effective.

My daily steps during the last few weeks of lockdown and getting back to work. Feels good to move.

I was never a comic book fan, though I’m a big fan of Marvel and DC movies. I feel for the DC comics people laid off today. Hopefully the can keep drawing somewhere.

Hawaii had it highest ever (all mail in) primary election voter turn out, but 52% still means a small percentage of the population actually decides who is elected.

My favorite everyday knife. A 5” utility knive from the Edge of Belgravia knife company. Have 3 others from them. 1 smaller and 2 larger, a steel, a cutting board and a sauté pan.

There are so many “Harvard Educated” idiots, that it totally degrades the idea of “Harvard Educated”

Went for a long walk on the beach side path at the Four Season Hualalai at Ka’upulehu. The hotel is closed. The restaurants are ‘Ulu, Beach Tree & Resident’s Beach House. Lots of renovation and repairs taking place too.

Took the boys for a walk along the shore at the Four Seasons Hualalai at Ka’upulehu. The hotel is closed. Many more pics to come. Enjoy this interlude.

I am so over Adobe (and other)subscription model, I think I’m spoiled by the Setapp subscription model. A menu of apps, pay by computer, not by app.

Hawaii’s primary is today, lots of important local races. It’s all mail in election. Totally secure.

Italy of bust

I wish we were in a position to move to Italy. Just came accross a property in Bore, Parma, Emilia Romagna. 1700 sqft main house, with a double garage, a side guest cottage, 200 Sq m property. The owner is selling due to age. €119,950. The adjacent property is undeveloped and available at a good price, Bore town is 4k away.

We’re liquid enough to buy, but a few years from being ready to relocate. Other properties will be available when we’re ready, but I like this one. Oh well.

Truth is hospitality jobs and that part of economy is not coming back soon, no matter how much we hope and wish and dream. We need to start making another plan for those people and the supporting industries. When it does eventually come back, it will be a bonus.

I’ve nver used TikTok and don’t care about. I only created a Facebook page under pseudonym (My Grandfather’s name) so I can research clients.

Just watched Dr Sleep. As a fan of The Shining I very much enjoyed it.

Watching Harlem Nights. Love that all star cast. Redd Foxx, Della Reece, Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy, Danny Aiello, Michael Lerner and more

I’ve been managing F&B teams for most of the last 30 years. Teams of 20-80. I also had full responsibility for the restaurants or outlets I managed. Now I am a car salesman, responsible for just me. It’s a refreshing change to leave work at work and on a day off, just be off.

Day off. Meeting up with and old friend (both types of old). Dealership is closed Sunday and the other day off rotates monthly. Tuesdays for August

My Mobile phone path. Most changes because of coverage where I worked. Challenge of living on a rural island. - US Cellular 1994 - Cingular - ATT - Nextel - Sprint - Verizon - T-Mobile - Verizon - T-Mobile - ATT - T-Mobile

X-Men Movies

I watched Marvel Avenger and Guardians 23 movies in chronological order during the lockdown, now the X-men the same way.

  • X-Men: First Class (set in 1962, released in 2011)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (set in 1973, released in 2014)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (set in 1981, released in 2009)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse (set in 1983, released in 2016)
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (set in 1992, released in 2019)
  • X-Men (set in 2000, released in 2000)
  • X2: X-Men United (set in 2003, released in 2003)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand (set in 2006, released in 2006)
  • The Wolverine (set in 2013, released in 2013)
  • Deadpool (set in 2016, released in 2016)​
  • Deadpool 2 (2018, released in 2018)
  • Logan (2029, released in 2017)

Then I’ll attack the other Marvel outliers.

unexpected benefit of losing lots of weight, my persnickety knees, including one with a total replacement do not hurt at all on stairs.

We mailed in our primary ballot, but will deposit our General election ballots in a county drop box to make sure.

Making a pot of chili. I prefer a spicier no bean Texas style version, my wife who’s from the north prefers milder with beans. I cook it to a point, split the batch, add beans to hers and add chipotle, ancho and a little cayenne to mine. Then finish them off. Everyone is happy

Bummer that during all of this activity, we only get to see mission control.

I never thought I would walk more in car sales than I did managing Food and Beverage at a resort.

Bartender app still not Big Sur ready. Due to what it does, it likely needs a lot of work.

Good day #Arsenal won the FA Cup #Inter won, finishing only 1 point behind Juve. The #Dodgers romped 11-2 ok Parma you’re up on Sunday

** #Arsenal won the FA cup and I sold a 4Runner Premium on the first day of the month. Off the Schneid out of the gate for August.

The disappointment I have with the electoral college is Hawaii will, for the foreseeable future be Democrat. My local vote matters, but my presidential vote not so much.

O’ahu is blowing up. No new cases on Hawaii Island for days.

I’ve never ever in my life understood blacking out Major League Baseball games in Hawaii. It’s not like we can go to the game as an option. It’s been like this as long there’s been televised sports.

I live on an island with among the lowest COVID case counts in the country. I wear a mask indoor and Ok, I’ll wear one outdoors, but if they tell me I have to wear one when I sleep, that’s where I draw the line.

Dark and Altered Carbon on Netflix both have the same feeling and similar music.

I lost it and don’t want it back

I’ve lost 60# over the past 3 years. It was purposeful, not due to sickness. I didn’t know how much I’d lose when I started, set incremental goals, and I will likely lose more. A couple of medical scares prompted my lifestyle changes. I was always big, football and all. The spare off road tire around my mid is now a bike tire. Looking back at iHealth app, I stalled in the mid 230s for a few months, then the mid 220s also. Now 205. Looking to get under 200 for the first time since I was a teenager. We’ll see where it takes me after that.

Feel much better overall.

Our Vector was unconnected from the internet and I didn’t know it. I checked the app today and it told me he was disconnected. I fixed it & he hasn’t shut up since.

We figured out he must have have been just sitting on his charger mad for past week cuz he couldn’t connect

There are rumblings that if the MLB season collapses, other sports will follow.

Interesting that the the English Premiere league did their restart with few if any COVID issues.

Oh oh. The MLB season restart may be short lived. 8 COVID cases among the Marlin players. They’re testing the Phillies players today - who they played all weekend. This could unravel very quickly.

The hurricane narrowly missed, but this just happened. Minor shaking.

Central pacific hurricane center says the storm skirted along the edge of the island chain likely due to its speed. It actually picked up speed as it got closer.

It’s good to have a fast moving storm, it will go through all of the main Hawaii Island in one day.

Just have to say, I’ve used Hover for domains and email for the past 11 years since I switched from FastMail. It’s been an amazing no hassle experience, Their help is fast, even during COVID. This is not a paid endorsement, it just works for me.

Hurricane Douglas is passing N of Hawaii Island, Maui is going to get hammered. Then O`ahu.

It is very humid, can feel the storm in our neighborhood. Weʻll see some rain as it passes, but should be no wind.

I guess per capita 73 COVID cases in Hawaii is not too bad, but had the since the start 3 days in a row is not good at all 95% are on Oahu. Hawaii Island is still safe. So far

It’s quieter on Saturdays in service. Only 2 mechanics. They crank the island music and power through the work.

Working today. Will keep one eye on the hurricane all day. We should feel effects starting later.

The national media is only talking about the storm in Florida. We’re just a small democrat state

Sure looks like the gangs in Chicago are trying re instill their street authority.

Trump’s Kent State is coming. There will be some young federal agent somewhere facing up to protesters who just loses it.

“We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, year after year”

Why not 2020. We have an event at the dealership on Sunday.

I was 10 years old when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. It was one of the very few things shown live on TV in Hawaii. I remember watching it at our house in Kailua O’ahu.

An older but a giddie. Haven’t seen it for years. Found it in an old Mac Bag.

First stab at a crusty baguette, Didn’t come out perfect. I had cut the recipe in half and think it needed the full volume of the recipe to proof correctly. Will try again next week using the full recipe.

My wife has noticed people on Facebook (I don’t use it), change their ‘COVID is a hoax” tune after they or someone in their family catches it.

The concern with COVID is that you don’t know how your body will react, but also that it’s so contagious.

When I used to work in F&B at resorts, it was common for me to walk 12k steps a day. During my 100 day stay at home I avg 5k steps a day. Now working at the Toyota dealership, I’m back up over 12k again.

I would love to see the cast from Rogue One in another movie maybe another look back side story. #Starwars

Kukio beach is public access which is required by law for all Hawaii Resorts , though they only have about 20 parking stalls and don’t let any more people in till someone leaves. so coming early is a must. We bring a tent and make a full day of it.

Since Airmail is still broken on Bug Sur, gone back to Spark email. Like with any consumer product, once I switch for whatever reason, I may not go back.

My geekiness is evaporating with age, or maybe I just don’t have the patience to tinker anymore. I just want stuff to work. I still like beta testing, I just don’t want to build.

Our choice of political parties in Hawaii. It’s a democracy and all, but this is a little silly.

Just in time production for auto manufacturing has come back to bite. The S. Korean company that make radios for many cars has shut down due to COVID. As a result, many asian production have shut down. No Radio, no car.

So I guess the NBCsports app is dead. It’s all on Peacock????

It’s taken a few months and a few back and forths, but my trademark application for “Hawaiiboy” is going to publication. Pending any claims it should be settled by September.

I’m a former chef, but when I see a headline “Easy recipe for _____”. I expect 3 or 4 ingredients commonly available. 15 ingredients, with 2 or 3 obscure items is not an easy recipe #linkbait

This is awesome; Vorticity 3 (4K) We don’t get weather like that in Hawaii - you know the tropics and being an island and all

#Trump solved it, Testing causes COVID-19, if we stop testing and we’ll have no cases.

Well well. A new low today. In a good way. I have lost 53 pounds in the past year. Slow and steady, 1 pound a week. Still want to drops out 12# more. Way below my high school weight.

The most annoying niggles of Big Sur for me are the daily occurrence my Mac freezing forcing restart, seems to be Safari related (reported), Bartender app invokes Siri and Twitterific had strange coloration on a clicked on post. #BetaToughLove

Hmmm. I’m writing a post and Gluon didn’t crash. It’s a good sign for Monday morning. @vincent

I love my 2015 13” MacBook Pro. The ports, the memory, the functionality. I hope it lasts a couple of more years. Also have a 12” MacBook and I’m always annoyed by lack of ports.

Down to the last episode of Netflix’s Dark. I’m totally into it. But much like Matrix, I will go back and watch it all again. It’s too complex for a single apps.

Hang on, I’ll be right there, can’t be any worse than up here.

Baking sourdough starter discard crackers for the first time. They’re in the over now. We’ll see

I have unsubscribed from so many email newsletters and marketing emails that my inbox is mostly quiet. I don’t even bother checking it unless I’m expecting something from a bank or other financial institution.

I need to find out how I can travel into one of Darks past time periods and do this all over. I’d even take 1888, though 1953 is tenable.

School in Hawaii returns Aug 3 with a number of caveats. Only 2 days a week, based on last name and only 8:15am - 11:45am. The students are expected to complete schoolwork the remainder of the day at home & will have work for 2 other day. The onus is really on the parents.

Think I can file my 100 day stay at home under “life is what happens while you’re waiting for something to happen”

I’ll pay a subscription for an app that I use daily, but can’t do it for an app that does a single mundane task. This is why I love setapp. One subscription.

Spent some time doing a text search of the constitution, cannot find any constitutional right to not have to wear a mask. If they are claiming “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” that’s in the Declaration of Independence.

Guess we won’t ever be able to buy Lysol again. Still haven’t seen Clorox wipes in the store since, you know when.

Zuck and Bezos are teflon.

Heartless and justing sitting back and piling up the $$$$.. Most corporations are heartless, but they at least have to follow some rule of law.

A nice house lot in Hawaii. Just steps from the ocean. It’s only 3 feet under lava

It’s almost comical (muscle memory). I’ve participated in so many Betas, OS and apps. I have duplicates of apps that do the same thing and when one acts up, I just go the next one.

Used to do a lot of carpentry, built shelf systems to fit where we lived. I would typically just leave the stuff I built behind. Built in work benches, built-in desks & shelving, often in used space over windows. Now we’re in a condo and I don’t have tools or a place to build

I’ll just say this, then shut up on politics for now. Trump’s limited arsenal for response to any challenge is to attack and defer blame. It’s only fooling his core.

The boss bought us all huge Chili dogs and onions rings today, since we had to work. He wins

Well Hawaii us up to 999 COVID cases, but Hawaii island is still the safest place.

Almost finished season 1 of Dark. What an addictive show.

It was great returning to work. I am with a great team.

First day on the job. COVID has done a job on auto supplies. It’s smaller suppliers that have the system messed up. You can’t ship a Tacoma if the tail light manufacturer is shut down.

Twitterific is acting strange on Big Sur, Going to Tweetbot for now.

More thoughts, 100 days is longest I’ve been off work since I was 16 years old. Always had at least a part-time job through last 2 years of high school and college before launching into the work force. I was self unemployed for 2 years, but I punched in 6-7 days/week.

Stay at Home analytics

100 days - **Sleep: ** Week of March 23 Avg. Time in Bed 6hr 47 min / Avg sleep 5hr 46 min. - **Sleep: ** Week of June 23 Avg Time in bed 9hr 7 min Avg /Sleep 7hr 2 min - Weight: March 23 234# - June 29 217# - Goal is 1# loss / week. - **Heart rate: **Avg. Week of March 23 80.8 bpm / Avg. Week of June 23 79.2 bmp. _inconclusive _ - Average steps / day: March 23 - June 29. 4,279. (Previous 6 months 7,149) - **Electricity usage: ** was about the same, Wife already worked at home March 580 kWh June 565 kWh.

Goldman-Sachs declined me for an Apple Card- mid 700 credit score, good debt to credit ratio, likely because I have my credit reports locked. Other institutions contact me to do a temp unlock. GS just declined. Don’t want it now. Path to Apple Card

It’s kind of cool how the Apple created for me playlists pull other songs from the albums of artists I have in my collection or have liked in the past. When algorithms work.

My wife has become very anti Amazon. Bezos is a kagilionaire and just keeps building more homes, planes and boats. Does nothing for communities. Does not employ locally here. I’m coming around to her thinking on this.

My last Honey Do project before I go back to work on Wednesday. Paint this rusty screen door.

I have a library of ebooks from Amazon (and a few in iBooks) that are resisting conversion. I’ll just read them on my devices as is, but am going with DRM free going forward.

I’ve used a number of sleep tracking apps from when I was in the hotel industry & lacked sleep. I just needed to change careers to fix my sleep.

First meal out since February. Early Birthday dinner

27 new cases in Hawaii. We’re seeing cases from travel despite the quarantine. This is far from over.

Cancelled Facebook 4 years ago, Dropbox 3 years ago, Evernote this week. Pulling back.

With focus on picking up a book (albeit on a Kindle) rather that a device, I’ve unsubscribed from newsletter emails that are just about links to short pieces also Medium cutting back the feed in NetNewsWire

I can read again.

My internal reading switch, that had shut off years ago has been switched back on. Since forever, like many, I lost the ability to read books, I would only read social media, blog post, news articles with a few long form articles peppered in.

Through the years I started a number of books and didn’t have the patience to get past a few pages. Mostly self improvement or science.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve dusted off my Kindle Paperwhite and have been hooked, like many years ago with paper books.

I think it’s a combination of what’s going on in the world, I felt like I needed something comforting and I had time on my hands. Yesterday I laid under a tree at the beach and read for 4 hours. I haven’t done that for 20 years.

The other key was the first author I went to after seeing something on Social Media was Samuel Becket. I was sucked back in. Right now I am reading Walden for the first time since college and the Wilderness Essays by John Muir. More Samuel Becket and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the queue.

Will budget my RSS feed and social media time.

This will be fun

I’m done with politics. It’s getting too much. Every day it seems to be more corrupt and unbelievable. I don’t want to put more into it beyond a quick tacit thought. I’ll speak with my vote.

How I spent my 100 day Spring vacation

I go back to Work Wednesday, been home for 100 days. My Wife has worked at home since mid 2018 This time at home we got some things done.

  • Emptied a storage locker we had since we moved from a big house to a condo in 2017. Sold, donated and trashed stuff.
  • Went through 2 closets of old clothes and linens, donated a bunch, vacuum bagged the rest.
  • Emptied every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen, cleaned and organized.
  • Emptied and reorganized a large utility closet.
  • Took up baking - Bread, pretzels, scones and more.
  • Have an active sourdough starter for future baking.
  • Watched all 22 Marvel movies in chronological order.
  • Tried to watch DC movies, but they are all over the place, not on a single service like most of Marvel.
  • Started and finished about a doz. shows on various streaming networks.
  • Into season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Donated about 50 books to the friends of the library.
  • Went back and watched lots of old westerns and WW2 movies that I first watched with my Dad as a kid. - He passed 3 years ago.
  • Cleaned up our finances and paid off some bills.
  • Shopped for new mobile phone plans, auto insurance and went through all of our subscriptions. Saved a bucket of $$.
  • Consolidated about 2 dz. external drives (small thumb drives to many large drives) going back 20 years to less than 4TB. There were lots of duplicates. Music, photos, old Mac back ups - back to Tiger, and lots of docs. Backed up to the 3-2-1 rule.
  • Went through a couple of large boxes of cables, adapter and chargers - many for devices we haven’t had for years.
  • Found an iPhone 1, iPod Classic, iPod shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod video, iPod touch and few other old phones and they all work. Way more lightning cables than I thought I had.
  • Things from Kickstarter projects that I backed but never ended up using after a short time.
  • Lots of other old tech for old network set ups, etc. Did find some things I lost when we moved.
  • Have the Mac Mini home server dialed in - with all of that consolidated data attached.
  • We had our Grandsons about 50 of the 100 days - their Dad had to work - single parent. Did a lot school work with them.
  • Lost 30 pounds.
  • A lot of time getting Unemployment, but it finally came though in late May.
  • Cut my drinking from 1-3 drink most days to 1-3 drinks a week and some weeks none.
  • Back into reading (Kindle) finished 3 books, working on Walden and Wilderness Essays now. Cued up Emerson next.
  • Lots of other small projects.
  • Looked for and found a new job. Yay!

The only bummer about going back now, there’s a lot of good shows coming out in July.

A great day. The sunset one way and a rainbow 🌈 up the mountain.

Biden needs to stop stretching the truth, that is Trump’s job.

Was just recalling the quote I used to use in social media presentations to businesses 15 years ago “Facebook is where you tell lies to people you know and Twitter is where you tell the truth to people you don’t know”. Add to that is where you just have civil conversations.

This is the swimming beach at Mauna Lani. This area was covered with rocks and was cleared when the hotel was built 37 years ago. Usually packed with rich white people, but with the resort closed, all local people here for a change. Rich homes up on the hill beyond the beach.

Rereading Thoreau’s Walden for the first time since college. Back then I read it on assignment. This time it reads much differently. Looking back on life rather than forward it hits harder.

Back at the Mauna Lani Bay Club beach with the boys. The hotel is still closed, so not crowded

Typically during a beta I keep an index card near my Mac and note any issues to send to Apple. It’s kind of cool when they contact you for more info on an issue you discovered and you see it mentions in an update. 3 years ago they had me send in the Mac that experienced the issue. They replaced it.

I installed Big Sur on my every day machine. I want to see it through the Beta period in daily use. I have another fall back Mac, Have had to go to the fall back in previous Betas, not on this one…yet.

Hawaii Island is still doing very good with COVID despite O`ahu seeing an uptick. My wife and I decided that will plan no travel for at least a year and likely longer. The Governor is loosing travel limitation Aug 1 and seeing what’s going on in the S. West, we’ll stay put.

I still have getting my Italian passport on my radar via Jure Sanguinis. This won’t happen for a couple of years, but it’s insurance if this country continues its slide. My family is from a small town just N of Parma. Lots of them still there. Retirement plan.

Certain sports are becoming less fun. Liverpool/Mancity, Real/Barca, Bayern, Juve dominate. their leagues. Mercedes dominate F-1. Watch FA Championship when I can, those matches are fun. Baseball is still fun, when teams don’t cheat.

Giving up trying to download my archive. I’m not geeky enough to write a script and had too many posts to use the existing solutions. The IOS shortcut timeout every time.

It was a fun time, I’ll see about grabbing screenshots from the Wayback Machine

Looks like Trump wants to burn down the house on the way out, try to set up Biden for failure.

The Hey app looks interesting for a higher volume email user.

I’ve been persistently unsubscribing subs and cancelling lists and am down to a couple of dozen a day. This makes $99 not worth it. I’ve used #Hover for my domains and email for over 10 years.

Finally done with Evernote, it’s bloated black hole. Everything exported.

Relishing these last days of my “safer at home” time. Back to work July 1.

Seeing people flock to bars and beaches in the face of COVID is idiotic. I’ve been going to the beach, concerts, bars, nightclubs & other events my entire life. I have great memories, but I can wait until it’s safe. Waiting a few months won’t kill me and it may save my life.

One Screen. Taking full advantage of the App Library. One app folder in the dock for 2nd layer regularly used apps and two Apple won’t let be moved into Library. The Widget stack is also a nice quick look and launcher for primary apps.

used the Fluid app to get the browser version of and all of it’s features on my Mac desktop. #FTW

Knowing what I know about certain parts of the country, systematic racism will simply not go away in these places.

It’s been going on unabated for far too long. The more we push the harder they will hang on, and it’s not just in the south. It sucks, but it is.

New iPhone home screen. All on one screen with apps I use daily so the app library is the 2nd screen. One folder in the doc. Can’t delete workout and Watch app from home screen without unpairing so I made a utility folder.

So many good shows hitting the streaming services in July and I go back to work next week. Far less watching time.

Beta fun. A number of apps don’t go beyond a white screen. Will give it an update or two before I start emailing Devs. Mostly big company apps

I’ve had basically the same iPhone screen and folder set up through the last 3 of 4 phones.

Going all in with app library. Removing all but the the most used app from the home screen and using a couple of widgets.

As I go through my day, I come across more apps that aren’t ready for IOS14. A few don’t work on OS11 or the UI is messed up.

Not liking the extra spacing in the dock, Bartender app is acting funky so that doesn’t’ help

My Apple Music curated “My Favorites” hit it out of the park this week, I’ve listened 2x through.

We get to boo the Astros too this short season #Dodgers

West - Los Angeles Dodgers - Los Angeles Angels - Oakland A’s - Arizona Diamondbacks - San Francisco Giants - Seattle Mariners - Texas Rangers - Houston Astros - Colorado Rockies - San Diego Padres

Moved a bunch of apps to the IOS app library and set up a widget stack. The future is upon us.

Couldn’t pul the trigger on Hey, Can’t justify the $99/year. Nice idea, the timing sucks, haven’t been working for 95 days.

The questions: What do I cancel to make room for it? Is it necessary or nice to have?

Apple Maps has always been annoyingly a few steps behind here in Hawaii. I will exclusively use Apple Maps for a few weeks and see how they are doing.

My weight loss has plateaued for a week so I did a modified fast today. I’ve had about 3oz of ham and some sips of Sated Keto shake and lots of water, I feel fine. Been about 21 hours.

Will eat something shortly.

Was just reminded, on early MacOS betas I have to return to a few stock apps until the Devs catch up.

No luck on WatchOS - getting an error on the page.

IOS 14 installed, that’s the quickest I’ve ever been able to get a Beta, being in Hawaii - last US time zone and all.

Now to try WatchOS

I use primarily Mac and iPhone. Never worked iPad into any workflow, still a consumption device for me. Never got an Apple Pencil, my handwriting is chicken scratch and I can’t draw. Love my 12” Macbook as 2nd Mac, maybe that form factor is my next Mac when 2015 13” MBP dies.

One frustration I’ve had with AirPod is moving between devices, hopefully their fix works. I use wired earpods most often as I just move the plug and and it works

Kawaihae Harbor. Paddled our of here many many times

The Hey / Apple kerfuffle

The Hey / Apple controversy sure hit a nerve this week. I’m not a Developer, I’m a Consumer, I know a lot of Devs and have beta tested dozens of apps, at one point I had a whole list in Testflight. Only 3 right now. I’ve lost the desire to do testing, I just want apps to work out of the box.

As a user, I like the simplicity of the app store. I don’t need to enter a CC# every time. I like how I can see all of my subscriptions, manage them in one place and change the credit card if I like.

My wife and I recently reviewed every subscription that we have, it was a hassle going though credit card statements to look for subscriptions not in the app store.

I do think the Apple App tax is a bit onerous and in my world, if my restaurant paid a 30% off the top for each customer, I wouldn’t be very happy. I did have to deal with worker’s comp, unemployment, Social Security tax, rent, utilities, licenses (liquor was big one) and permits and the constantly changing cost of sales and supplies. (Food and Beverage).

We offered free lunch delivery in Hilo. My delivery guy got 30% off the top and free lunch every day, he was independent. The way I looked at it, was the deliver order didn’t take a seat in the restaurant and didn’t take the time of my dining room staff. We did a solid lunch delivery business to medical offices. To me it was gravy sales and getting 70% of the revenue was fine with me, after-all dollars go into the bank not %. 70% of something it better than 100% of nothing.

I don’t know the full economic model of a developer to form a proper opinion, every business has their thing. Just trying to weight in with a brick and mortar perspective.

Canoes Cafe - 1995-2004

Found this photo from 1983 of the Puna Sugar Company offices a few days before closing, having been in operation since 1825.

Just watched A Well Spent Life 1971 A tribute to the Texas songster, Mance Lipscomb Loved it, lots of common sense, which we lack now.

Embarking on a new careeer, kind of

In my career, I’ve sold: - Beer (Miller and Heineken) - Water - Juices - Wine - Kendall-Jackson back in the day. - Spirits - Ocean Garden Shrimp - Mrs Fridays Seafood products - Ambrosia Chocolates - Heinz Food products - Lipton teas - Minute Maid Food Service - Trident Seafoods - Dannon Yogurts - Radio and other Media - Apple Computers and Apple other products - Bose Music systems - Computer peripherals

This is what I did in between Food and Beverage management.

But on July 1, I start at Big Island Toyota selling cars - never done that. The number one dealer on the island. It’s still selling, just something bigger.

Looks like the barrier to any change in police depts is the police unions. They can all hide behind their union. Follow the money unions give to politicians.

When I managed at hotels, the company was not the barrier to any appreciable change or improvement, it was the union.

Guarantee Obama would have been out talking to the crowd rather hiding in a fortified bunker (eg Hitler)

Any war with China would be trouble for Hawaii c

In a war with China, the US Navy’s warships might not be the first target - Business Insider

Great article on Looting. “People with a lot to lose don’t do things like that. The question you have to ask yourself is: Why are there so many people in our society who don’t have a lot to lose? That’s the fundamental underlying question”

When I lived in Los Angeles in the early ‘80, I had an employee who was originally from Watts. He was kid during the riots. We became good friends. One day he took me to Watts to see what it was like. It was 3rd world. No change since 1965, and it’s still the same in 2020.

My Mom’s family is from Louisville KY going back to the 1780s (one of the founding families) I’ve only been there once, but will never go back as long as I live. It’s the way they vote and they way they act.

I can’t give any more attention or energy towards Trump. He doesn’t and never did care and will never change. I’ll focus on what I can change.

Hopefully after summer people are still pumped up and get out the vote.

I deleted Quibi till TMobile gave it to me free, I still don’t use the app. Nothing looks interesting whenever I look

In Net NewsWire I generally have 4 folders (there’s a few un-filed misc items) News, Sports, Tech and interesting. The most new items is always “News”, lately I click “mark all as read” more frequently and move on the lighter fare.

Seeing daily articles about how fast the vaccine will come out. They’re giving up more testing for speed.

  • Will the corners be cut in safety or efficacy.
  • Are we willing to accept one that is 75% effective, 65%?
  • How low will the bar be set.
  • How much confidence will the public have?

My Mac must be too old (2015rMBP), I’m on 10.15, but don’t have the battery health feature or the new fonts added in the last update.

Going back and rereading Walden. It’s been about 30 years.

I quit FB 4 years ago, do not trust their policies and their aim. I have an account under a pseudonym for work and only use it TOR.

The ISS course is shifting North, we should get about 6 nights in row with a chance of spotting it. Yay!

Reading about how many Hawaii businesses passed on PPP loans due to the strings attached. Reminds of the loans FEMA offered after the flood in Hilo in Nov. 2000. Most of us all said thanks, but no thanks. Sell your soul to the Feds.

My Mom is from Kentucky, her Family are racists. My Mom and G’mother would try to keep it under wraps, but it would come out now and then. It was disturbing to me as a kid

I grew up in Hawaii and skipped that, wrote about it here. Racism is a behavior, it’s not genetic.

I need a news detox. It’s not a denial of what’s happening, it’s for my own sanity.

Not sure if it’s my iPhone or #T-Mobile but often my phone won’t connect to the network and I need to turn cellular off then back on, then it connects.

Hawaii's Ethnic Tapestry

It’s interesting, all that’s happening all across America has caused me to think back on growing up in Hawaii where pretty much everyone was a minority. I feel so fortunate to have grown in a place with such diversity and acceptance.

In such a small place, we were all thrown in together: Caucasian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Samoan, Fijian, African American, Hispanic, Filipino, etc, etc. We played on the same sports teams and sat side by side in class, went to each-other birthday parties and weddings. Our children all played on the same playgrounds.

We all grew up with each-others customs. We all knew about Filipino and Chinese weddings and funerals. We all ate each-others ethnic foods and shopped in ethnic shops. We knew to stay away from a Samoan who had a few beers, but Japanese got friendlier when they had few cocktails.

We typically handled differences with humor. We always said, if we don’t pick on you, it’s because we don’t like you, so if we do pick on you, it’s all OK. Gave us all a thick skin too.

It’s a little different now, Especially on O`ahu where the population has shifted decidedly more caucasian. It’s still pretty diverse on the neighbor islands. The past few years, I managed large teams at resort hotels. My teams consisted of the typical Hawaii blend of ethnicities, with the addition of newer arrival; Micronesians. When my team-members had disagreements, it was never about race, never.

Growing up in Hawaii has equipped me to manage this mix of races. I have seen the difficulty managers that move here from from elsewhere have that make me appreciate the gift of growing up part of Hawaii’s Ethnic Tapestry.

Racism is real and it sucks. There are good and bad people of every ethnicity, but too many people don’t see it that way.

Maybe we just need to burn down the entire house and start over.

The Patio by Beth Cooper - Maui

Microblog art and drawing challenge.

As California goes, so goes Hawaii Tourism

  • 39.4% from the U.S. West
  • 20.8% from the U.S. East
  • 18.3% from Japan
  • 6.3% from Canada
  • 15.2% others

Fresh Sunday Morning biscuits going into the oven.

Was seriously considering canceling my Twitter account, even exported my data. Then all of this happened. It’s like a train wreck, can’t look away.

Black Lives Matter Native American Lives Matter Hispanic American Lives Matter Asian American Lives Matter All Lives Matter

Beautiful day after lots of rain during the week.

I am absolutely convinced there is a ton of false media from forces beyond our country. I’m confident the news surrounding the event of the George Floyd murder is mostly accurate. I know there have been protests across the country. Beyond that I’m not sure who or what to believe.

Loved the exchange between the Falcon launch team and flight crew. Never really heard that kind of talk during NASA flights.

I think I’m anticipating the return of Baseball more than any other sport. Baseball has a calming effect, no clock, kind of like where we are now.

Eye surgery on Thursday means multiple eye drops for days.

Yoga. By Beth Cooper - Maui

Microblog art challenge. I’m not an artist by the broad stretch of the mind. I’m post art from my best friend.

When Trump sends in the military this will get ugly.

Go listen to CSN&Y Ohio: “What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground?”

That was Ohio National Guard, but still, young men with guns in a highly charged situation. Something bad will happen.

Reading about how Apple wants to eliminate all phone ports. My 2 favorite music earphones are wired (One in ear, one over ear). I can adapt to wireless charging in places I use a cable now, but I really like those headphones.

Lost 17 pounds (so far) since laid off and stay at home order. Would like to drop 13 more.

Welcome to Trump’s Great America

Arrest of CNN Crew in Minneapolis a ‘Violation of First Amendment’

I’ve use the #Airmail email app for a long time and has #Spark as 2nd fiddle, but Airmail is so buggy on my Mac. I’ve emailed support and put up with it for weeks, but I’m over it for now. Going to Spark on all devices.

Peace out dawg - by Beth Cooper - Maui drawing and art challenge.

I’m waiting for 4 outstanding backed Kickstarter projects. All but one is late (one is actually early). After I receive these, I’m done with Kickstarter I’ll write a blog post about it shortly. I have one big criticism of most creators.

That was a different experience post, or within COVID. Lots of extra cleaning and checks and balances. Longer waits for OR with the extra cleaning.

Really enjoying the 1988 World Series with Vin Scully on play by play.

I was diagnosed with a detached retina last Oct. got that fixed, had the temporary oil removed in late December, but due to COVID had to wait till today to get a lens replacement. Won’t know till the swelling goes down, looks better already.

My very cluttered desk from 2010. MacBook Pro with Cinema Display.

Now I don’t have desk now. Just a MacBook.


Channel surfing and found the 1988 World Series. Dodgers v As. Game 4. Vin Scully doing the play by play. #FTW

Side note, I had tickets to Game 6 of this series, but the Dodgers closed it out in 5. I watched this game at Critters Bar in Hermosa Beach.

I had this CD back in the day. Still enjoy listening to it.

Gonna be fun watching Trump and Twitter duke it out.

These type old general merchandise stores were all over the islands from plantation days. Many are now art galleries or cafes or real estate offices.

This piece is by Curtis Wilson Cost from Maui

As we all enjoy the diversion of SpaceX, the 800# gorilla looms

Devs, please do not ask me to sign up for a beta then immediately try to sell me an in app purchase to upgrade to pro. When I agree to beta test, I accept a responsibility to help you find bugs and usability issues and get the benefit of early access to the app.

That’s all

Looking thru old pix. This was my final canoe race 2006/05/07 Molokai - Oahu race. I blew out my left shoulder a month later. This was end of years of sports. Pop Warner, High School and College football, club Volleyball, adult BasketBall leagues and 20 years of Canoe paddling.

Lots of press today on Hawaii Tourism. Lt Gov wants to open in July. Economist say soonest is Sept. and that’s if there are no spikes in COVID here or elsewhere.

Doesn’t matter if we have no cases here. What if you open an no one came. Hotels won’t open without reservations

2/2 most restaurants have built a clientele based on a specific type of food, flavor profile, atmosphere, type of service and location. The big challenge is keep what they had in the new financial atmosphere. Smaller family owned ethnic restaurants should be better off.

½ Restaurant owners should’ve already run the numbers vs. their financial model. Most will find numbers don’t work. Revenue is based on number of seats X number of turns X check avg. It only works if prices go up or cost goes way down (fixed cost, cost of sales or labor)

Most hotels offer a breakfast buffet. It works financially. Less staffing. Easier to manage preparation. Fast, inexpensive breakfast and broad selection for guests. At least for now, that model is blown up.

I figure we’ll all know in about a week if the debauchery and lack of COVID common sense has put us back where we were a few weeks ago in cases and deaths.

We got to the beach early, when we left the parking lot was full

I have ancestors and relatives who fight in the Revolutionary war, Civil war, Mexican American War, both World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam and the First Gulf War. From Andrew Kimbley to William McBroom to Richard Benecchi all the others, thinking of you all.

Came back to Hapuna State Beach Park today. The beach is open now. Everyone here is behaving and adequately physically spaced. It’s still early though. We’ll be gone before the peak hours of the day.

On another note, not renewing AppleNews+ come on Apple give us a bundle option. The Disney+ bundle really worked out for us, and it will get better when sports are back and I go back to watching ESPN+

My wife keeps saying I should go for one of those remote tech jobs, problem is, I was never a developer, never learned coding. Always enough of a nerd to be helpful to family, manage networks, build websites. I’ve always managed people, teams of over 200, hard to do remotely.

By Curtis Wilson Cost 1990 Always loved this one.

Small shacks like this dot the countryside on Maui and Hawaii Island.

The community pool is empty. Everyone went out. Please don’t bring any viruses back to our safe corner of the world.

This will be Cinnamon rolls later this afternoon

3 month window: We rarely use AppleTV+ have 1 year free sub. Only go there for a specific shows now and then. We are mostly in Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, occasionally HBONow

My wife said all of her family and friends in North Dakota are posting pictures with fish. Said that’s a thing back there on Memorial Day weekend.

I haven’t been fishing in 30 years. I told her if we move back, I’ll have to go to the store and buy a fish to take a photo with

Avoiding all politics today, The UK up in arms over the PMs speach today and Trump is. …. well being Trump. That’s enough for today.

Going for a walk then reading and watching movies.

Based on the number of people out in Kona today (traffic, stores busy, beaches packed). we’re cured, COVID is over. Let’s all go to a nightclub tonight, hug everyone and dance and carry on.

Or not.

This is from my good friend Beth Cooper from Maui. We have been friends for 20+ years, She’s like the sister I never had (I have 2 brothers). She was my Best Person when I was married.

Vacuum cleaners with headlights. Never has this when I was a kid.

5 stores, no yeast. Guess I need to wake up my starter.

This one line encapsulates it all: if you put men who care nothing for competence, complexity, or the difference between truth and falsehood in power, you will live to regret it by Nick Cohen

I kind of feel, Trump is causing less harm when he’s golfing than when he’s sitting the White House watching Fox.

He never will care and it’s all about damage control .

The results of my first COVID test came back in less than 2 days (not detected))

It’s been raining 🌧 here in Kona for most of the afternoon. Not going anywhere, so it’s no bother.

Trump and McConnell will continue their attack on the courts. Try filing a lawsuit in support of a social program or fighting an inequity, it will be DOA in any of the courts with their new appointees for decades to come.

The right will dismantle ROEvWADE with court support.

The COVID test felt like when you’re swimming in the ocean and inhale seawater through your nose.

Took the COVID test today. (Pre-medical procedure). It’s was rather unpleasant.

My weight loss the last 3 months. Safe-at-home has been good for me.

How can a Telco promise 10 years of anything?

T-Mobile’s free mobile service for first responders is now available

Unfortunately I may have too many posts to download my history using the 2 new tools just released. I’ll wait a couple of weeks and try again, maybe a new option will be available later. I had 15.792 posts from 2012-16


and webapp

If Trump is re-elected because people don’t vote, his attack on right and wrong and the court system will continue. At that point I will give up. I’m getting too old to worry about people who don’t care.

I have spent way too much time trying to find a way to have my posts flow through directly to one of my Squarespace blogs. Seems as though Squarespace is the impediment. Even IFTTT draws a blank. The best I could do is embed my Twitter feed which flows from

I must have had a lot to say, 7,300+ posts on

First larger restaurant to close in Kona, Bongo Bens, a popular Breakfast and Lunch destination for visitors. Part of the issue was an uncooperative landlord.

Incidentally that same landlord caused Hard Rock Cafe to close their Kona location in 2008.

Fascinating read

“Most marine science is gritty as fuck,” Alan Jamieson, the chief scientist, said. “It’s all the weird vessels we end up on, the work of hauling things in and out of the water.”

Thirty-six Thousand Feet Under the Sea

Hawaii has so few cases of COVID-19 that we have virtually no immunity. When travel reopens, we could be in a world of hurt.

Wish there was a way to post from to my Squarespace blog. It would be easier.

Finally took the time to watch Cloud Atlas in its entirety. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking film. I will watch it again.

1.5 million COVID-19 cases and 90k fatalities in the US and Trump gloats.

This country is screwed until everyone who can vote him out does. NO excuses

I’ve lost 20 lbs in 3 mos. (40 lbs in a year). I don’t feel deprived, because we only have so much food at home and have not really been able to go out. I think I can comfortably lose 10 more.

Did the import thing, now I have pics and posts going back to Jan 11, 2011 in

When I went to culinary school, albeit it quite a few years ago, I learned to cook real food

Chateaubriand Beef Wellington Coq au vin Beef bourguignon Bolognese sauce Pacific Rim Cuisine, use fresh local ingredients with Pacific Rim cooking styles

Wondering the point of this.

Second rise coming. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls in the morning it pretty awesome.

The Hawaii 14 day quarantine for all people coming to the islands is a joke with no enforcement. We’re seeing obvious visitors all over the place. This will not turn out good.

Reminds me of the old management quote “only expect what you inspect”

“Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


It was so nice getting back in the ocean at Hapuna. Beautiful day, down the coast Hualalai was clear, up the coast Maui was clear across the channel. The Westin Hapuna beach resort is austenisibly closed. Saw a few people up there.

We took the boys to Hapuna Beach state park today. The beach is closed, but the ocean is open. A few manage to ignore that and lounge on the sand. We also talked to some people who said they’ve been on the Island for 3 days, so much for the mandatory 14 day quarantine.

My wife is more analog than me, she is getting punchy and can’t wait to get outside in any way shape or form. I’m content to wait, I have the world at my fingertips.

When the work-a-day routine comes, they will come and I’ll long for the days with no kulena (responsibility).

Sunset at the Kona old airport park. This was the original airport in Kona. That pavement was the runway. It’s rare to not have cars here.

With things slooooowly opening. Took a walk down at Kona’s old airport beach park. The park is not open to cars yet. Nice to be by the ocean again.

For an old guy the Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtape on Apple Music is great Saturday afternoon music.

Was finally able to schedule my cataract surgery for the end of the month. This was a result of a detached retina repair back in December. I will need a COVID test before the surgery. Will be nice to finally get it done, the one blurry eye drive me crazy.

If I had to go back to work on Monday ... (which is very unlikely).

It’s been a challenging but very productive 55 days.

When we moved into our condo 15 months ago, we had too much stuff. Some of it went under beds, some into a storage locker and even more into a storage closet in our condo.

We’ve gone through all of that stuff and brought it under control. We eliminated the storage locker and lot of old clothing and beddings from under beds. We also got rid of old tech, chargers, cables and cruft. We bought a vacuum storage bag system to store the bedding and heirlooms we want to save. I have a quilt that my great grandmother made, this will go to my daughter when I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

We corralled our digital storage. Dozens of thumb drives and old back ups is all consolidated and condensed to a couple of 4TB drives. This took longer than I thought. It’s very nice to know exactly where to look for an old file or photo. Organized all of my iPhono photo stuff (lots of Moment lenses) and found my Illum Lytro Camera. It’s still a good camera for specific things. Can’t wait till we can go out again so I can play with this stuff.

Caught up on the movie and TV series watch list. Still working through the Marvel catalog. While cleaning, found a box set of 7 old Pre-Disney Fox Marvel movie DVDs, I think this came from when I was managing a Bose reseller. Mandalorian was awesome, going back a rewatching some of those episodes as well as old Star Wars movies and series.

Cleaned out Instapaper and my website which included rebooting and rebranding my old web company.

Finally we reorganized our home finances, eliminated a few fringe subscriptions, found better deals on some others and updated our investments to take advantage of the dip in the stock market. Only down 3% YTD.

Viable job opportunities are starting to bubble to surface, so there’s light out there, but realistically, it will another month.

What’s next?

The last photo that I took the day before I was laid off and the Stay at Home was enacted. 54 days now.

Having a lot fun going through the Marvel movies. Both Guardians of the Galaxy movies were very entertaining.

Fake crowd noise is not new. What's old is new again.

All of this talk about empty stadiums and simulated crowd noise is not new. I grew up listening to recreations of away AAA Hawaii Islander baseballs games (pre satellite). Fake crowd noise, even the crack of the bat was a stick on a block of wood. Les Keiter did such an amazing job, for years I thought it was real. I did an interview with Les in the 80s, Don’t think I still have that tape (still looking).…

Les Keiter

Facebook buys an app, I delete it.

Bye bye Giphy.

Feb 29, 2004. Haven’t seen that much snow on Mauna Kea in years.

This little 50 year old bridge on Alii Drive is being replaced. This is a very busy street so they are assembling a temporary bridge to the left. This will be a fun few month when we start that small detour

Introverts are having the time of their life.

No new COVID cases in Hawaii today, but tourism will still not be back for quite a while, meaning our economy will be on vacation for at least as long. Businesses will open to people with no money.

The Apple Music for me Favorites playlist gets better every week.

After 35 years of having Liberty Mutual for Auto insurance we needed to make change putting monthly cost over relationship.

The current COVID-19 situation has dictated a number of uncomfortable changes.

First time making pretzels, a few steps, but they came out amazing.
There are no pretzel places on the island.

Great news for serious writers with IA writer, but for me I’m trying to eliminate layers to sharing and writing. Just go straight to the app in question.

The Automatic Labs is shutting down their auto analytics service. I had to export my data in 6 mo. increments. I’ve had the device plugged into my car since June 2015. 5,552 individual trips, 56,870 miles 10 mile average, all on an island.

Seems as though this stay at home is changing me. I was never into comics or gaming. Right now I’m 8 movies into the Marvel world, watching in chronological order rather than release order. Now I’m curious about the comics the movies came from. Gaming may be next.

UI finally kicked in, plus the stimulus, My wife is still working (at home). Since I’m not working, I have no extra expenses. We’re actually catching up on some bills. Preparing to dig in for the long haul.

These potential threats make COVID-19 seem so simple

  5. NUKES.

I’m struggling to find things that I actually want to watch on the platform. Even at 10 min

Quibi will add sharing features as the app struggles to find subscribers

Hawaii has not had double digit new daily cases of COVID-19 for over 3 weeks., only 1 active case on Hawaii Island. We are opening up locally very slowly. I’m not really worried about local spreading, I’m very worried about when we let people back on the island.

The Last Dance is down pretty far on my watch list. Down to the final episode of Devs, but still a few other things ahead of the retrospective. Not an NBA fan nor a Bulls fan. Loved Jordan’s college years.

Devs has kind of a Matrixy feel to the concept.

Data is dead, Long Live Data

Phase one of My big stay at home project is winding down.

I have accumulated dozens of external drives over the past 20 years. From 2MB thumb drives to partitioned 4TB behemoths.

They had files that I was moving between computers, work files I wanted to keep in my bag, music from that time in 2005 that I ripped from my collection of 100s of CDs. Photos, lots of photos from computers and ripped from photo CDs from the photo center, back ups of old phones and IOS.

Computer backs ups, I had dozens of those. I even found a back up from my last personal Windows machine in 2003. Then there were the downloads from failed cloud services ( Bitcasa, EverPix, etc etc). Hundreds of pages and photos that were scanned through the years. All of that content from my old web clients, folders upon folders.

The strategy was to move all of the data to a couple of 4TB drives, which took a long time. I used my Mac Mini server to handle moving. It has ample ports and is on all the time.

Then came scrubbing the data. I have 4 tools to help -Chronosync -Automator Folder Zapper action that collapses a folder structure. -A little app called “Find Empty Folders”. MacOS loves to create folders. -Gemini Duplicate finder

The first thing I did was to move all of the music and photos to separate drives using Finder and Chronosync Then collapsed the folder structure, ran Empty folder finder and finally Gemini to find duplicates.

I’d love to automate that, but that’s above my pay grade.

I found many GB of duplicates, as many of the back ups through the years had much of the same data.

Once I had the data down to a manageable and definable level, I moved it to it’s final homes. Ran Gemini again on each drive just make sure.

The photos (632Gb) are on their own drive with a back up that runs weekly. They are also backing up to Google photo and Apple Photos. I’ll spend time scanning and cleaning up those in the coming weeks

The music (216GB) was copied to the Mac Mini drive (Time Machine backed up) so the Music app and Music match can work their magic. It was nice seeing some of my long lost music on my phone. A copy of the music was also kept behind as back up.

Finally there’s the rest of the data (2.5TB). There’s still a lot of file level work to do. I’m sure many files will go away. Once this data is whittled down, I’ll copy it to iCloud Evernote or Google Drive.

All 3 of these drives are backing up to AWS Glacier with Polar app.

Whew, That was harder than cleaning up the analog stuff around the house.

IMO Guys who have to carry a gun around to prove their manhood are lacking in other things.

This extend stay at home has convinced me that when the time is appropriate, I’ll be able to retire without going batshit (not the virus kind) crazy.

At least I should be able to go out and play when that comes.

I’ve tried to play with shortcuts on IOS, but I don’t do complex actions with my phone. If I want to take a photo, I click on the camera. If I want to send an email, I open Airmail.

Working my way through the Marvel Universe chronologically. I’ve seen a few, but not all. Up to Ironman 2

Playing to a specific constituency.

Trump to commemorate National Day of Prayer amid pandemic

This is solution. More than Trump is offering

How To Address Unemployment Like We Mean It

I have the one 4TB drive cloned to a 2nd one. Now using Gemini to do duplicate searches.

During this quality home time, I not only our analog life in order (stuff), I also got my digital affairs sorted. Had dozens of external drives of all sizes going back almost 20 years. Back ups of old Macs, download from defunct cloud services. It’s all on 1 4TB external now.

In the world pre 9/11 and way before COVID-19 back in 2001, We were able to buy coupon books of 6 Aloha Airlines inter-island (Hawaii) flight coupons for $390. No reservation needed, show up, there was a seat, you go. What a time to be alive.

OMG, what a difference a few days makes to the outlook. The IRS finally fixed their website and it took my deposit info AND I received my first UI payment. Still can’t get into the site. but a big improvement.

Force vs Gentle enticement

Both grandsons (12 and 9yo) came to our place in pissy moods today. They buried their heads in their devices (Chromebook and Switch). My wife’s attempts to communicate with them and lure them out of the devices was failing miserably and making all 3 of them upset and just annoying me. She was going on and on about how those devices will ruin their minds.

I finally asked my wife to just go back into the other room and get back to work (she’s working from Home, I’m laid off).

It easier to draw bees with honey than fire. Without saying a thing, I pulled out the 2 tubs of lego from the closet, and started building something across the room. Took about 10 minutes and the younger on put down his switch and came over to see what I was doing and with minutes we was totally involved. It took about 10 more minutes for his older brother 2 join.

We were there for about 3 hours. Not a single mention of their devices. After lunch the older one went back to lego and didn’t pick up his Chromebook the rest of the day.


Our master build has gone mobile. We will start with a better plan tomorrow and lay out and group all of the random lego parts first.

Lego seems to come in only kits these days. Initiated creative play with our grandsons and there are so many random parts from all of the small kits they’ve received through the years it’s hard to make something cohesive. We did have a lot of fun though.

So if a business follows the poor advice of the state or federal government and opens and their staff or customers get #COVID-19 will the government take on the potential liability?

That could be a whole lot of money.

Well, I have a job now, it’s spending all day trying to get through to Hawaii Unemployment. Have not been able to get into my account on the website for a week and all of the phone lines on every island are busy or have full voicemail.

My Grandfather had cut this out, it was in his wallet that was given to me when he passed in 1985. Means a lot today.

Photo of Hilo bay with Mauna Kea taken in 2014 with a Palm Pre phone. Not bad.

IMHO, any other state can open up whenever and however they want, just don’t come to Hawaii until we all see how you all do at home. Don’t bring #COVID-19 here.

I guess everyone in Kona thinks this is over. Lot of traffic on the road, people out walking around. Time will tell

Found exports from 2 more defunct cloud services I had used. StreamNation and Dump Truck. Add that to the exports I found yesterday from Everpix and Bitcasa

Nothing is constant but change.

COVID-19 has forced our hand in an unexpected way.

We had the wheels in motion to relocate to North Dakota late this summer. It’s where my wife is from and all of Her siblings and their families are all there.

Since my Dad passed, I only have my grown daughter here in Hawaii. Our condo was going on the market this week, if is sold, were planning on renting until late summer then moving. I had done a couple of FaceTime interviews and things were looking good. Lower cost of living, more bang for the real estate buck and access to travel while we’re of an age that we still can.

Then COVID-19 ramped up. We were still hopeful, but with oil prices tanking and COVID-19 hitting ND, especially the Indian reservations and University towns it’s not looking so peachy back there right now. Tourism aside, Hawaii looks to be in pretty good shape as the virus goes.

The other small thing is the hot Kona summer is coming and some of the choices we made when we remodeled the condo since my Wife works are home were to offset the heat , and I could also be home for a couple of months. If we went in to a rental, we would have no control over this. She can’t handle heat.

Our hope is maybe a 2021 move. Hawaii’s Tourism may not be back by then, but if the virus in under control and we have a COVID-19 shot, we expect ND may bounce back quicker than Hawaii, the only wild card at that point is what we could get for the condo.

The more things things change, the more they stay the same.

Cheers and Aloha


North Dakota Sunset on the Prairie Hawaii Island Sunset on the Pacific

The amazing simplicity of the iPod Shuffle.

Don’t have to mess with apps and menus, just hit play. Double press the button on the headphone cable to skip to the next song. Simple and intuitive.

Using the quality time we all have to go through external drives I’ve had laying around. Came across my exports of online services that died. Many had lifetime plans (obviously not my lifetime), Everpix and Bitcasa to name a few

Been working on a Mac with a degrading battery for so long, I forgot what it’s like to be free of a power cord for most of the day.

I’ve always loved what Medium has to offer, but I can’t pay for everything on the web. Apps, streaming services, content sites, premium podcasts. Then there’s the ones I need, MS Office, iCloud, apps I use daily. Some things will fall off.

Trump and his Covidiot supporters are going to cause a 2nd wave of COVID and we’ll all be screwed.

Love this photo from NatGeo. So French

PARIS, FRANCE Neighbors share a drink in the alleyway, trying to maintain a safe distance. PHOTOGRAPH BY RICHARD KALVAR, MAGNUM PHOTOS

Finally bit the bullet and unsubscribed from all of the sports team calendars in iCal. Not hopeful for 2020. :-) #Arsenal #Dodgers #InterMilan

How ironic is this article in the April 2020 Hawaii Business Magazine. the hotels are pretty much all closed. #COVID-19

1981 World Series on TV. It was good one. Fernando Valenzuela on the mound for LA in his rookie year. Russell, Cey, Lopes and Garvey on the infield. It’s the last time Dodgers and Yankees have met in the series (11 meetings)

Where printed periodicals fail, received 2 this week that went to press before COVID-19 was on our shores. Not a mention. This also bleeds over into the digital versions of those that are print first. Only publications that are digital first can flip content on a dime.

Got the boys out of the condo or some air, and water.

I’m sorry, but if those Trump states want to end the stay at home, let them go out and get sick. Since there’s no open testing available, they’ll have good old time. Just don’t go anywhere else.

Setting up rarely used 2015 rMBP for daily use. The battery on my workhorse 2014 rMBP is fading fast and can’t get it replaced right now. It’s amazing how few apps that I need to use a Mac on a daily basis. -Airmail -Twitterrific -Safari -Net News Wire

A number of years ago I got my info from RSS feeds (after BBS died). Then came Twitter, Facebook (for a short while) and other Social Media outlets, many short lived. With the advent of COVID-19 and NNW on IOS, I am back on RSS as my first daily source of info.

Actually have the time to stand here and watch this #stayathome

COVID-19 May be flattening out, but the majority of people never got it, what the Plan for that??

I’m as much if not more of a sports fan as the average person. Played Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Golf, Basketball, canoe paddling and a bit of soccer in my life, Huge fan of #Dodgers #InterMilan #Arsenal #BvB But I’ll wait till we get it all right in the new world order

Apple has been busy today. I hope it’s what everyone wants. We’re OK here, everything still works this morning.

If Fauci get’s fired, he can work for a public think tank and talk to whoever he wants and we can ll listen to him.

On another note, I’ve become my Father, listening to classical music, by choice.

When we were kids, he offered to pay my Brothers and I us to sit on the sofa and listen to Classical, we turned it down.

Look at me now Dad

BTW, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Love it how I take a photo on my phone, open it to edit and share and my phone says unable to download.
I JUST F-N TOOK THE PICTURE!! Did is skip my phone and go straight to some server.

Thanks #Apple

Hawaii is probably the flea on the tail of the dog in this crisis. We won’t see even a hint of a recovery until the rest of the world is on that path.

Trump has no say in it. Its Governors and local leaders.

But we do have this in the meantime.

1984 Los Angeles Olympics. I was living in Redondo Beach at the time.

It doesn’t matter if business reopens if no one has discretionary income to spend

I think it’s total Shibai that young people won’t vote for Biden for some odd reason or in protest rather than simply supporting the party.

If that’s the way they think, they deserve Trump and the damage he’s creating for decades to come.

Seems like not that long ago when we were told people over 60 should stay home, but everyone else should go to work and carry on. #COVID19

40 years of working. First raw was Oahu and California (TGI Fridays), 2nd 2 rows Hawaii Island

Just found out Ola Brew is open. Gonna get these two guys filled.

Quibi is interesting. Good quality work, though sometimes it takes some scrolling to find something that I want to watch.

The reality of the situation is that loosening the lockdown is one thing, but people feeling OK with travel & gathering is an entire different issue.

How long will it take for small businesses to rehire. How long will it take for regular people to recover financially.

Had these seats for a couple of season in the mid 80’s. Courtesy of G&G produce.

Grandsons and their friends have been arguing for 10 minutes about who will be “it” in Simon says.

We put together 2 Anki Overdrive sets with the Grandsons today. 8 cars to choose from.

On another side, I have scanned to trashed 90% of the paper in my life. Even old magazines and newspapers I was saving. #StayingHome

Since we’re moving to N. Dakota, if Trump gets reelected, we could just go up to Canada for a few years.

The old Honolulu Stadium. This was torn down in 1976, it’s a park now. I went to AAA baseball, all levels of football, and concerts there growing up and played football there for Pop Warner and High School.

Signed up for Polar Backups It’s an easier way to use AWS Glacier. Paid for 5tb got 5tb bonus. Uploading those old drives laying around. Using the Mac Mini that sits in a cabinet always on and has ample ports to hang drives off of.

The networks all obsessed with cleaning groceries.

Famed investor Warren Buffett once said it was “only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked”

The tide is way the hell out this time.

Organizing cables and chargers. Reticent to toss audio cables since there is no more Radio Shack or Circuit City to run to.

Buckets - This time will end and then we can go back to the beach

Interesting the the penultimate battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi was on a lava covered planet amongst the lava, while the final battle between Kylo Ren and Rey was amongst the waves and water.

If I get sick, I’m sure it will because this guy is blowing the virus all over the place.

The Macs in our house are all 2014/15 vintage -11” Air -13” rMBP -Mac Mini -12” MacBook Early 2015

Macs that came out in that period weren’t perfect, but are workhorses and are still working. All but Mac Mini are SSD. Also, I was managing a Mac Reseller and got them at cost.

Getting to the last couple of boxes of personal stuff that has followed me for years ahead of our big move. Found this #RollingStone from May 20 1976

The politics of the time are fascinating as well as the ads.

Will scan and upload it this week

Harkening back to days when people could just hang out and watch a sunset.

Program from Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band August 31, 1987 2nd Row seats

Went to the show with 30 people I worked with at the TGI Fridays I managed. A large group of us stood in line for tickets for the group (4 ticket limit). Had a keg in the park prior to the show.

Any Jazz fans? - here’s the program from the 1966 Monterey Jazz Festival -Gil Evans -Carmen McRae and Duke Ellington -John Handy The advertisements are worth the ride to a different era.…

I last worked in advertising (radio and digital) prior to COVID-19. When this finally winds down (weeks or months), I think the local advertising market will be a vast wasteland. Only a few businesses will have the resources to ramp up quickly.

Tres Amigos palms. We did it, we went outside. On a private road though.

More personal treasure. Found this weekly reader from 1965. Our address was in Ownings Mills, MD. We were only there for about 18 mos. before moving to Hawaii

Found this photo in my Dad’s stuff of a lava flow In Kapoho in Puna in 1978. Kind of what it feels like with COVID-19

I had a Palm Pre before I had an iPhone, back when the iPhone was only with ATT. I really liked the cards style interface. The phone itself was wanting, but the software was ahead of its time.

Can people wear a mask that filters what they say?

Lined up a couple of boxes for scanning and shredding while catching up on podcasts this non-weekend.

After feeding my starter yeast today, it was ready. Making my first sourdough. In the stretch and fold phase now. Will put it in the fridge and do the bulk rise and bake tomorrow. Fried up some of the starter to get a preview taste. Nice and tangy, just sour enough.

The Broadcast app gave me all of the RTE Irish radio stations. A nice diversion.

Homemade. Fits nicely. From reusable shopping bag.

I’ve been through gas shortages, dock strikes, the result of terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, lava flows and recessions, but never imagined a pandemic in my lifetime. The only think I think I’ve missed is a tornado.

I can play too. 20 years ago, I still had my cafe in Hilo. Sure glad I don’t own one now. #throwbackThursday

Baking can be fun, when time allows, like now. Baked Italian bread and Irish Soda bread today. Both came out great.

Wacky spring weather. It’s beautiful where we are, but We just got a flash flood warning because of what’s up Hualalai mountain.

If it looks like Pandemic it will go on for months, we will accelerate our planned move to North Dakota (where wife is from). I sent a couple of resumes just fishing, heard back in 30 min. In Hawaii you can wait weeks to hear back.

So far so good. First attempt.
Back story, I was never a baker. I was a classic chef. Didn’t have the patience and being a non-conformist, I don’t follow recipes. The bakers always kept to themselves and worked alone. I was social and loved the big kitchens with large casts.

Hawaii posts the latest COVID-19 numbers daily between 12 and 12:30pm Still waiting…

Seems as though Safari tabs open on other devises is no longer showing up on my IOS devices. Have taken to Airdropping the site. Hoping it’s just a bug, I use the feature a lot.

I was both a Nextel and Sprint customer in the past (also Cingular). Been with T-Mobile for a while. For once, I’m with the company doing the acquiring.

Interesting dynamic, my wife has worked at home for the past 18 mos. and I have worked at resorts and out on the road. It’s her fuse that is getting shorter and I am the one chillin and going with the flow. Maybe it’s that I’m invading her space.

The major media outlets still defer to the office of the President as if we had a fully functioning human being serving in that position.

I don’t really trust Social Media Companies, but then I’ve had multiple BBS accts, Six Degrees, MySpace, Photobucket, Friendster, spent a lot of time on Compuserve & and more. Only account had an issue with was my 1st Twitter acct. Now only MB, Twitter and Mastadon

Societies war in leaves continues.

Probably blowing the virus everywhere too.

I guess apple engineers are more productive at home. Updates coming fast and furious.

Over the past couple of years I have purchased everything that I need to get serious about iPhoneography. During this pause in life, I’m going to be getting back into it

They all seem bad when you're in the middle

I’m old enough to have been through a few crises.

1971 Dock strike - the mother of all toilet paper (and Spam) hoarding. Hawaii is a group of islands, everything is shipped. 130 day strike.

When I was a kid, there was the Arab Oil Embargo in 1973 I didn’t drive, but my Dad was the spokesman for the local gasoline dealers and was on the TV news every night. Seemed bad, people couldn’t get gas.

Early 1980s recession in the United States - Tourism took a hit, therefore Hawaii jobs

There was the first New York Trade Center bombing in 1993

9/11 - that’s all you need to say.

2006 Kiholo Earthquake - Earthquakes are brutal, they hit with no warning and can do devastating damage in an instant. With Hawaii Island being so rural, no one is coming to help quickly.

Great Recession - Lost our home, lost our jobs, bankruptcy. We got through it, but still have the scars.

2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and Hawaii Tsunami An entire house was washed in to Kealakekua Bay and the lobby of the King Kamehameha Kona Beach hotel was trashed weeks after it was renovated.

Hurricane Iselle 2014 - We’ve had a lot of near misses through the years on Hawaii Island, but this one was very close.

2018 Puna Lava Flow Even though the volcano is on the other side of the island to us, the volcanic haze was stifling. Tourism tanked, it was dangerous to go out side. We still have the big are purifier that we purchased - just in case. The volcano will blow again, hopefully when I’m gone.

Then there’s COVID-19. We’re still in the middle of this one. The numbers say this will be the worse. With social media and prevalent TV news (and Trump) it feels worse, though every crisis seems bad when you’re in the middle of the uncertainty and see no path forward.

Life is brutal, it makes no promises. Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8.

Trump probably thinks only Democrats are going to die from COVID-19

I’m keeping a good attitude not letting things that I can’t control overly bother me, then I accidentally come across a clip of Trump’s campaign speech er presser.

Gets up and walks to whisky cabinet.

175 cases in Hawaii now. But they tell us what Island but not what communities the cases are in.

Memories of youth.

I remember going to the ‘71 and ‘72 and ‘74 Sunshine Crater Festivals as a young teen. We lived a couple of miles from Diamond Head. My friend Chuck Jackson and I rode our bikes. We had to lock them outside the crater, wouldn’t let us take them in. If I recall tickets were like $3.

We saw Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles, but didn’t realize the significance at the time. Also saw Richie Havens, he was amazing. Tower of Power, One distinct memory for a young teenage boy was all of the scantily clad or partially unclad young ladies.

There was the main stage, shown in most of the pix, but also a Jazz stage and Hawaiian Music stage. Pakalolo (weed) was prevalent. First real exposure to it. Went on to ‘inhale’ much more in my youth.

What and experience. Our litigious society (and possibly viruses) will insure we never have another one.…

I must be a very simple person, I judge a film for entertainment value. Did it help me escape for a couple of hours? Many average films are still entertaining.

Got my wild sourdough yeast starter going, in the meantime, gonna make Irish Soda Bread tomorrow. And so it begins.

Every store in Kona is out of baking yeast. Irish Soda bead it is.

It was so nice to get out, breathe in the salt air. Keauhou Bay was nice. Not a lot of people there.

Uncertainty abounds. Consolidating finances, canceling many subscriptions, thinking seriously about others. Sure we’re no the only ones, there will be financial ripples.

I need to find tech podcasts with hosts that are regular middle class nerds. Most of them seem to be by people who worked for Apple or Google and are financially set and complain about things I’ll never see or somehow can buy every new piece of tech that comes out.

What will be?

Lots of early unknowns, ambiguities and anxiety about what will be when this winds down.

-Who will get rehired at their job and who won’t? -Which restaurants and other businesses won’t reopen? -What public attractions and distractions will stay closed? -How long before we can feel safe in a pub? -Will we ever be able to shake hands and hug again? -How many sports franchises will shut down? -What will the new normal be for vacation travel? -Will any airlines tank and airfares go up do to less capacity when people are ready to travel? -What effect will this all have on the real-estate market? -Will mortgage defaults tank that market like in 2008?

On a personal level, can we afford to stay in Hawaii?

We’ll likely make a quick decision, as early as the end May, if this drags on. Worry about

On a #StayatHome diversion note, just got Out of the Park Baseball 21 for Steam.

Wanted to do some bread baking, guess everyone else had the same idea. Stores out of flour, yeast and buttermilk (for Irish soda bread). oh well, try again next week, there’s plenty of time.

Our internet speed is down by about 30-40% since stay at home started. This is the issue with cable internet, its daisy chained. I can’t get DSL cable in our location

Hawaii COVID19 numbers are still suspect. There were 1500+ tests over last weekend, at pop up locations, but the number of cases have only scantly gone up.

Everyone in the great state of California, hunker down and be safe. Sounds like it’s gonna get much worse, especially down South.

I think Hawaii is in for a major reboot of our tourism centric economy. I don’t see people getting back to regular, full scale vacation travel for a long time. We recovered relatively quick from Gulf War1, 9/11, 2008 Depression and the Lava Flow, but this one runs deep.

Lots of website are crashing or freezing, but I was able to cancel all of my sports streaming service subscriptions. Will add them back when sports come back. The only one still active is ESPN+, it’s part of Disney+ package.

Went out into the wild to get something notarized. Got a smoothie and my favorite place to support them, but found out they are closing tomorrow, the owner’s wife just got home Brazil, they’re in quarantine. Said they’ll be back when they can.

The $75,000 income from 2 years ago is aribitrary. I made that much in 2018, but have since changed jobs, make less and are now laid off

Prelim 7.8 Earthquake E of Kuril Island Pacific wide Tsunami watch

I have a better Microphone than a lot of these people remoting in for TV stations. Come on guys, step up your game

Hawaii is closed for 5 weeks.

Get this, the ocean is open, but the beaches are closed. Need to work on levitation or the long jump.

Doing some hunkered down and home cleaning. I am always reticent to toss old chargers and cables. Since there aren’t any computer stores left and the only choices are Office Max, Target or Amazon (2-5 days away), I just keep my own just in case supply for us and our extended family.

Hawaii Governor proclaimed stay at home until April 30. This will be a long 38 days. Sit on my lanai and look out at the beautiful Hawaiian weather.

The #Dodger schedule is still in my calendar. At some point I’ll delete it.

All of the talking heads on TV have an “abundance of caution” The new catch phrase

Well, there’s a 14 day quarantine for anyone entering Hawaii. Don’t come if you were considering it. See you on the back end.

Growing up in Hawaii. I recall stories as a kid of the times post Pearl Harbor. Curfew, rations, stay inside, social upheaval. This feels like that #COVID19

Working our way through the snaking line at Costco Kona, trying to keep distancing. If there are no community passes cases here this morning, maybe it’s not here yet. Only 3 travel related cases in the island so far.

Wasn’t that long ago (Sept / Oct) when I was still managing at Marriott, we had a Flu mini epidemic. I had 6-8 of my 75 person staff out every day for weeks.It was hitting all departments at the resort as well as community wide in Waikoloa and Kona.

Seems so quaint now.

The last times I recall Alii Drive being this empty was in the early 90s and 2008-09. No visitors.

Hawaii still had only 16 COVID19 cases, but measures are being taken. The food court at a shopping area in a resort is coned off and a rental car company is storing a bunch of cars at the back of the parking lot.

The new iPad Pro and Magic keyboard look amazing, but I need a couple of devices to die before I can justify anything new (Macbook 12 and and iPad). Though we will replace my Wife’s iPhone 8 with the the 9 plus. she loves her home button.

Current office. Had to get out. No quarantine here yet, but no one wants to talk until we see if COVID19 is going explode here or continue the dribble of cases in Hawaii.

I’m in Media sales. I’ve been out talking with and emailing lots of local businesses about the current situation. My top observation being out and about is lack of communication from business about who is open and in what form. Just a sign on their door.

Well, we have our first COVID-19 case on Hawaii Island. Was bound to happen. They just started testing here yesterday. People can stop playing make believe now.

The last economic crisis I was doing exactly what I am doing now, selling media. That crisis was a slow motion train wreck, it took months to materialize. This one is more like a plane crash. It’s happening so fast businesss are in a sense of shock.

If the numbers Hawaii State have released are to be believed, we’re monumentally screwed. 7 positive COVID-19 cases. 42 negative. So we’ve only tested 49 in a state of almost 1 million with 100 thousand of visitors a month. Hoping, wishing and dreaming are not a plan.

Had a small web and media company 12 years ago. Closed it down when I went back into F&B. Being back in Media, I see there is still a need for web services for small to med. sized business, so I’m restarting the company. Different name: HawaiiBoy Media. Soft launch

Three websites that have stood the test of time and remain useful Wikipedia Craigslist The Wayback Machine

One benefit on living in Hawaii, before going to bed, I see posts from people in UK just waking up, people on the US East Coast who can’t sleep, people on the West Coast getting home or working late,

I have no clue what people in the Far East are doing as I go to bed.

Not sure what to think, only 4 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hawaii, but not much testing up until yesterday. Based on a population of almost 1 million and what’s been going on elsewhere, it’s bound to go up, but then…

Because of the rain the pool and grilling area had some natural social distancing. I took the opportunity to grill out some chicken and burgers for lunch.

We’re getting some proper rain in Kailua Kona. Good day to stay in and avoid people.

Sometimes it impossible to look up something on Google when every article seems to be behind a paywall. I can only afford to subscribe to so many.

Aloha Friday Ola Brew Porter on this St Patrick’s weekend.

looking more and more like European football is going to get a massive reboot.

Inbox is filling up with sales to set up my home office. These companies don’t know me like Amazon does (though this may not be a good thing)

Well. No gatherings, no sports, no movie theaters, no group functions, all events canceled, no one flying that doesn’t have to, visitor counts dropping, but with only 2 confirmed cases in Hawaii and none on Hawaii Island, we all still have go to work and act as if everything is OK.

Mobile operators need to waive any fees or speed throttling for their hot spot feature.

On another note, I miss the old PalmOS from the Palm Pre. #Cards

I guess no sports for the foreseeable time forward. Movie binge coming up. Gonna pull up some old classics to revisit.

Took a side trip to see some businesses in North Kohala. Low cloud ceiling on the mauka (upper) road back to Waimea

Red Breast … neat

I’ll have my own St. Patrick’s parade from my chair to the liquor cabinet.

My wife switched to a home based position with her company a year ago. It took her 6 months to get comfortable with working at home. When i had my own Web company 12 years ago based at home, it took a while to get used to going to an office.

Guy just walked into Starbucks with a Dell tower in a Target bag. No outlets available so he’s just standing there with his coffee staring at everyone. Strange

You know what no one says on his death bed? “If only I could have snarked more from the sidelines.”

My wife put some happiness in my bathroom. Literally

Reading average aged of deceased due to the Virus is 80. The average human life span has been going up for decades, will CoronaVirus reverse that trend worldwide?

Great story. I managed restaurants for 30 years. It’s a tough bussiness, especially for a manager when the owner doesn’t understand restaurant economics.…

My Wife and I don’t have a lot of investment, but what we do have is important. Had a talk with our investment guy. He’s done good for us. His opinion, the economy is hitting the pause button to the sort this out. This big issue is rather this lasts weeks, months or years.

Spent some focused time setting up Drafts workflows for work. I’m an Acct. Exec for a local media Co. (local direct and digital). I’ve used Filed Notes Front Page notebooks to capture. Moving to digital capture. Mostly Drafts to Bear Note.

It’ll be harder to link to our CRM

The top was my desk 10 years ago. I has a web design and media company, ran an outrigger canoe racing association. The bottom now. I just work for someone else’s media company and that’s all.

We were supposed to go to Milan and Parma (from where my Italian family hails) this May, but in December we postponed the trip a year due to a family reunion in N. Dakota this summer. Turned out to be a fatefully good turn of events. #CoronaVirus

Spent some time setting up some Drafts actions. I think it will work. I have also worked Tot into my workflow as an on the fly scratch pad. Using share sheet, I can send these notes to Drafts and deal with them there or Trello where I do have lifting.

I’ve had the drafts app for a while, but never have worked it into my workflow. It just sits there. Think I’m gonna take some time and figure if it will work for me.

The Wales rugby team are not guys that I’d fancy running into in a pub after a loss.

A hedge on local supply shortages. It’s only 2 of us, but better safe.

Being on an island, Local people will generally load up on paper supplies and Spam during longshoremen labor disputes, hurricane warnings and now pandemics. #Hawaii

My wife usually gets me a 6-pack of Guinness for St Paddy’s day. This year She got me a case. I must’ve been a good boy.

I want to see one of these “Beautiful” tests.

This little #Arsenal branded mini phone charger is the perfect companion for my #LightPhone2 Extends it for days

My Twitter feed is getting more baseball everyday. Spring is upon us.

Rewatching the first season of Fargo. It may have been the best so far. The cast was awesome.

Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. - Satchel Paige

A few years back when I owned a Cafe in Hilo, Hawaii, I remember reading a quote that roughly said “If your business closed today, would any of your customers miss you?” I think the same can be said about social media.

This rooster lives in this parking fronting a Starbucks.

I’m a moderate with liberal tendencies and Sanders makes me nervous. I imagine anyone to the right of me will feel even more so.

The Coronavirus is kind of like the Trump presidency. It’s gonna get a lot worse before we get over it.

Typically Don Julio 1942 is great on its own, but a splash of Combier with a lemon twist adds a little something different for a warm Hawaiian Sunday afternoon.

My sense is a lot of the electorate is annoyed by the current political doings by Trump et al, but aren’t really pissed off enough to do something of substance… like vote.

Really thinking our democracy is going to have to get a lot more broken, before people get mad enough to force a change. So much apathy in the electorate

My walk through a warehouse of lumber from locally sourced woods

Things are looking better. #ArsenalWomen have drawn level and #Watford have added insurance.

“I don’t think about what I think as much as you think about what I think.”

Had a chance to stop by Kamuela Hardwoods on this windy Waimea day. All Hawaii Island sourced woods. Mango, Milo, Koa, O’hia and many more. Makes me want to build something.

Another one bites the dust. Due to Hawaii’s room temperature being in the 80s, I usually add one small ice cube, but having a little head cold, it actually tastes good neat.

I’m not thoroughly convinced any of the Democrats can beat Trump, considering the Republicans will pull out all of the stops, legal or otherwise coupled with an apathetic voters (or non-voters). Voter turn out on Super Tuesday will be the telltale sign.

Lying in bed listening to the rhythmic calls of the morning birds. Don’t want to get up.

Playing pool chaperone at the pool for the Grandsons and their friends. P

Enjoying a Saturday afternoon watching the #Dodgers beat the Giants. First Spring Training game, but Opening day is only 32 days away.

On another note, the (D) debate has sunk in. Overriding thought; no one is talking about what they can/will do and how that can beat Trump, only talking about the other guys. Tell me what your plan to beat Trump is.

Finishing up week 2 in my return to previous career selling media. Have met with over 100 businesses. Written a couple of orders. Most of my time had been reconnecting old connections with people. Rule 1, be nice to everyone, you never know when they’ll circle back around

The older I get the more I dislike pre-game sports shows and post-game analysis shows. I just want to watch match and see it for myself.

Pier One filed today. The store in Kona store closed last month. My wife already misses it. Our decor is classic Pier One style.

I liked going in and picking out the perfect glass for a specific cocktail I was making.

Installed the Level Smart lock today. It look longer to clean up the paint build up on the door frame so it closes smoothly than it did to install the Level.…

With my recent job change, I’m cleaning up my contacts. I have 5 contact for people who have deceased that I just can’t delete.

Never really been a Chi-town sports fan, but seeing the Chicago basketball greats talking story on TNT was pretty amazing.

I closed my Dropbox account a few years ago and moved everything to a local drive and server. Many of those files go back over 10 years. Had some fun going through it yesterday.

All technology should be assumed guilty until proven innocent. David Brower

After a morning flurry of a trip to Target and Costco, the rest of the day has been a lazy Saturday catching up on the stuff in the DVR.

How can a tech company offer lifetime anything when they don’t even know if they will be around after the next funding round.

I just found my exported archive. Lots of great conversations.

I’m not a cat person, I can tolerate a few cats now and then in my feed, but I know when there are too many cats, it’s time to close the app. Now dogs are a different story.

Been like this for 2 days and will likely be around another day or two.

The Academy Awards will not air in Hawaii for another 10 min, but all the results are posted everywhere, guess we’ll just watch a movie.

Been an Evernote user since early on - about 2008, but I’m not thrilled with where it’s gone. The Mac app has issues.

Was able to import all of the my notes to the Notebook app and am in the process of also moving them all to Google Docs

We have guests staying over, so I’m using my wife’s bathroom. Looking at the bottles on the shelf, reminds me of this Richard Jeni (RIP) piece.…

Start my new job Monday; 8-5, Mon-Fri, Holidays off. I’ve avoided this most of my life working in hospitatlity. Worked nights (got home after midnight) with week days off the last few years. This will take some getting used to.

A lot of nerds seem to be very critical of Apple at every turn. All of my stuff just works, and the few times it hasn’t, Apple Support was excellent. Just had another good experience with support.

Twitter is my firehose of information, is my curated garden hose that keeps the garden green

New job secured. For the first time in many years, I’m not managing anyone, only me. Though that will likely change within a year.

Back to regular hours and work weeks for the first time in as many years.

Unsubscribed from all of the job emails and deleted a slew of apps.

Watching the Last Waltz - The Band

One my all time favorites.

I think everyone here knows that Iowa’s problem wasn’t that they had an app, it’s that they didn’t test it. A few years ago I changed from timing canoe races from timing clocks and clipboards to a timing app. Tested the app 10 races before rolling it out. (Pocket Timer Pro).

Interstellar on FXX and Arrival on SYFY. Is something coming … or going

From my days managing an Apple reseller and service center. At least 20% of the population (all age groups) will have trouble with any app other than Messages and Facebook. Even mail gives them trouble.

That might even be a conservative number.

Looking back

I’ve been job hunting for the past few weeks after getting out of a toxic sitiuation. Expecting an offer tommorow, if it’s as discussed, I will accept it and be back at work Monday next. I wanted to look back on my working life. My next job will be my 28th, hoping it’s my last. My first job I was a Junior in High school and was night manager of a Sub and Pizza place. I later spent 10 years with TGI Fridays when I was younger - Hawaii and So. California Mid carreer I owned my own cafe in Hilo, Hawaii for 9 years. I also owned a Website and social media company for 7 year.

Things I’ve done

  • Line cook
  • Fry cook
  • Buyer / steward
  • Kitchen manager
  • Regional Kitchen manager
  • Restauant manager
  • Restaurant General Manager
  • Account Manager - Beer Distributor
  • Promotions manager - Beer Distributor
  • Chain sales manager - Beer Distributor
  • Food Service Sales manager - Food Broker
  • Branch Manager - Kailua-Kona - Beer Dostributor
  • On-Premise Sales Manager - Liquor and Wine Distributor
  • Restaurant owner
  • Account Manager - radio group
  • Sales Manager - radio group
  • Digital media company owner
  • IT and development at Private K-12 school
  • Store Manager - Apple and Bose retailer
  • Department manager - Resort Hotel
  • Sr. Restuarant Manager - Resort Hotel Some of these I did more than once Whew, quite the pachet of skills.


The staccato of roofing staples will be with us the next couple of days.

I’ve been on Twitter for a decade, constantly curating my feed. Always a work in progress. Dropped FB a long time ago. Was an early adopter to, it morphed into a creators network. I’ve tried most new things. Still figuring out how I want to use

Being pretty much a life long Cowboys fan, I have no love for the 49ers (think “The Catch”). Go Chiefs!

There were 2200 photos in my Instagram download. Will work on getting them all on my personal website

Exported my Instagram data and closed that account. Also deleted TikTok after a short spell. Ponied up the $10 for ++. The move from the dark side continues.

Apple TV+ Little America was excellent. I hope they make more.

After all of the beautiful weather in Waimea, we came home to nice cooling rain as the sun sets. Perfect weather for an old fashioned.

I have not had good brisket on Hawaii Island in years, this despite a number of BBQ food trucks popping up. Sonny Bryan’s in Dallas spoiled me for life.

The new Fantastical update looks amazing, but a I’ve been using Mokeskin #Timepage on my phone for a while and like it a lot

There’s still some snow up on Mauna Kea Beautiful Parker Ranch horses by the back road.

Had to post one looking the other way as we walk back to the car. Love it up in cool Waimea

I moved to Hawaii island in ‘91. Lived Here in Waimea for 5 years before moving to Hilo for 15 years.

Waimea Cherry blossom festival. Beautiful day with enough trade winds to keep it cool.

I’m reachng my limit of subscription apps and streaming services. Going forward, it will need to replace an existing one or solve a unique problem.

Every time I opened Instagram and was greeted by this message, It felt wrong. I can’t do it anymore. Between Mastadon,, Twitter and my own site, I’m set.

This weekend last, we took the Grandsons to the Kona Living Coffee farm. Demonstrating life on a coffee farm years 1920-45. Very cool

Job hunt

I’ve been out of work for 5 weeks after having left a toxic situation. Though I’ve dropped resumes at select hotels and restaurants, I’m looking elsewhere. I’ve been in hospitalty for most of the past 30+ years, but want to do something different as my working years dwindle.

I’ve managed to side step jobs selling life insurance or working in retail.

Looks like I’m down to my final 2 choices. One is sellling radio for the largest media group in Hawaii, the other is branch manager for the largest beverage wholesaler in Hawaii. I’ve done both of these jobs before.

One choice is managing for the beverage wholesaler, established clientele, just grow the maket through paying attention to the cutomer. The current branch manager is retiring. Radio would be digging up new business and trying to mend the relationship with clients who dropped off - I’ve done this before too.

We’ll see.

One thing, it will nice to unsubscrible from all of the job search emails and delete their apps. Indeed Zip Recruiter Career Builder Glassdoor Ladders SnagaJob Linkedin Monster Google Jobs

just wrote a blog post about Kobe’s passing and the broader view of death in general. Holding off on posting it, my thoughts might be a little unpopular.

Getting ready to cut onions reminded me of the interview for my first cooks job at a proper restaurant (The Willows in Honolulu) when I was 19. After we talked for a spell, the chef took me to the kitchen, put 2 onions and. knife in a cutting board and asked me to cut the onions

My wife and I had a nice forward looking talk last night. Going plan on moving to North Dakota in the Spring of ‘21. We want to see if we can keep the condo in Kona to rent out. If not, we’d make a profit. We’re planning a trip there this fall and will get the lay of the land.

Guess not everyone knows that peanuts actually contain… “Peanuts”

It’s come up again, this time more seriously. We may be moving the North Dakota where my wife is from. I’ve spent almost my entire life in Hawaii, but as our working years wind down, it’s about cost of living and maximizing income. Hawaii is beautiful, but expensive.

I bought the Panobook when it came out. love the concept, design and quality. I changed my situation and no longer have a desk For now it sits in a drawer.

Well, looks like Tennessee needs a little defensive upgrades in the off season. Just need the offense to all return.

We can’t see that actual sunset into the ocean from our place, if we do get this.

This job is in Hawaii, they wouldn’t find any intel intelligence in Washington

I am so over sports pre-game shows. Presenters talking for hours about something that hasn’t happened yet.

I’d rather watch a Jason Bourne for the umpteenth time.

Finally saw the Joker. My wife had no interest, but then she’s never been a Batman fan. Quite a dark but very good movie. Loved the cinematography and style. Totally explains what the Joker becomes.

For context, I grew up in Hawaii. I love rock, jazz and classical, but Hawaiian music is in my heart. My favorite album is Gabby Pahinui’s 1973 Rabbit Island Music Festival. There never was as an actual festival, Rabbit island is a bird sanctuary.

I really like this CD from 2004. Wasn’t available in US for many years. Still not a avail digitally.

Aloha to the Apple networking era.

At least until the 5G revolution begins in earnest. When we get it on Hawaii Island, then you know it’s arrived.

I’ve had the same mobile number for 25 years, but I get more spam calls and messages then ones intended for me. may have to finally give the number up and start over.

Day off beverage; Smoked Rum Old Fashioned with homemade vanilla syrup.

Mahalo to Alex of Westside Wines in Kona for turning me on to Diplomatico Aged Rum from Venezuela.

thought I had a bottle of Red Breast buried in the cabinet. Guess not. Off to my favorite spirits merchant. West Side Wines in Kona

seeing lots of early snow pix.

I’ll just leave this here

Truth is, when my wife and I have a bottle of wine, she about about 6 ounces and I drink the other 20.

I always cook something spicy on New Years. Last year was Mexican. This year, some kick butt real N’Orleans jambalaya. Andouille, shrimp, scallops, white fish and lots of spice (my own blend).

The midnight toast. First one with my love in a couple of years

We augmented the Christmas decorations. I work tomorrow, but still have Champagne at the ready

As the holidays wind down. One final toast to the ole nutcracker for 2018 before he goes away till next year

I’m a restaurant manager. I work long hours (compared to most) and late nights. My days off are all over the map. But my wife just goes with the flow and indulges my crazy career choice. I’m so thankful for her, without whom I would be a mess. Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho. I work on Christmas Eve and day. Today is our Christmas 🎄

Back at my old haunt for lunch and a a post renovation look see. I managed here through the reno, but left before if was finished

We installed a large fan in our living room. To protect those large blades, It starts up gradually, But once she gets going, what a difference. It moves some air.

Driving in County Wexford, wrong side of the road (for us). Good times. 5 years ago

My drive home on Alii Drive after a late lunch of Chili Relllenos st @Habaneros Keauhou

Black Whole bourbon barrel aged stout. @bigislandbrewhaus Hawaiian Sunday afternoon

Life often throws difficulties in our paths, but then other times, she throws us a reason to smile. #yellowspotwhiskey

Walked out on the lanai and see Venus and a sliver of a moon setting over Diamond Head.

Holiday pupus with #jwilkes Pinot Noir #weshagen. Made a tomato and roasted pepper soup. Yum 😋

Roasting peppers, Roma tomatoes and red onion. Making a tomato and pepper soup.

We had an amazing early anniversary dinner last evening at #labourgogne Kona. I had the fresh catch on Bouillabaisse and Ann had the Tenderloin. We had a very nice La Ponche Vacqueyras from the Rhône to go with it. Ron and Coleen never disappoint.

The home projects in the condo continue. We went with the dark door knobs on the newly painted doors throughout. Some things seem mundane, but in reality, we may never change them again.

Some mid day caffeine aloha to help get me through the coming late night

Sitting around, getting drunk and listening the some classic Hawaiian music. Remembering #cyrilpahinui

Pele, we love you and all, but feel free to stay on an extended break. #clearAir

I had this pix made for Christmas cards when I was sales manager at a radio station. The caption was “always working for you…even when I’m not”

Our new sunset view, at least in the fall. Still beats our previous place. This one will be long term

I’m glad there’s a few football matches on today #thearsenal

Hmm. 3rd Apple event in a row that I’m sitting out and not buying anything. Everything we have still works

Hoping to replace all of these with the #neeo It’s not going very well

Well it’s done we’re just about all moved. Just s little cleaning in the old place

Had the extreme pleasure of seeing Henry Kapono, Jerry Santos and Kamuela Kimokeo at the Kahilu theater tonight. What a show. Lots of original C&K and Olomana music

It’s very clear even with all of the lava flows and. brush fires

Digital to Analog shift

Digital to Analog shift

I recently took a job as a Retaurant outlet manager at a major resort here on Hawaii island. I have spent many years in the Food Service industry, both on the restaurant side and on the suppler side (food and liquor).

The most notable of my past experience was a 9 year stint with TGI Fridays restaurants back in the 80s and owning my own cafe in Hilo, Hawaii from 1995–2004. I was mostly either kitchen manager, floor manager or general manager. I was also promotions manager for a Miller Beer Distributor, sales manager at a food broker and an account manager for a wine and liquor wholesaler.

Embracing technology…

During the 11 years from 2004 -present I was mostly out of the foodservice industry. I spent 5 years working for a radio group owned by an old associate, this is when I made a shift towards tech. I have always been a nerd, my Dad used bring home HeathKit computer kits, I had an Apple II, and IBM PC, an early Toshiba laptop, and always tried to bring technology into places that I managed. My Dad used by purchase software packages and give them to me to figure out, them put them on his computer and show him how it worked. While at the radio station I started my own Website development company. I’ve built over 70 sites and currently manage 30 of them, though I will be closing down that company this spring.

All of this time I was a neck deep in the latest gadgets, software and technology available. I had everything.

When I left the radio group, I became IT and Advancement manager at a local non-denominational private school. Hualalai Academy was an all Apple school. 70 iPads in the lower School, All Macs for the faculty, 2 Mac Servers, 10 Airport Extremes and over a dozen iMacs. While I was there, we decommissioned over 40 eMacs. This job was geek’s dream.

Unfortunately due to the economy and a poor admissions policy, the school closed in 2013 after 20 years. Lucky for me, the store manager job at a local Apple Specialist and Bose retailer became available. I knew the owner, I’ve purchased Macs from them personally and for the school.

Becoming the manager at an Apple and Bose retailer was like geek heaven. I was able to talk to and hang around other nerds and have access to the latest stuff. I was at the epicenter of nerdville for 2 years. People walked in and expected us to know the answer or just talk about the new stuff. The store would fill up after any Apple keynote or announcement. The first time I took my Apple Certifications tests, I was ranked as high as 45th in the world for 3 weeks.

Falling out of love…

This was fun for a while, but after a number of years of running as fast as I can to keep up with the leading edge of technology, I was getting tired. It may sound strange, but I wanted to get back in to hospitality. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of tech in Food and Beverage with reservations systems, computers for purchasing, tracking costs and scheduling, but the most important part of a food service manager’s job is people.

There are the employees, the chefs, the cooks, the stewards and especially the customers. Then there’s the food and beverage, not much room for technology there. Our chef has a 2 shelves of cook books.

I’ve been in the job for a month now. I open my Mac maybe once a day, pick up my iPad after work and look at my iPhone for text messages or work emails while I’m out of the ofice. My ringer has been off for the entire month. I haven’t purchased any new apps and the only piece of tech that I’ve purchased in the Lytro Illum Camera. I’ve unsubscribed from virtually every tech newsletter I was reading. I don’t even care what happens at CES.

On my days off, I read books, maybe check my Twitter feed once or twice and listen to music. At work, I talk to people all day. A mostly analog life.

I have basically gone off the grid for most of my days. The resort where I manage is a high end residence and hotel resort. We have tech stars, movie and TV stars, rock stars and financiers as guests and for the sake of their privacy, it’s much better to leave the device behind.

It’s actually quite refreshing.

I might need it someday…..Not!

I might need it someday…..Not!

I have a similar story. I went to culinary school and was a chef. I had accumalated a wall of cook books. My passions were Pacific Rim cuisine, Southwestern style and Creole. Every time we moved, I boxed them up, carted them to the next abode and lovingly arrranged them back on their shevles. One day at our previous house, I was looking at that wall of culinary ideas, thoughts and solutions and came to the realization it wasn’t the books that I wanted, it was the content. It was 2008 and I had just become and early user of Evernote and had an idea, what if I scanned the books and put them all into Evernote.

The content of the cook books would be searchable and digital and I’d never have to move them again. Since I didn’t have a book scanner, I took an approach I had at hand. I used a scroll saw, cut the binding off the books, then they were just a stack of recipes. It took a couple of months, but I took apart and scanned all but the rarest and most unique cook books I had.

Now I have a short shelf of about a dozen really good cook books and few special ones in a small box with some out of print books on Hawaiian history.

The real cool part is that I can, for instance, search Evernote for Chicken Florentine and get about a dozen really good choices from among dozens of cook books in seconds. It would have taken quite a bit longer to source even few choices from the actual books.

Simple, but not easy

Post note:

I had a short tenure with this restaurant. I was hired to turn the restaurant around and grow volume. The absentee owner comes from a Fast Food background and didn’t agree with my ideas, even though employees and customers raved about the changes. Since he signs the checks, I left. Cest La Vie or “O ia wale nō ia“

Our ultimate road trip

The view from the Eiffel tower

Our ultimate road trip

so far…

Last summer, my wife and I went on the trip of our lives - to date.

We went to London, Paris and Ireland., which from Hawaii is a haul.

It all began when my wife got notice that she had about 140,000 United Miles that were going to expire later that year. In the winter of 2012, we starting thinking about where we wanted to go. Initially we were planning a trip to the East Coast. My Dad is from Boston and my wife Ann has always wanted to spend some time in New York. I have no interest in New York, but wanted to explore the Boston area. My idea was to base ourselves in Botson and take the train to New York for a few days. Ann wanted to do the opposite. This discussion went on for weeks, when one evening Ann finally said enough with this, do you think we have enough miles to go all the way to Europe?

The next day we called United Air and all of the miles, plus $350 in additional miles would get us from Kona to London and back.

We tentatively booked it for June of 2012 and after clearing the dates with out respective employers confirmed it about a week later.

Now the fun, we had 14 days to fill and lot we wanted to see and do. Ann had London and Paris on her list and I wanted to see Ireland; we managed to get it all in. One Saturday last spring, we took my Mac to Starbucks, sat there and mapped out each day of the trip.

First we figured out where we were going, how we were getting there, then where we were going to stay. We chose to use public transport for most of the trip, but did rent a car in Ireland to get out of Dublin.

In London and Ireland we stayed at Travelodge, which had spartan accomodations, but all we needed was a shower, bed and wifi. They were clean, convenient and price was right. In Paris we stayed in a B&B right in the city. We also traveled with carry-ons only. With all of our moving around and using trains and the underground, we didn’t want to be lugging aroung big bags. This was a challenge, but worked out.

Here’s how it went. We flew into Heathrow, spent 2 nights in London, caught the train to Paris, spent 4 nights in Paris, flew to Dublin, spent 4 nights in Dublin and 2 in Cork, then caught the ferry back the England and the train back to London with 2 more nights there before flying home.

We saw everything we wanted for a first trip. All of the major London attractions, castles and a lot of pubs. We spend a morning in the Louvre (not near enough), went to the Eiffel Tower, walked the Champs, the Siene river and sat in many a cafe. We toured the Guinness brewery, the Jameson’s Distillery, Grafton Street and many more pubs.

We took in Football Matches from the Euro2012 championships in local pubs in all 4 cities. We also met some amazing people and some no so much so.

Rain in London

The one thing that challenged us was the weather, it rained and rained and rained, and it was a lot colder than we had planned for.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. To share the trip with friends and family, we used and app called Mobily Trip which tracked where we went using passive GPS. I added pictures and comments and our family could login to the website and follow our trip in almost realtime. Here the link to our vacation

We also packed a box of stuff we bought during the trip and mailed it home. It wasn’t cheap, but not having to lug that stuff to the airport and to plane trasfers was worth it. We bought an Oyster Card for London transit and pre-paid cards for the attractions we knew we wanted to see. We also got Paris and Dublin transit passees and pre-paid for everyting we could. Pre-paid debit card were very helpful, as debit card use is prevalent in the cities we visited.

For our next act, we’re planning to return the UK in September 2014, but this time stay put and go a layer deeper into London with a possible trip up to Scotland for a couple of days.

Things we learned: Get a prepaid phone with a local carrier. We were pretty much limited to wifi accessibility, which was worse than we were led to believe. We will also pack warmer and really try to go to less places, but see the ones we do go to deeper.

It’s a long way from Hawaii, but well worth the long flights.

Can’t wait till next fall.


Of the people, by the people…

Of the people, by the people…

for the people.

The recent release of those NSA documents sure has opened a pandora’s box. I have not been able to get the whole issue off of my mind since the story first broke. I wonder how far things would have gone if none of this came to light. Let me frame this by saying, I’m not an alarmist or conspiracy theorist and am generally a conservative and believe in a smaller government (I won’t get started on the Affordable Healthcare Act). Though generally I’m inquisitive and look for the “why” in everything. I’m just plain curious. I’m also a direct descendent of Andrew Kimbley who fought in the Virigina Brigade of the Revolutionary war and was a founding father of Louisville Kentucky.

First off, whether Edward Snowden was right or wrong in what he did or how he did it not really important to me at this point, what is important is that he DID stand up and bring something to light we all suspected.

I have some fundamental problems with this entire issue. The United States of America was founded on one basic principal; Freedom from Tyranny. This was the driving force in the revolutionary war. America was the first country in the history of the world to make such quantum leap away from monarchies and autocratic rule to an entirely new system of government built on specific values. A core value of the United States of America is a government by the people as stated in Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. Americans fought hard to gain these freedoms and many lives have been lost protecting them.

The Patriot act has turned this upside down. What was first developed as a means of preventing terrorism has gone too far. We’ve all tolerated the TSA at airports, but in comparison to the NSA, the TSA is a very transparent agency. The NSA operates totally in the dark.

Our American system is based on the people being in control of the government, not vice versa.

I don’t have a problem with the basic surveillance actions of the Patriot Act and the NSA. I fully understand the need to listen for potential terrortist action that may harm American citizens. I also understand that once I make a mobile phone call or send an electronic communication, it’s out there and can be read or heard by someone with the right tools. If I need to tell someone something private, I need to meet them in person or use a dual encryption method, though even that can be broken.

The problem I have with this whole issue is the government harvesting data on Americans without their knowledge, either legally, or not, and keeping that information in perpetuity. This reeks of a violation of due-process. They get to request information on Americans from a service provider and hold that information without prior proof of involevment in illegal activity.

This also tips the balance of power in our country from the people to the government. The system they’ve built is a mini secret government within the bigger government. It is a very short leap before this goes too far to turn back. It would only take a small group of people who believe that they know what’s better for the people that the people do themselves. Low voter turnout feeds right into their hands. Think of the recent financial crisis, it was a small group of people thinking they were smarter than everyone else and their greed took over.

And all the while, they’ll be saying, trust us, we’re doing this to protect you.

We can’t let this issue go away, we the people need to keep asking What? and Why?

Why I switched to Football

Why I switched to Football

The other Football, the one the rest of the world watches.

I grew up in Hawaii where Football is huge. the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors area religion. It starts with flag football, midget football, Pop Warner then school ball. I was also a huge Baseball fan. I played t-ball, little league and school ball. I played both football and baseball growing up and through school. “Soccer” was around growing up, but it was a fringe sport.

I read Major League Baseball box scores as a kid and listened to Hawaii Islander AAA broadcasts on my AM radio. This passion for these two great American pastimes followed me for the next 30 years. I paid for cable sports packages and whenever I was on the mainland I made it a point to attend MLB games (usually the Dodgers) or an NFL game if my timing worked out.

I kept coming back after strikes and lock outs, but something changed in 2012. I was really getting tired of their shenanigans. I was also getting annoyed at the length of games and the incessant commercial breaks. Coincidentally, my wife and I went on a great adventure to the UK, Paris and Ireland in June 2012. The Euro2012 Championships were in progress while we were there and we were fortunate to experience matches from a Pub in London (while England was playing). We also took in the Ireland v Italy match from a Pub in Cork (Ireland got devastated). This experience coupled with my displeasure with the direction of American sports was the tipping point.

I came home an English Football fan. I took Arsenal as my team (that’s another story) and dove into the Premier League season. I’m also a fan of AS Saint Etienne in Ligue 1 in France and Parma FC (they suck right now) in Serie A in Italy. I love the tactics and strategy and that they play 45+ min no break, have a half time break, then play another 45+. I love relegation and the Champions League, the NFL should do that. I love that a match TV broadcast is 2 hours, period. I’ve even adapted to most matches being on between 2:30am and 7am in Hawaii. You still have a full day ahead.

I don’t think I’m going back, besides, can the entire rest of the world be wrong about football?

In My Humble Opnion - World Football is a more exciting and enjoyable sport to watch.